25 February 2015

Snack Attack

Today, an easy re-purposing idea.

This is an item from the FEED for Target collaboration two years ago. I'm a big supporter of reusable products and this one fit the bill quite well. I really like the design and happy yellow print. It's light and made of BPA-free material. Plus a portion of the proceeds funded meals for undernourished children.

However, after many months of use, it started to leak. I found a wet spot inside my bag, not just once but a few other times. Yikes.

Instead of exchanging goodbyes, I decided to use it for something else...

I'm now using it to store snacks! Right now, I have chocolate sandwich wafers, but I use it for cookies, trail mix and chips, too. 

It holds a good amount, it has an air-tight seal (at least for non-liquid contents), the handle makes it easy to carry around, and it snugly fits in car's cup holder.

How's that for blah to TADA!?

24 February 2015

Lemon Bars

This week, thoughts of YELLOW fill my mind to get me out of this frosty winter weather. Thus this project in the kitchen: 

I made a batch of lemon bars! I followed this recipe but replaced a few of the regular lemons with meyer lemons resulting in a sweeter pastry

I just love that final dusting of confectioner's sugar. 

 But why cut and decorate them in the traditional way when I've got these to play with?

A cookie cutter and a stencil turns an ordinary dessert from blah to TADA!

They've gone from neighborhood bakery to a patisserie level!

And serving it on a wooden board just adds to the charm. TADA!

23 February 2015

And It Was All Yellow

Happy Monday! How's the weather where you are? It's been terribly cold here, like 2 degrees Fahrenheit cold! There's no other way to survive but to bundle up and think happy thoughts.

My happy thoughts? An island getaway, picnic in the park, a backyard barbecue, a bouquet of sunflowers, banana pudding, and sweet tea.  

Clearly these are all things I associate with warm, sunny days.

As I summon the sunshine, I have the theme of YELLOW in mind. This week, I'll have three blah to TADA! ideas to share with you. Let's begin with this craft:

Here's a box that was once home for chocolate covered raisins. 

It's made of birch veneer, raw and unfinished.

I think a little painting is in order.

I put on several layers of this cheerful yellow, allowing the paint to dry in between coats.

I also painted the inside of the box.

I'm using it to wrap a present. Instead of a ribbon, a colorful strip of fabric scrap.

Then I top it off with this laser cut bird. I'm still undecided whether to paint the bird or not. What do you think?

A whole new look for an old blah box. TADA!

17 February 2015

Chocolatey Spoons

When the temperature registers at single digits, all I can think of is staying in my pajamas under the sheets. But when I have to be outdoors on said days, I like to reward myself with chocolate.

This is a silicone mold that I bought on a trip to London a few years ago. It yields chocolate spoons used to garnish desserts.

All we need to do is melt some chocolate on a double-boiler.

When the chocolate chips have melted into this silky consistency, it's ready to be poured into the mold.

To minimize the mess, use two teaspoons to transfer the chocolate. Allow this to sit in the fridge for a few hours.

When the chocolate has hardened, time to release them from the mold.

Here's how I like my hot chocolate: not too sweet, served French style (in a bowl), and topped with a toasted marshmallow. 

A chocolate spoon on the side makes it extra special. I can take bites in between sips.

Or I can let it melt into the beverage for a double chocolate kick. TADA!

16 February 2015

Hot Chocolate

It's been unbearably cold these past few weeks. Some days there is snow, some days are sunny, but the temperature is always, always below zero. Blah

But it's February -- that time of year when it's alright to reward oneself with chocolate for all the cold weather we have to endure. 

So I braved the blustery weather and made a beeline at City Bakery where they're having their annual Hot Chocolate Festival. TADA!

There's a new flavor for each day of the month.

This one is the Espresso Hot Chocolate. You can't really taste the espresso but it does bring out the chocolate flavor more. You can get a shot just like this one or purchase a regular coffee cup size.

Homemade marshmallows are optional but always a decadent treat.

Tomorrow, please stop by for a craft that's all about chocolate. Have a nice day!

09 February 2015

Sweets for My Sweet

It's Valentine's Day this Saturday! Do you have exciting plans?

I found these conversation hearts at the supermarket.  

They are a gift in themselves but I thought it would be fun to craft with them.

Over the years, new hearts have been added carrying Spanish words and texting shortcuts.

They are like fortune cookies, you'll never know which "fortune" or "words of admiration" you'll get!

Instead of sprinkles, why not put them on cupcakes?

They're sweet, adorable, and they deliver the message to your special someone. TADA!

02 February 2015

Stripey Jewelry

Happy February! Here's a craft that I know little girls or ladies will enjoy making. 

It's made out of these striped paper straws that have been the rage in the past couple of years. They're photogenic and bring a bit of nostalgia to any table. But instead of using them for drinks, let's turn them into jewelry:

This necklace will keep you occupied on a snow day. Make several to give away to classmates, teachers, and BFFs.

I learned how to make this at the Renegade Craft Fair last December. You can find the tutorial here