27 November 2018

Travel Tags

Nice to see you guys today!

I found this chocolate wrapper too cute to throw away. So I saved it and transformed it into...

A luggage tag...TADA!

I still had some paper left-over for a new craft.

We'll need these acrylic key rings (I got them from the craft store).

You can put anything inside like photos or kiddie drawings.

I cut two rectangles out of the chocolate wrapper.

Then I put them inside the key chain frame and locked it in place with the acrylic backing.

Raaka Chocolate, chocolate packaging, blah to TADA!, graphic design, paper crafts, upcycle
Now, I've got a luggage tag and matching key chain in this chic, graphic print...TADA!

26 November 2018

A New Luggage Tag

One of the things I always keep in my pantry is a bar of dark chocolate. Whenever the craving hits, I know I have a hidden stash that'll hit the spot.

Plus points if the chocolate bar is artisinal and beautifully wrapped!

This one originates from Brooklyn. The pattern imprint on the chocolate shows that no detail was compromised.

Even the inside of the package tells a story.

I always, always save pretty packaging. They're very useful for crafting.

Raaka Chocolate, chocolate bar, artisinal chocolate, food packaging, blah to TADA!
 Today, I made another luggage tag out of it. Here's how:

I bought these self-laminating luggage tags on-line.

Cut a piece of the package to match the size of the ID card.

Glue the paper onto the ID card.

 Fill out your information on the other side.

Insert the card between the plastic, carefully seal to close, and attach the handle through the slot.

Tigre Oliva Chocolate, Theo Philo Chocolate, Raaka Chocolate, chocolate bar, artisinal chocolate, food packaging, blah to TADA!
I have a new luggage tag ready for my next trip. And these ones are all made from chocolate wrappers...TADA!

Please stop by tomorrow for another idea. See you then!

22 November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

I am very grateful to sit down, give thanks, and enjoy a sumptous meal with family. I wish you and yours good health and an abundant table (today and everyday). Happy Thanksgiving! 

19 November 2018

Simple Living and Easy Napkin Ties

Kinfolk is a magazine that I've followed for many years now because of their clean, calm aesthetic and back-to-basics approach to living. I discovered that they have books, too!

One of the books is The Kinfolk Home featuring houses from all over the world that embody slow living. They define slow living as "an ethos that encourages us to reclaim our time and devote it to whatever brings us joy and meaning." It also means, "cultivating community, simplifying our lives, and reclaiming our leisure time."

The photography is beautiful and the profiles are thoughtful. It makes me want to redecorate! 

These homes have a lot of natural light and are filled with meaningful objects.

They use a neutral palette and there are a lot of accents made from wood and other natural materials.

They use plants inside and outdoors. 

Rooms are clutter-free.

Entertaining at home is also non-fussy. 

It's more about togetherness instead of "putting on a show" with fancy food and table settings.

Inspired by what I saw and read in these pages, I'd like to share this blah to TADA! idea with you.

These are paper bag handles but you're welcome to use any cord, twine or ribbon. 

We'll re-use these as napkin ties.

Simply roll up a napkin with the cord underneath it.

Slip the ends into the loop...

 Then pull to tighten.

Now, we've got an elegant accent for a Mininimalist table setting for every day or the coming holidays...TADA!

12 November 2018

An Ode to Flea Markets

The thrill of the hunt.

That's the reason I love flea markets and thrift stores.

Sure, they can be viewed as other's people junk.

But one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

And the nostalgia...

A reminder of a simpler time.

There are also a load of useful notions for sewing and crafting.

And items that can be used for interior or graphic design.

Records...they never went away even in the age of digital downloads. 

And lots of china and pottery...very, very hygge!

Because the goods are unique in each market, this sign is a good reminder (no one wants to suffer long term regret). 

In every new place I visit, you know where to find me. See you there!

05 November 2018

A Needle-felted Acorn

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today.  

Have you ever tried needle felting? I'm quite an amateur with only this craft and this project to show for.

Because we're deep in the months of Autumn, I thought making a few acorns was appropriate:

It's a good excuse to practice some felting.

All we need are a felting needle, wool roving, a felting block, and an acorn cap (picked up from the sidewalk).

The goal is to make the wool smaller. The stabbing motion of the needle lets the fibers "stick together". 

Look! This resembles a ball now. Keep working with the needle to form an acorn shape.

Attach the wool to the acorn cap with hot glue and we've got these acorns...TADA!

Make a few of these and put them in a jar or small bowl to serve as seasonal decor for your coffee table or mantle. 

Or you can make this...
An acorn pendant!

Attach jump rings/pendant findings to the top of the acorn (secure with super glue) and string this through a chain.

Who wouldn't love a fairy tale acorn necklace like this one? TADA!