30 December 2011

A Charm Bracelet for 2011

I love the allure of a charm bracelet. One that you build yourself and tells the story of you. The charms can be expensive, quirky or collected over time.

The charm bracelet I created was inexpensive but still lovingly assembled, meaningful and will be a piece of heirloom jewelry that will remind me of 2011.

My year was peppered with a few heartaches, but it also finished with many sighs of relief. That's why I picked this charm -- an angel wing. I know that each of us has a guardian angel who protects and defends us. A being who's got our back and our best interests at hand. A bodyguard who will be with us in the high and low points of our life.

As the year comes to a close, I am grateful for all that I have been blessed with -- yes, even the sad events. I'm looking forward to the New Year with much enthusiasm and optimism.
And I promise you, I'll continue to turn
blahs into TADAs!

Happy New Year dear Friends!

29 December 2011

Asking for a Sign

If you've been reading my posts since the start of the week, you already know my year-end craft project. If you just tuned in, I made a charm bracelet:

I used some beads, invisible string and gold clasps.

In between the beads, I added some gold-toned charms, each one whispering a tale of what my 2011 was like.

It was generally a peaceful year marked with the passing of loved ones and a few health issues. How can I call my year "peaceful" even with tragedy? I could have easily anointed this year as "terrible" or "a year I would like to forget", but I am accepting that everything can't be shiny, happy 24/7.

I'm deeply spiritual and would like to uphold hope and faith in my life. But sometimes, it isn't easy. Especially when I'm afraid or worried or upset. Then I pray. I asked God for a sign that everything will be alright. He spoke loud and clear.

God showed me a rose. Not just one, but many in different forms -- fresh ones at the deli, a sculpture at a museum, a design on a stained glass window, an ad in the newspaper. Then I read this passage from the Bible {Isaiah 41: 10,13}:

Do not be afraid - I am with you!
I am your God - let nothing terrify you!
I will make you strong and help you;
I will protect and save you.
I am the Lord your God;
I strengthen you and tell you,
Do not be afraid; I will help you.
And that's why I have this rose on my bracelet -- it's a reminder of God's reassuring love.

28 December 2011

Tree of Life

Thanks for stopping by today!

I'm taking a pause and reflecting on the year that was. And if you're a crafter like me, this is a great excuse to craft.

I made this bracelet with charms marking
important events of my year.

One of the charms is this vibrant tree.
I look at it as a symbol of stability & longevity.

You see, this year I had a few minor health issues. I try to live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes, sickness can hit you out of the blue. And it's times like these when you value "normal days" -- days when you are strong enough to go through your daily routine without having to worry about aches or pains.

It's also this year that many loved ones and friends are battling health problems like heart ailments and cancer. It sucks. I worry for them and keep them in my prayers.

Health is a gift to be cherished.
This tree will remind me to never,
ever take it for granted.

Hope to see you back tomorrow!

27 December 2011

Thoughts of Love

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
As the year comes to a close, I'm looking
back at the highlights of my 2011.

Look, I even made a charm bracelet:

Each charm represents a significant event.

Today, it's all about this heart in an envelope. I think it represents thoughtfulness -- one of the best qualities of my Uncle O. Uncle O is my dad's brother who loved to travel. He'd always send us a postcard from where he'd been or a greeting card to send some birthday love. Out of the blue, he would also call just to say hello. This October, Uncle O passed away.

I know, another death. It's heart-breaking. I hope I'm not making you depressed; I just wanted to honor his memory.

To my Uncle O -- this charm will always
remind me of your kind & gentle spirit.
Party on!

26 December 2011

My Year in Review

I hope you all had a beautiful Christmas!

It's the last week of 2011 and I always get
nostalgic at this time of year.

My 2011 was a quiet ride on the highway
but with a few rattling bumps along the way.

To mark the significant events of my 2011,
I crafted this bracelet.

I made it out of inexpensive charms...

...and a string of beads.
{I happen to like black accessories,
thus the color}

Everyday this week, I'll tell you the story
behind each charm.
The first charm is for my father-in-law, Daddy Y.
Sadly, we lost him in March.

I chose a set of golf clubs & a golf ball -- he was
an avid golfer. Everyday I think of him and miss
his hearty laugh, generous heart, zest for
living and inspiring courage.

If you've experienced death in a family,
you know that it leaves a
hole in your heart.

While we miss him dearly, we
know that Daddy Y is in good
company and winning many
rounds of golf up in heaven.

See you again tomorrow!

23 December 2011

A Delicious Holiday

One of my favorite indulgences during the
holidays & the winter months is
hot chocolate:

I'm an equal opportunity hot chocolate
lover -- thick, light, topped with
marshmallows or cream or with
cookies on the side. I love them all!

Are you still putting together
gifts for surprise guests or
instant meet-ups?

Here are a few more ideas
I found while browsing

A S'mores kit made of
graham crackers, chocolate
bars and marshmallows.

Reindeer pops made of peanut butter
cookies, chocolate, pretzels
and candy.

These packages of popcorn
are dressed up as snowmen.
The face and body are drawn
with a pen and the hat is
made of a glove & ribbon.

Cute don't you think?

May you have a happy weekend
and a truly Merry Christmas!

22 December 2011

Here Come Santa's Reindeer

Christmas is just around the corner.
Gasp! Are you all set?

Here's a stocking that hangs on one
of our doors...I added Santa which
was a gift embellishment.
Now doesn't the stocking
look more festive?

Even with limited time, you can
still do some blah to TADA!

Need some last minute gift ideas.
Here's some I found on Pinterest:

Beer bottles dressed up as reindeer!
Just use pipe cleaners, stick-on eyes
and pompoms.

A wash cloth transformed
into another reindeer.
You can use it to wrap bars of
soap or other bath products
to give away.

Reindeer pops that kids will love.
Made of marshmallows
dipped in chocolate and
dressed up with
pretzels & candy.

21 December 2011

Printed with Love

Do you give out holiday cards?
I love sending and receiving them!

This year, I sent out store bought cards.
There's nothing wrong with that.
When I can, I try to add a handmade
touch to my cards like these ornaments
from last year. But alas, sometimes
time isn't on our side.

I found these really cute prints on Pinterest:
A Christmas tree made of tiny foot prints

Another tree, this time, made with
hand prints

Check out these reindeer
also made of foot prints!

20 December 2011

Ravishing Wreath Ideas

Hello Lovelies!

I'm in the thick of wrapping presents.
Some go under the tree, while some
are to be shipped off to family and
friends faraway.

I'm recycling boxes & shredding my
own paper instead of buying
packing fillers.

As I do this, let me leave you
with some ideas to decorate
your door:

A wreath made of cinnamon

A wreath made of corks

A wreath made of twigs &
scrap fabric

More ideas here.

Enjoy your day!

19 December 2011

Christmas Inspiration

Happy Monday!

I have to admit, this week is going to be
quite busy. I'm pretty sure you know
what I mean.

Take for instance, holiday baking that
needs to be packaged & given away.

That's why I've pulled some inspiration
from the web that I think are TADA!

For festive decorations for the
dining or coffee table:

A TADA! candy cane vase

Take a blah container and cover it
with candy canes {use tape to
secure them in place}.
Finish with a ribbon & fill
the vase with your
favorite blooms!

Here's another idea:

Glass, berries & light

Fill glass receptacles with berries or
red candy. Add some candles
for instant TADA! & glamour!

See you tomorrow!

16 December 2011

Decorations for Dessert

As we celebrate Friday, here's a final idea
to turn this blah into a TADA!:

blah: used gift wrapper

TADA!: Delightful dessert toppers

They're easy to assemble: Glue gift wrap onto
cardboard and make desired shapes using a
decorative puncher. Attach one end of a
toothpick to the cardboard with tape or
a bead of hot glue.

Use on top of cake pops, brownies,
cupcakes or truffles.

Have a fun & yummy weekend!

15 December 2011

Tiny Presents

I have a crazy habit of keeping old gift wrap
especially if the designs are eye-catching.

So I guess you can picture me as I
open presents -- no tearing, creasing
and pieces of tape are slowly lifted to
preserve as much of the pattern
as possible.

blah: used gift wrap

TADA!: Tiny gift boxes for tiny treasures

I found small boxes that once contained staples,
tacks, paper clips. I wrapped them with the
good parts of the old gift wrap then
embellished with a monogram and ribbon.
I also lined the inside of the box with
green tissue paper.
TADA!, don't you think?

14 December 2011

Holiday Tags Part 2

Hello friends!

Used gift wrapper from Christmas past
can still be useful for Christmas future.

blah: old gift wrapper

TADA!: instant gift tags

Simply cut out designs from existing gift wrap
and glue them on card stock.

A handwritten greeting is always a nice touch
to a handmade tag!

13 December 2011

Holiday Tags Part 1

Our featured blah for the week:

A stack of used gift wrapper from last Christmas.
Let's give them a second chance, shall we?

Here's what happens with just some glue,
card stock, some punchers,
glitter stickers & string:

TADA! Cute gift tags!

Go crazy with color & print combinations
then write a cheerful message on the back.