25 July 2016

How To: Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender is my favorite scent. I wish I could have a backyard of lavender flowers, but since that's highly unlikely, visiting a lavender field is the next best option. Another way to add lavender to my everyday is with a Lavender Pillow Mist. Lavender a natural sedative and a quick spray makes me relax.

Of course you can buy this from here, here, and here, but why buy when you can D-I-Y?


We will need: 
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon witch hazel
  • 4 to 5 drops lavender essential oil
  • Small spray bottle
How to make the mist:
  • Pour the water, witch hazel, and lavender oil into the spray bottle.
  • Replace the bottle's top, making sure it is tightened securely, and shake vigorously.
  • Mist your pillow before bedtime.
  • Enjoy the soothing scent of lavender and the next thing you know, you're fast asleep. TADA!
This recipe is from this book.

18 July 2016

A Devotional Coloring Book

Have you tried your hand at adult coloring books? It's a hot trend and many shops carry these books at different price points. Colored pencils, watercolors, and skinny-tip markers are ideal to use because compared to the books we used as children, the areas to color are finer and have more detail. This promotes concentration and mindfulness. And this process helps calm us down and lower our stress levels. 

I was particularly attracted to this coloring book. It's a devotional coloring book that encourages spiritual art healing for adults.

Each page has a line from the Book of Psalms, an uplifting phrase that you can repeat as you color.

The finished page can be framed and used as a daily reminder for guidance or strength.

This can be done everyday, every now and then, or as part of our regular prayer/mediation time. It allows us to get in touch with our spiritual and creative side.

It also makes for a thoughful gift for friends who need healing or comfort. And I think that's blah to TADA!

Books like these can be found here and here.

11 July 2016

Wisteria Waterfall

I've told you many times before that Anthropologie is one of my favorite stores. They have beautiful merchandise and their window displays are out of this world!

Here's a ceiling installation that I was truly impressed with:

It's a cascade of pink and purple wisteria. Very lush and dramatic.

But if you zoom in, you'll discover what they're made of: balloons! Balloons that aren't inflated, just tied and tucked in to look like buds of flowers. The other elements are made from paper and the "vine" is really just yarn. 

Truly, this transformation is blah to TADA!

Have a beautiful week you guys!

04 July 2016

A Summer Barbecue

Happy Fourth of July! Here's a collage that gets me all excited for a fun in the sun summer afternoon:

A Summer Barbecue

I hope you'll all have a wonderful day!