12 March 2018

The Birthday Plate

I hope you like birthdays. I like birthdays a lot and everything associated with it like greetings, gifts, and gratitude. 

Maybe you have some traditions to mark birthdays? A family I know will stay up until midnight so they are the first to greet the birthday celebrator with hugs and a cake. A friend I know will always celebrate with children at an orphanage to share her blessings. And still another friend I know always travels on her birthday, usually by herself so she can reflect on her past year and her plans for her new year.  

When I saw this plate at Anthropologie a few seasons back, I thought, "This is perfect for a birthday tradition." It can be the special plate of the family.

This plate takes the place of a regular dining plate during a family member's birthday, from breakfast, lunch, snacktime, and dinner. It will make him or her feel extra special. And, it will remind the whole family that it's someone's special day when they sit at the table. 

It's also the best way to serve the birthday cake. TADA!

What traditions do you like to do on your birthday?

05 March 2018

Silver Slivers

Jewelry-making is one of my favorite crafts. Just look at my bead collection:

Here are some of the earrings I made, all with a silver theme:

I know these will turn a simple outfit from blah to TADA!

Enjoy your week, everyone!

26 February 2018

More Blackout Poetry

A while back, I shared the process of blackout poetry.

Altered books, art journal
It's taking a page printed with words (like a magazine or old book), choosing a few words to make your own poem, and blocking-out the rest of the words. Usually a marker will do, but to add an artistic spin, I use paint.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
Here's what my page looks like. It looks a little blah.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
I'm embellishing with a stamp and ink.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
This is from a set by Jane Davenport.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
With a brush pen, I'll style her hair.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
Add some flowers.

Altered books, art journal, acrylic paint, blah to TADA!, crafty recycling
The words I chose fittingly describe this lady...TADA!

19 February 2018

The Year of Cozy

I've had this book for some time now and I decided to pull it out of my bookshelf.

The title says it all. And in the middle of winter, being cozy is all I want.

"The Year of Cozy"  by Adrianna Adarme is brimming with recipes, crafts, and activities that you can make and do in the winter, spring, summer, and fall. Adriana describes that, "The good life is measured in moments like these."

Here are a few of her suggestions:

Enjoy some warm Chai Tea

Do nothing as a counterpoint to working very hard. By "doing nothing" like unplugging from technology, the simple act of drinking, watching the clouds, taking a walk, or letting go of guilt, you make room for creativity and calm.

Write handwritten notes

Make some tomato marinara sauce

Bake a batch of cookies

Go on a food adventure and eat something you've never eaten before

Visit a thrift store

Have a staycation: Go to the beach 

Or visit a museum

Put up a gallery wall

I hope these ideas encourages you to live a life of cozy...TADA!

12 February 2018

Little Love Notes

Here is an easy craft for Valentine's Day for the young and the young at heart.

It's inpired by these mini notes, a package of miniature envelopes and cards that I bought at a Martha Stewart craft fair.

upcycled bill envelopes,Valentines Day Crafts
I made my own mini stationery by repurposing old bill envelopes. The blue and white checkered pattern was too hard to resist.

upcycled bill envelopes, blah to TADA, crafty recycling, Valentine's Day crafts
Then I made little cards out of cardstock trim and wrote down a few messages.

Valentines Day crafts, crafty recycling, blah to TADA!, upcycle old bill envelopes
I sealed the envelopes with these sweet stickers. TADA!

05 February 2018

A Miniature Message

Well hello there!

Let's say you had an empty match box. What would you do with it?

Here's what I would do:

paper crafts, ideas for paper remnants, scrapbook paper, love notes, Valentines Day crafts
I would make it pretty with some scrapbook paper.

Valentine's Day crafts, blah to TADA!, love notes, paper crafts
I would add a heartfelt sticker.

confetti hearts, how to use paper remnants, Valentine's Day crafts,
I would fill it with confetti hearts.

Valentine's Day crafts, how to use paper remnants, confetti hearts, love notes
Lots and lots of hearts!

love notes, Valentine's Day crafts, how to repurpose paper scraps
Then I would give it to my sweetheart.

confetti hearts, Valentine's Day crafts, love letters, secret messages,
I hope he'll like it. TADA!

29 January 2018

A Shawl for Prayer

It's very nice to see you today!

prayer shawl ministry, watercolor, brush lettering
I'd like to talk about prayer shawls. Have you heard about these?

janet Severi Bristow, Victoria Cole-Galo, prayer shawl, prayer shawl ministry
I first learned about prayer shawls when I saw this book at the craft store. Its written by the same women who began The Prayer Shawl Ministry combining compassion and the love of knitting/crocheting. 

As the shawl maker begins his/her project, prayers are said on every stitch until its completion. Then a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent to its recipient (ex. a bride to be, a mother to be, someone who is sick or is to undergo a medical procedure). Sometimes, the recipients make new shawls to pass along to others in need thus maker and receiver feel an embrace of love and kindness. Isn't that awesome?  


As I did some research, I came across the above description. What a thoughtful present to give! But don't forget to enclose a prayer or tell the recipient why this shawl is special.

And speaking of prayer shawls, can I share mine?

shawl, butterfly shawl
It's not handmade, not knitted nor crocheted. But my Mom owned it. 

When she passed away last year, my Dad had mentioned this scarf, "Maybe you want to keep it. It's from Auntie Marcia" (Auntie Marcia was a long time friend of my Mom).

I wear it when I miss her. Sometimes I wrap it around me when I pray. Maybe the butterflies will deliver my messages up to heaven. 

And speaking of butterflies, I came across this lovely Monarch late last year. Just as autumn turned into winter and I was taking my regular walks at the park. She was the lone butterfly and I saw her on four different occasions. Perhaps she's my Mom saying "hello".  

I hope this post inspires you to make your own prayer shawls and to admire butterflies, too...TADA!