30 August 2013

Found Advice

I read this piece when I was a teenager. I remember finding it to be incredibly powerful. I totally forgot about it until it found me again at a delightful cafe.

While I don't have a craft for you today, I hope this will make your outlook on life less blah and more TADA! Have a great weekend, everyone!

29 August 2013

Beach Bounty

The weather was so gorgeous over the weekend, we went to the Jersey Shore on a whim. Here are a few photos that I hope you'll enjoy:


Apart from the usual beach action of sunbathing, volleyball and catching of waves, here's what caught my eye:

Young and not-so-young looking for buried treasure {I wonder if lady luck was on their side}.

Not wanting to be outdone, here is my humble haul. And like most of the things I find, I incorporate them into crafting.

Here's a tiny rock that works nicely as a canvas.  

I decided to draw something that reminded me of the beach. The details of a seahorse was quite daunting, making me settle for a starfish instead.

 I filled it in with several coats of paint.

 Then I turned it into a pendant by fusing a jump ring on its back with heavy duty glue.

I added some seashells and beads to keep it company. They all hang on an old necklace that was a souvenir from Thailand from years back.

While summer is slowly coming to an end, I'll have this beach-y necklace forever! Blah to TADA! indeed.

28 August 2013

Sidewalk Treasure

This week's blog theme is "lost and found" which works for objects or relationships. It can be something you lost but found again, or serendipitously found by somebody else. 

Here's something I found last week on my way to the bus stop:

It's a goose feather. I went on hunter and gatherer mode and branded the feather "mine". I guess for anyone, this is just blah. With a little imagination, here's how it became TADA!

It was inspiration for a watercolor session where I busted out my newly purchased pearlescent paint.

I made a bouquet out of my woman-made feathers and goose feather, then used these as a gift topper.

Together with Washi tape, the feathers turn a blah brown paper package into... 


27 August 2013

The One That Got Away

Yesterday, I told you about this fascinating exhibit I went to to commemorate Grand Central Terminal's 100th birthday:

Artists interpreted the theme "On Time" in various media.

One of the works that I particularly loved was this illustration by Sophie Blackall. I've been a fan since I read her book, Missed Connections, a collection of illustrated love stories inspired by the "Missed Connections" section on Craigslist.

Her piece in the exhibit is another kind of "missed connection."

"Grand Central, You and Me" -- Friday evening I was racing through the Main Concourse and you were there standing still, staring up at the stars. You had a book in your hand. You were lovely. Time stood still for a second while I fell in love, then I had to catch my train. Then I thought of a Plan. So here's my ridiculously romantic plan: Meet me under the stars on Valentine's Day. 8 pm. Bring your book. 

I hope it was a happy ending!

Some of Miss Blackall's prints are also on sale at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex and Store inside Grand Central. Here's a cute one:

"Knitting Girl on 7 Train to Sunnyside" -- Not only did you introduce me to the wonderful world of knitting, I quickly found myself smitten with you after chatting for a few minutes despite you mentioning you had a boyfriend. I can only hope he is terminally ill so that I'll get a shot at knitting something for your one day.

Finding inspiration in random places {such as Craigslist} and illustrating "missed connections"... I think these are blah to TADA!

26 August 2013

Lost and Found

Maybe I've told you before, one of my favorite places in New York City is Grand Central Terminal.

I admire the architecture. I also like how one can be thoroughly entertained by the food hall and shops while waiting for their train to arrive. I love how this train station is a melting pot of locals and tourists, of what's current and historic, of many hellos and goodbyes. 

Did you know that Grand Central Terminal just marked its 100th birthday? One of the many ways to celebrate are changing exhibits at the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex located inside the terminal.

I was able to catch this one called  "On Time", featuring different artists working on the theme, "Time". If you're curious, you can watch this video, too.

I was drawn to this installation by Jane Greengold. Affectionately named, "Lost and Found 2013", it's a family of random items that passengers have left on trains and never claimed. 

The items are a collection of a conductor named Joe Wenham. He and his family members, who were all conductors since the early 1900's, gathered these from Grand Central over the years.

Miss Greengold creates a fictional narrative {handwritten notes on tags} bringing some soul to each piece:

March  4, 1952: A kid loses one of these almost every day.

July 3, 1971: I saw the beautiful baby boy with a sleepy Mom and
grumpy Dad. Why didn't they claim it? Dad too grumpy?

September 11, 2001: Woman showed this to me. Her son sent it to her.
She was coming to see the site.

June 19, 1995: Very subtle button. Never saw anyone wear it.
My cousin died of AIDS in 1983.

February 4, 1965: Very proper gentleman, but he must
have hated his shoes. On and off. On and off.

Shoes, February 14, 1949: I saw her open the box -- Valentine's present.
I don't understand, but she loved them! Why not claim a new present?

Perfume bottle, September 12, 1947: The woman put on so much
perfume, people could hardly eat dinner.
March 3, 1947: The woman was as round as a bottle.

December 10, 1963: I think they left this behind
because it was too sad.

I saw the man pace up and down again and again, looking at
the box, worrying it. I could not believe he'd lost it. Why didn't
he claim it? Was the marriage over?

August 23, 1952: Imagine losing a letter from the President's wife!

He was bringing it to work to show it off.

May 8, 2004: I could keep hundreds of these. People lose
them like popcorn at the movies.

October 10, 2010: At least not everything I find is electronic.

December 2, 1983: The boy spent hours with it. I am sure he had a fit
when he discovered he'd lost it. I wish they had invented for me.

September 10, 1958: Boring travel diary of a spoiled
13 year old. Went to Europe on Queen Mary, lost
the diary on a fancy train. Must be a brat.

February 27, 1946: I'd be so sad if I lost my babies' photos.

June 13, 1962: Fancy but not too practical.
I'm getting tired of rich people.

July 3, 1937: A young man but in love with his old camera.
But I bet he got a new one.

I never saw anyone using this but I fell in love with it
when I found it.

August 28, 1932: New grandparents coming home after seeing their
granddaughter for the first time. Waving around telegram and photos.

February 28, 2013: And now they've given me a gift for
sharing our collection.

Objects with stories to tell, each one revealing secrets of a moment in time...isn't that blah to TADA!?