08 April 2013

Delightful Daffodils

Howdy! How are you today? It's still a bit chilly in my side of the world and that means I can't ditch the winter wardrobe just yet.  But look at what nature surprised me with:

The daffodils have sprouted!

I wanted to bring the sunshine indoors -- I bought two bunches from the supermarket {only $1.49 a bunch}. Whenever I see them, I feel happy. 

I think Mother Nature created the daffodil as the town crier, declaring to all the world, "Spring is here". With its vibrant yellow outfit and prominent "trumpet", wouldn't you agree? 

When I see my daffodils, I stop {even if I'm in a hurry} to admire them. They tell a story of fresh beginnings as a new season arrives.  At the same time, I know how fleeting the life of these flowers are.

That's why I used them as a muse for a watercolor painting.

Here's another one...so even if the daffodils have wilted or it's the middle of winter, I have them to remind me of the coming of spring. TADA!

05 April 2013

Party Decorations

Hello and Happy Friday! All this week, we got to dip our toes into the world of Confetti System. I don't know about you, but the colorful paper, shiny foil and pinatas has left me dreaming of parties. 

If you're planning a party {or just in a dreamy mode like me}, here are a few ideas:

via style me pretty
A tassel garland to add drama to a dessert bar

via style me pretty
Long strips of ribbon used as a curtain

via style me pretty
A tent made of fabric strips {maybe a place to exchange 
vows or where the little one can blow out 
her birthday candles}

via style me pretty
Shades of pink for a ceremony backdrop

via style me pretty
Ribbon in a variety of colors and lengths 
to define a portrait area

via style me pretty
Chair decorations for the guests of honor.
These make use of ribbon...

via style me pretty
...or lace is a sweet option, too.

A few more ideas for the section serving sweets:

via style me pretty

via style me pretty

via design dazzle

What about a little something for the ceiling:

via be different act normal
Whether you choose ribbon, lace, crepe paper or tissue paper, they're sure to turn a room from blah to TADA! 

Have a fun-filled weekend, everyone!

04 April 2013


I'm using the creations of Confetti System as a blah to TADA! inspiration this week.

One of their iconic pieces is this tassel garland.

via Confetti System
It's used for party decorations and shop displays.
They're really so festive!

via Confetti System

You can purchase a tassel garland here.
Or even make your own using this tutorial.

 As for me, it's gotten me excited to make a necklace.

Here's what we'll need: small tassels {I made them using embroidery thread}, a silver chain, jump rings and pliers.

Put a jump ring on each tassel and attach to the chain {evenly spaced}. Close the jump rings with pliers. You can experiment with one color, multiple colors or a gradating/ombre effect.

A tassel necklace that's as fun as the tassel garland.

03 April 2013

Petite Pinata

Are you ready for some blah to TADA! crafting?

 We'll use these pyramid pinatas by Confetti System as our peg.

To make our version, we'll use blah cardboard boxes and tissue left over from gifts and packages.

First up, the cardboard: make one square and four triangles. The bottoms of the triangles must be equal to the size of the square {I opted for four inches}.

Link the pieces to form this shape. Secure the parts of the triangles that touch the square with clear tape.

When folded up and tips are linked together, it will form this pyramid.

Now on to the tissue paper: let's make some fringe! Prepare several strips of tissue {one inch thickness}. Fold the tissue in sections and make the fringe {about half an inch} with a regular pair of scissors or with these nifty fringe scissors {five-blades-in-one for faster fringe-making}. 

To assemble: cover the cardboard diamond with a layer of tissue paper. A glue stick is a TADA! way to attach this. Then glue on the strips of fringe, starting at the base {where the bottom of the triangle meets the square}. Trim off the excess. Keep going until you've covered the tip. Do this on all four triangles.

Attach some ribbon or twine at the inner tips of each triangle using hot glue. Allow to dry. Tie these together to close the pyramid.

Use it to wrap presents, game prizes or party favors.

02 April 2013

Confetti System

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today.

When you think of pinatas, what do they remind you of? Kiddie parties, right? Well, the team at Confetti System used this as the jump-off point for the art they make: pinatas for grown-ups. 

I got the chance to see their work at the MoMa PS1, a space in New York City dedicated to contemporary art.

Entitled Confetti System: 100 Arrangements, it displays their creations at the venue's event space -- merging art with everyday life.

This is what the space looks like -- an explosion of shimmer and color.

Here's a write-up from the exhibit:

For MoMA PS1’s two-story gallery, CONFETTISYSTEM (Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho, est. 2008) has created an immersive environment inspired by the mechanics of theatrical staging and fly systems. Evoking theatrical scrims and curtains, 100 Arrangements features new and older design elements by Andersen and Ho that are suspended from above and can be adjusted to varying heights to produce nearly endless permutations. The work serves as a performance space, playing host to live events that are part of MoMA PS1’s Sunday Sessions program. The variable environment can be reconfigured to best suit each event, highlighting a compositional system that allows for a functional design.

Mylar curtains, flower walls and pinatas suspended in varying heights.

The look of the room is easily changed with a system of ropes and pulleys.

Here are a more photos showing detail:

Pineapple pinatas

Branches and paper flowers {my personal favorite}

Honeycomb lanterns

Glittery diamonds

The view from below

via Confetti System
Just one of the parties hosted by MoMa PS1 with DJs in the house and a wild dancing crowd!

Concerts and celebrations are TADA! with the Confetti System touch, wouldn't you agree?

01 April 2013

Party People

Pretty images to start our Monday:

via Confetti System
Maybe you've seen these pompom-like decorations in a shop window or as an image on Pinterest and other blogs you love to visit? Credit goes to Nicholas Andersen and Julie Ho of Confetti System. They're designers who turn simple objects such as paper into a party!

Their cheerful art has met commercial success. They've dressed windows for retail brands like J. Crew:
via notetoself

And collaborated with West Elm for holiday decorations and a catalog:

via Confetti System 

Worked on the set design for Opening Ceremony's magazine:

via Confetti System

Made the interiors of Lane Crawford in Hong Kong fun and festive:

via ConfettiSystem

Apart from colorful buntings, they also make these giant pinatas:

Oh, imagine the joy of having these at a party where both adults and kids can take turns whacking them for the surprises inside!

This week, we'll use these as inspiration when we turn blah into TADA! See you tomorrow.