28 November 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I am so grateful for family, friends, food, and Thanksgiving traditions. I wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

25 November 2019


Autumn is an ideal time to craft. All warm and cozy indoors with the leaves outside the window as an inspiring color palette.

Shops also carry seasonal crafting materials like these rubber stamps. 

This is my favorite stamp of the lot.

I glued it to a leaf that I collected from a walk in the park. I pressed it between two books to keep it flat.

Then I glued the leaf to a blank greeting card...TADA!

Thankful this season. Thankful throughout the year.

Here's another set of stamps.

I chose the apple to make my own stickers (I used round adhesive labels).

Then turned it into an envelope seal...TADA!

I'm Thankful that you always stop by to visit me here!

18 November 2019

Autumn-Themed Rubber Stamps

Hi there! I love rubber stamps and use them a lot for crafting. 

I got these ones last year from the Dollar Spot at Target. They're inexpensive but I waited until they were half-off so I paid only $3.00 for these...TADA!

These have gotten me excited to make some autumn crafts. Let me show you a few:

I stamped this repeatedly on a strip of card stock. 

I cut them to size and wrapped them around some table napkins. I use these napkins all year round but with these custom napkin rings, they're autumn ready...TADA!

Using the same stamp, I did another repeating pattern on bigger pieces of card stock.

I cut them into squares, wrote my guests' names and TADA! -- instant seating cards.

I can use them to label the food on my buffet table, too.

gratitude cards 
These are "gratitude cards" that I can use daily to count my blessings. Or I can give them out on Thanksgiving night for everyone to remember what they are grateful for this year. 

 Another repeating pattern using a "Hello Fall" rubber stamp.

I attached them to toothpicks and used them to decorate some pumpkin muffins and apple muffins...TADA!

 They're pretty to serve.

And can be given away inside treat bags...TADA!

Here's how I made the seal:

I stamped them on round adhesive labels. Quick and easy stickers...TADA!

These crafts can be used for a fall-inspired birthday party or wedding, or you can use the ideas using other seasonal stamps like Spring, Easter, or Halloween.

Thank you for your visit!

11 November 2019

Shopping in my Closet : A Fall Outfit

Hello and thanks for your visit!

Just this summer, I introduced a new section in my blog called "Shopping in My Closet." This exercise helps us take stock of what we have and bring new life to clothes, shoes, and accessories we haven't worn in a while.

Today, I've assembled an outfit fit for Autumn.

Let's start with a plaid shirt. I bought this on sale but it was hidden underneath a stack of shirts that I forgot that I even had it.  

Wearing it with jeans is an easy match.

Then I'll layer on with a tan jacket that I've owned for about two decades now (talk about a classic closet staple)!   

Add warm socks and a cute pair of shoes...TADA! 

I'm ready for fall ya'll!

Have you shopped in your closet recently? Tell me what nice things you found!

04 November 2019

A Clever Way to Store Ribbon

I stumbled upon a memorable quote: "I am a crafter therefore I hoard."

It's so true! If I were to pack all my craft materials and tools, I'd easily fill up three large suitcases. That's because I keep a lot of scrap which I love to turn from blah to TADA!

One of the things I hoard, er, keep, is ribbon. I used to leave them in their spools and stuffed these in clear zip-top bags. But this method, I realized, took up a lot of space.

Here's how I consolidated my stash:

I wrapped them around cardboard! TADA!

And the cardboard is recycled -- empty gift boxes, tissue containers, and food cartons. Double TADA!

I grouped like and like together: twine, lace, wire-edged, cord, and plain ribbon segregated by color and thickness.

Oh the sense of satisfaction I feel! That deserves another TADA!

28 October 2019


I've mentioned many times before that I love books! I do have a preference for physical books over E-readers...admiring the cover art, savoring the new print smell, and flipping the pages are all part of the life affirming experience. 

Here is my favorite book find of the year:

It's called Bibliophile (published in 2018) written and illustrated by the talented Jane Mount.

She did the art for the book The Ideal Bookshelf. She also does commission work, creating illustrations based on people's favorite books (what a thoughtful gift idea!) as well as pretty little tokens for book lovers. 

This is her signature style: a stack of colorfully illustrated books...TADA! 

I love Bibliophile because it has pictures! Lots and lots of them.

It has lists of books organized by topic with notes on particular themes of that era or genre.

It has quirky information like bookstore cats and writer's pets.

As well as quizzes to determine how well-read you are.

It features many bookstores from all over the world...  

As well as impressive libraries that I would like to visit someday.

This was exceptionally cute: non-traditional libraries with the goal of spreading literacy and the love for reading. 

And the most adorable Little Free Libraries!

There's also a section on rooms of famous writers like Dylan Thomas, Roald Dahl, and Virginia Woolf.

A feature on book design because isn't that how we first judge a book?

Of course, a list of the top best selling books of all time.

As well as the books the author/illustrator is requested to paint most often.

Here are my favorite stacks:

Books about writing 

Books on harnessing creativity

Food writing


And picture books for adults

Too bad there's no stack for books about crafting and all things handmade. If I were to make a list, these books would definitely make the cut:

Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Crafts, Martha Stewart Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, Grace Bonney Design Sponge at Home, Paul Lowe Eat and Make, Joy Cho Oh Joy, Joy Cho Blog Inc., Meg Mateo Ilasco Creative Inc., Lisa Congdon Art Inc., Kari Chapin The Handmade Marketplace

In the introduction, Jane says, "The goal of this book is to triple the size of your To Be Read Pile." I can only agree and I can't wait to dive in.

How about you, what memorable books did you read this year?