12 April 2011

A Few Cartoon Characters

Okay, I admit, today's idea is recycled from yesterday.
I just have to show you that even if plastic bags are
blah and are a big threat to the environment,
their use can be extended.

blah: plastic bags with cute character prints

TADA!: turn them into padded envelopes! Instructions here.

Perfect for mailing presents to children.

I quite like this Hello Kitty-print plastic bag.

I was able to make two small padded envelopes out of it. TADA!

11 April 2011

Plastic Recycling Projects

Hello Lovelies!
I hope the weekend was kind to you.
This week, I'm back to recycling plastic bags.
I've been doing my best to bring my own canvas bags
to the store but I found this stash in the coat closet:

blah: plastic shopping bags

I love the bright colors be it plain or printed. So I decided to make more padded envelopes. I can never have too many -- I use them to mail little parcels within the country and even across the world.

First, I made a pouch using left-over bubble wrap, the three edges sealed with tape. I added some glue on both sides to allow the plastic bag {now cut to size} to adhere to the bubble wrap:

TADA! Fashionable padded envelopes in a cool graphic.

TADA! The fun colors will guarantee smiles...even if the package hasn't been opened yet!

08 April 2011

From Plain to Printed

Thanks for your visit today!
Maybe like me, you have some bags that
you haven't used in awhile.

You can either sell them, give them away
or give them a face lift. Who knows what
new potential is waiting to be unleashed?

I attended a Real Simple event last year and
received freebies stuffed inside this bag.
You can see that the brand name is peeling away.
Well, I went ahead & peeled some more until
the bag was all blank & white.

With the help of a stencil, pencil & marker,
I created a print for my white bag.

From plain blah, it's now printed TADA!

Have a sweet weekend!

07 April 2011

Instant Monogram Tote

Hey there! So nice to see you today.
I'm giving some blah bags a make-over and
today's inspiration comes from here:

These bags are quite expensive and my wallet has no
plans to get one. However, I'm really drawn to the
bright stripe and the initials.

I think these elements would be perfect to
spruce up this old, blah bag:

It's a Nine West bag that was well used because of
the versatility of color, roomy interior and
assortment of pockets inside.

Ready for the TADA!?


Hot glue a fun grosgrain ribbon, initials made from felt
and a matching tassel!

This bag's ready for Spring!

06 April 2011

This Old Sack

One way to save money & be eco-friendly is to
buy household needs in bulk.

We like to buy a sack of rice & have it handy when
we're in the mood for some Asian or Latin cuisine.
And how cool that the sack is both striking & sturdy:
But I know it can even be more TADA!...

...with some festive embellishments like strands of yarn,
pompoms, sequins, flowers & a cute elephant pin.

Use this to store current craft projects
{ex. scrapbooking, knitting, etc.}
or to carry a bunch of magazines.

Have a nice day!

05 April 2011

Canvas + Leather

It's all about bag make-overs this week.
And let me tell you, I've been obsessing over
canvas bags with leather trim:

Aren't these fabulous?
Pretty yet utilitarian & fashionably laid back.

I found this blah bag at the top of my closet:

It's canvas with a cute print in the inside flap.
I bought it at Target some years ago
and very rarely used it.

Inspired by the above combinations,
here's how I made it TADA!:
I added a leather closure that I bought from the sewing
supplies shop {alternatively, you can re-use an old belt}.
Attach it to the bag by sewing.

I might change the strap to match the closure later on.
But now, the bag has a little bit of attitude,
ready to be used on a regular basis!

04 April 2011

BAGS: From blah to TADA!

How are you dear Lovelies?
Have you welcomed Spring with some closet cleaning?

I have and I found a bunch of bags that need a little love.
You'll see how I transform them all this week.

Today, we begin with this:

It's an amenity kit from a flight a few years ago.
This pouch is quite dapper, reminding me of
fabric used for a man's suit.

But from blah...
It's now TADA!
I thought a bright flower
{made of felt & attached with hot glue}
would add some color & burst of femininity.

I think I'll use the bag for my set of nail lacquers.
So girl-y indeed!