30 November 2010

A Barrel of Wishes

Creating gift wrap solutions while recycling is hitting
two birds with one stone. And I'm trying to hit as
many birds as I can!

Today, this is what I'm recycling:

An empty, blah oatmeal container.

Tada! It's now a unique gift box with a cover!

All I did was to wrap the cylinder in felt
(or use decorative paper) and attach
some embroidered "wishes".

Use it to package food gifts like cookies & bars
or even bags of tea or coffee, bottles of jam or
small jars of spices & sea salt.

29 November 2010

Gift Boxes

The holidays are here and Christmas shopping must be
on your mind. When I think of Christmas presents,
gift wrapping isn't far behind.

I've turned empty boxes into pretty packages before
and I've got a few more ideas all this week.

Blah: an empty tissue box

Tada!: a gift box dressed appropriately for the season!

Simply cut off the top of the box, cover it with felt (or paper) and
accessorize with Santa's belt with glittery buckle.
Wrap your gift in tissue & put it into the box.

26 November 2010

Thanksgiving Friday

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
Now, the holidays are officially here!

Today, I am thankful for REWARDS.
Rewarding yourself often is absolutely necessary.

Photo taken at Jacques Torres' ice cream
shop in DUMBO, Brooklyn.

25 November 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

It's Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S. and
I want to wish all of you a "Happy Thanksgiving"!

Today, I am thankful for GRATITUDE.

Graffiti photo taken in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

24 November 2010

Thanksgiving Wednesday

Today, I'm thankful for the ABILITY TO CREATE.

Photo taken at a shop in Brooklyn Heights, New York City.

23 November 2010

Thanksgiving Tuesday

Today, I'm thankful for INSPIRATION.

Photo taken at the Museum of Modern Art Store
in New York City.

22 November 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Hello there!
We're celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. this Thursday
and I'll take a break from crafting to make time
for some thanks giving. I think it's important to
count our blessings and see how rich we truly are.

Today, I'm thankful for MIRACLES.

A photo of the TV screen last month, where rescue operations were
on-going to save 33 miners trapped underground for 69 days.
The world watched in awe when each miner was brought to
safety and into the arms of their loved ones.
Absolutely breathtaking.

19 November 2010

Black and Silver

If you're a regular visitor to this blog, you may
have noticed that I love making jewelry.
And the stuff I make, I really wear.

If I were a designer, I'd probably be a
jewelry designer and one of my
collections would be called "Black & Silver",
as you've seen all this week.

I used the black cord from this old, blah paper
bag to create Tada! pieces.
Just like this one:

Tada! An arm piece that looks high fashion with
the addition of silver thread strung around the cord
and a silver flower brooch.

I can easily change the look by changing the brooch!

Have a fantastic weekend ya 'all!

18 November 2010

Captivating Cord

Today, I have another idea on how to transform
the black cord from this paper bag
from blah to Tada!

I crafted a necklace!

The silver elements are really clip-on earrings
that I found at a flea market but haven't worn yet.

I'll keep adding more earrings {especially those without a pair}
and brooches to add more personality to this necklace.

Meanwhile, it's a work in progress!

17 November 2010

Cord + Chain

I've got the holidays on my mind.
So last week, I made a bunch of gift tags out of
this blah paper bag.

I used up the "paper" part of the bag,
and all that's left are the handles.

And you know what that calls for!

blah to Tada!

I turned it into a bracelet with the
help of a chain and some charms.

Inspired of course by Chanel.

I like how it's a bit classic and a bit rock & roll.

16 November 2010

Beautiful Braid

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

I'm turning the black cord handles of this bag
from blah to...


It's now a cute barrette!

Braiding the cord adds volume & texture.
Attach it to a metal clip using hot glue
and wear it proudly in your hair!

15 November 2010

Paper Bag Make-over Part II

Last week, I found new uses for this paper bag:

This week, I'm using what's left over -- the blah,
black cord handles.

Tada! I turned it into a necklace!

Simply braid the cord or make a chain stitch with your fingers.
Seal the ends with hot glue.
Then attach to a chain.

No one will ever guess that this came
from a paper bag!

12 November 2010

Monogram Cards

Hooray, it's Friday!

Here's my final idea to turn this blah paper bag into Tada!

Cut out the letters from the branding on the bag.
Attach your preferred letter onto card stock
or a blank index card using a glue stick.

And Tada! -- you have your own monogrammed cards
without spending a fortune.

Have an awesome weekend!

11 November 2010

Gorgeous Gift Tag

Happy Thursday!
Thanks for stopping by today.

If you've been visiting, you know that
I'm finding new uses for this blah paper bag.

For the past two days, I've been using the letters
from the brand name.

Today, I have another version:

Tada! Gorgeous gift tags that you can use
even if your name doesn't begin with "B".

Because there will always be a "B" in your life: "Blessings",
"Beauty" and "Breathtaking moments".

10 November 2010

Note Worthy

I'm giving new life to an old, blah paper bag this week.

Even the letters from the brand name can be used.

Tada! Mini note cards with an initial.

The card is an unlined index card decorated in front
with gift wrap and scrapbook paper remnants,
topped with the letter cut-out.

I'm giving these to my dear friend Arlene.
Oh, I should make a set for Aileen, too.
And Annie.
And Angela also.

Uh-oh, I've got to get started!
See you tomorrow.

09 November 2010

Just for You

The holidays are on my mind.
Making my list. Checking it twice.
Shopping for presents & accumulating
a few too many paper bags.

Thus this week's blah.

Yesterday, I punched out circles from the blank areas
of the paper bag, which I made into gift tags.

Today, I'll use the letters from the brand name.

I spelled out names of my friends,
glued them on trimmed index cards &
accessorized with glitter & a ball chain.

All I need to do is add it to my wrapped gift.

Instant & inventive personalization!

08 November 2010

Paper Bag Make-over

Last year, I challenged myself to find new
uses for this paper bag.

Well, I'm up for another paper bag make-over
since I've got a lot of them stashed in the
coat closet (I never throw them away!).

Blah: a white paper bag

Punch out circles using this helpful tool
or draw circles on the paper bag (with the aid
of a can) and cut away.

Tada! Gift tags that I can use for the holidays!

Decorate them in different ways.
{I used punched out paper that I glued on.}

But go ahead and add stickers, sequins, glitter
or have the kids draw on them.

05 November 2010

Paper Pompoms

Extra cupcake liners hiding in your cupboard.
Can you relate?

You could bake with them again.
Or you craft with them!

Blah but cute.

Tada! and cuter!

Fashion them into pompoms by
bunching up & stapling the ends,
attaching them together with hot glue
and finishing off with string.

Do the same with these paper liners -- left over
from an empty box of truffles.

More pompoms in a different color.

Hang them on your desk or a window sill
to add some fun & festivity to an
ordinary day!

Have a happy weekend!

04 November 2010

Props for Pops

If you've ever made cupcakes or muffins but don't make them
regularly, you're left with a stack of paper liners.

Well, I've got another idea for you!

Turn them from blah...

...to Tada!

Make a small hole at the bottom of the cupcake liner,
attach this to a popsicle to catch any messy drips & spills.

I got this idea from the fabulous Donna Hay.
It was such a Tada! idea, I needed to pass it on!