24 February 2020

Crafty Tip: How to Revive an Ink Pad

Howdy everyone! I like crafting with rubber stamps and even block prints that I made myself. 

My problem is when the ink pads dry up. Sure, it's easy to buy a new one but imagine all the collected ink pads that will end up in the trash!  

When I was at the office supply store, I stumbled upon this product. It's ink in a bottle with a roll-on application. 

Instructions are easy to follow.

recycle ink pad; re-purpose an ink pad
It's not messy at all! 

And I'm confident that I can use my existing ink pads for years to come. TADA!

17 February 2020

Treasures from the Trash: A Rolling Cart

Well, hello everyone!

If you've visited my blog in the past, I have a recurring section called, "Treasures from the Trash". It's all about furniture that I see on the sidewalk, the ones that are still in great shape but the owners no longer have use for. So there they are, waiting for the dump truck to come and collect them. 

Such was the fate of this lonely rolling cart:

It has an industrial vibe.  

Made of wood, metal, and casters.

Using some photos from the web, here's how I would transform it from blah to TADA!:

I would add a table top using plywood and stain it to match the bottom shelf. Then I can use this cart for extra storage in the kitchen or dining room:

Bring an industrial-chic feel to your kitchen or home bar with this stylish bar cart, made of rustic metal and mango wood. >> #WorldMarket Urban Industrial
via World Market

A bar cart from Brooklyn Flea stacked with a variety of dishes and kitchen tools. | Lonny.com
via Pinterest

The home of Karine Kong - via cocolapinedesign.com
via Coco Lapine Design

Another idea is to add hardware to make it into a bar cart.

Jasper Laine I Love Living Wood Bar Cart (Chestnut (Brown) Finish), Jasper Laine Studio
via Overstock

via House of Harper

The Mid-Cnetury Bar Cart from west elm at the  Flo and Frank Office
via Emily Henderson

I could also add extra shelves to keep essentials tidy in the craft room or home office:

Fort Oglethorpe Kitchen Cart with Wood Top
via Wayfair

Industrial Rolling Storage, Simply Designing Porch
via simplydesigningporch.com

via thecottagemarket.com

cricut and paint storage, turquoise cart, whitehouseblackshutters.com
via whitehouseblackshutters.com
Or maybe even paint it in a bright color...TADA!

What about you? How would you update the look of this rolling cart?

14 February 2020

Happy Day of Hearts

Instead of making Valentine's Day all about romantic love, let's celebrate all forms of love! Why not go out on a date with your parents or grandparents? Get in touch with a friend you haven't seen for a while and catch up over coffee and cake? Or spend some time with a nephew or niece, godson or goddaughter and take them out for pizza and ice cream. You'll make a new memory together and turn an ordinary day from blah to TADA!  

10 February 2020

A Pretty Pink Heart

On occasion, we like to order some Chinese take-out -- fried rice, egg rolls, or stir-fried noodles. Ummmm, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.

Most of the dishes come packaged in this box. I think it's well designed because it's eco-friendly, can easily be stacked, and transforms into a plate when opened up.

I discard the box but save the wire. Maybe I can turn it from blah to TADA! 

I play around with it and it easily forms into a heart.

I look through my ribbon stash and choose this pink pompom trim.

I attach it to the wire with hot glue.

The wire is now disguised in adorable pompoms.  I used it as an embellishment for gift wrapping:

And that is how I turned a takeout box handle from blah to TADA! Just in time for Valentine gift-giving.

03 February 2020

A Crochet Heart

Hi guys! I like all kinds of crafts but I tend to shy away from crochet and knitting. I think it's because these have a specific language and set of rules, whereas my crafting style is more "fly by the seat of my pants" or "just winging it".

But I wanted to improve my skills.

So I took out my crochet hooks from the dark corners of storage. 

And found some of my yarn -- mostly garage sale finds and from the craft store sale bin. 

I really wanted to make a crochet heart.  

And I successfully made one...TADA! Thank goodness for You Tube tutorials and instructions on Pinterest.

There are many ways to make a crochet heart so it's always good to experiment and find the most suitable style for you.

I practiced using different colors and eventually made these from memory. Learning a new skill is always TADA!

Here's how I used the crochet heart I made:

I think that this little heart is a thoughtful token to give away.  

I added a bar pin at the back (secured in place using a glue gun).

I made a greeting card using card stock, alphabet stamps, and ink pad.

I punched some holes... 

So that I could attach the heart pin.

I stamped and signed the back of the card (an extra handmade touch).

Inside, I'm writing uplifting words for someone going through a tough time. Maybe she can wear the heart, snap it on her bag or display it on her work space to remind her that she is in my thoughts.  

Here is another version without a pin. The recipient can use the crochet heart however he or she likes. 

It's attached to the card with baker's twine and has a similar sentiment expressing, "I'm here for you."

I hope this gesture will turn their day from blah to TADA!