04 July 2009

See You Soon!

I'm taking a little blogging break for the next few weeks.
There are some urgent matters that need attention.

I'll be back soon.
Take care everyone!

03 July 2009

Time for a Picnic!

It's Friday and I bet you're gearing up for the Fourth of July! I have a fun and environment-friendly idea for you if you're planning a picnic this weekend.

Here's the blah: a collection of mismatched cloth table napkins.

I found them at shops like Target & Anthropologie for less than $2.00 each.
But they didn't have a buddy or were separated from their napkin family. I bought them anyway because of the cute prints.

Here's the Tada!: Napkins in prints that spell S-U-M-M-E-R. Now is the season to take them out, match them up with colorful melamine plates and reusable utensils to create picnic kits!

Simply put the plate in the center of the napkin.

Wrap the napkin around the plate and knot the edges.

Add the utensils and make another knot to secure them in place.

Make enough settings for all the guests at the picnic.
The napkins can also double as placemats!

Just add your favorite picnic food & drink and you're ready to go!

Make sure to take two extra bags -- one for trash and the other for soiled plates & utensils that you can put in the dishwasher when you get home. This guarantees an enjoyable picnic and a happy mother earth!

Happy Fourth of July & Happy Weekend!

02 July 2009

Present Perfect

I hope you'll agree with me that handkerchiefs are lovely vintage treasures. You may have some hiding in your closet and there are many waiting to be purchased at flea markets and thrift stores. In the past two weeks, I've shown you how you can play around with these hankies and today I've got another idea for you.

We'll use these to package a few presents!

Put your gift in the center of the hankie.

Wrap the gift by neatly folding the edges and making a tight knot.
No need for scissors, tape or ribbon!

Embellish as you please!
Here, I added a rose-print button.

Or put on some bling like this brooch that compliments
the color of the handkerchief.

Complete the present with a gift enclosure and
some cheerful wishes.
Now you've got a pretty present inside & out!

Plus gift wrap that can be used all over again.

01 July 2009

One for Me & One For You

I'm going ga-ga over vintage handkerchiefs and today, I'll turn this little floral number from blah to Tada!

Just fold it in half and cut it into two triangles.

Sew a long piece of ribbon over the cut edge to prevent fraying.

Tada! Two bandanas made from one hankie!

I'll be keeping one and sending the other to my best friend who lives far away. We can wear it all summer long! Wouldn't it be cute, too, if Mom and daughter wore them at the same time?