25 March 2019

A Bento Box

Do you bring your own lunch to work? I'm usually equipped a snack whenever I go and I thought I'd turn a plain old meal from blah to TADA!

I got these shape makers from a culinary store. I've seen them in Japanese groceries and Asian stores, too.

To use it, put a peeled hard-boiled egg inside the crevice.

Close the case and let it sit for about 12 minutes.

Open it and the egg takes the shape of the mold...TADA!

It adds whimsy to a lunch box whether you're a child or an adult, don't you think?

18 March 2019

A Bead Necklace

Hi guys! What a pleasure to see you today. 

I saw this necklace at a store and was inspired to make something similar.

You see, I have a lot of beads. They sit inside a box hollering, "Turn me into a piece of jewelry!"  Any reason to craft is fine by me so I heeded the call. 

I attached each bead to a chain using head pins and pliers.

I kept adding beads to fill half of the chain. 

And this is what my D.I.Y. necklace looks like...TADA!

It can turn the plainest outfit from blah to TADA!

11 March 2019

Handmade Stickers

I have a pack of plain white adhesive paper. I got it at the craft/office supply store. I didn't have a particular project in mind when I bought it, maybe use it for labels? I got around to making some stickers. Let me show you how:

Step 1: Add color to the blank sticker page. I used watercolor paint 
to make a marbled effect. Allow the paint to dry.
Step 2: Use a craft punch to cut out shapes.
Step 3: Use a single shape or experiment with different shapes.
Use a pair of scissors if you don't have a craft punch.
Step 4: Make smaller stickers from the trim to avoid waste.

gift wrapping ideas, creative gift wrapping
I like to use them to embellish envelopes and packages...TADA!

gift wrapping ideas, creative gift wrapping
 Playing around with print on print!

watercolor, paint your own stickers
Here's another DIY sticker idea using small labels decorated with paint...TADA! 

rubber stamps and ink pad, cup and saucer, coffee, gifts for coffee lovers
You can also use rubber stamps and ink.

rubber stamps and ink pads, sealed with a kiss, kiss stamp, heart stamp
I really like these...a kiss and a heart!

stationery, sealed with a kiss, rubber stamps and ink pad, snail mail, writing, correspondence
They're perfect to use as envelope seals. A cute way to say, "Sealed with a kiss".

04 March 2019

Coffee-Inspired Crafts

I think you'll agree that many of us can't start a day without a cup of coffee. It's a necessity. 

It's coffee that inspired today's blah to TADA! transformations.

I saved this disposable cup from a coffee run and cleaned it up.

While keeping the eye-catching bull's eye, I used it as a canvas for some abstract art...TADA! 

Here's an idea from the archives. Dress up a cardboard coffee sleeve to "wrap" a reusable coffee tumbler when giving it as a gift...TADA!

Another one from the archives: a coffee sleeve made from an old t-shirt...TADA! If you like to knit or crochet, you can make something similar using yarn in your favorite color. It's perfect to keep reusing!

This is a greeting card that I found at a drug store. I found it so cute -- look at the tiny box of doughnuts and that adorable cup of coffee! I'll use this photo for reference...maybe I can make something similar with a match box, scrap cardboard, paint, and glitter.  

Here's an idea for a coffee-loving friend:

Give him or her a gift card to their favorite coffee shop and wrap it in a "To-Go cup".  

It's a quick craft made from card stock, cardboard, scissors, and glue.

I also used paint, rubber stamps, and an ink pad to decorate the To-Go cup "sleeve".

I folded the card stock in half, trimmed the edges to look like a cup, attached the gift card with tape, and wrote a short message.   

I glued on the sleeve and the lid (both made from cardboard) and it's ready to give away...TADA!

Cheers coffee lovers...have an awesome week!