12 November 2018

An Ode to Flea Markets

The thrill of the hunt.

That's the reason I love flea markets and thrift stores.

Sure, they can be viewed as other's people junk.

But one woman's trash is another woman's treasure.

And the nostalgia...

A reminder of a simpler time.

There are also a load of useful notions for sewing and crafting.

And items that can be used for interior or graphic design.

Records...they never went away even in the age of digital downloads. 

And lots of china and pottery...very, very hygge!

Because the goods are unique in each market, this sign is a good reminder (no one wants to suffer long term regret). 

In every new place I visit, you know where to find me. See you there!

05 November 2018

A Needle-felted Acorn

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by today.  

Have you ever tried needle felting? I'm quite an amateur with only this craft and this project to show for.

Because we're deep in the months of Autumn, I thought making a few acorns was appropriate:

It's a good excuse to practice some felting.

All we need are a felting needle, wool roving, a felting block, and an acorn cap (picked up from the sidewalk).

The goal is to make the wool smaller. The stabbing motion of the needle lets the fibers "stick together". 

Look! This resembles a ball now. Keep working with the needle to form an acorn shape.

Attach the wool to the acorn cap with hot glue and we've got these acorns...TADA!

Make a few of these and put them in a jar or small bowl to serve as seasonal decor for your coffee table or mantle. 

Or you can make this...
An acorn pendant!

Attach jump rings/pendant findings to the top of the acorn (secure with super glue) and string this through a chain.

Who wouldn't love a fairy tale acorn necklace like this one? TADA!

29 October 2018

Halloween Gift Bags

Hello guys! Because it's the season of critters and candy, a Halloween craft is but appropriate.

It's a kid-friendly one where they can stamp, stamp, stamp to their heart's content.

All we need are a paper bag (saved from a shopping trip), Halloween-themed craft stamps, and a black ink pad.

Just press the image all over the bag and add some fancy lettering (you can put the child's name, too).

Use this bag to collect candy on Halloween or fill it with treats to give away...TADA! 

Here's one the I made last year, or this one and this one from a few years back. 

Happy Halloween!

22 October 2018

Crafting with Twigs

During the fall, the sidewalks are abundant with leaves and twigs. I notice these as I wait at the bus stop, and my mind races with ideas on how to possibly craft with them.

Here are a few ways I've turned twigs from blah to TADA!:

A macrame' wall hanging. It's traditionally made with rope but yarn was what I had on hand.  

Another wall decor using a weaving technique.

Here's another idea:

We'll need a twig.

And some fabric remnants...no sewing necessary. The frayed edges add rustic personality.

brush lettering, fabric pens, Crayola fabric markers, home sweet home, wall hanging
And fabric markers. It's a clever application for brush calligraphy or bounce lettering.

sewing, brush lettering, fabric pens, Crayola fabric markers, home sweet home, wall hanging
With hand stitching, sew a pocket for the twig.

brush lettering, fabric pens, Crayola fabric markers, home sweet home, wall hanging
A few meters of thread makes for an instant hanging device.

brush lettering, fabric pens, Crayola fabric markers, home sweet home, wall hanging
A simple decoration that can be personalized for the home or dorm room...TADA!

15 October 2018

How to Make a Pin Cushion

Do you like to sew? Or maybe you know a few friends who enjoy sewing. Well, a pin cushion is an essential tool to have on hand.

Today, let me show you how to make one.

This project is a smart way to use fabric remnants. This orange linen was left over from an embroidered botanical wall art.  I just cut two rectangles out of it.

Because the fabric looks a little blah, I'm adding a print using a craft stamp and ink pad.

This simple design adds some character already. 

Pin the two rectangles together (print facing inside).

And stitch around it by hand or with a sewing machine but make sure to leave a half-an-inch opening.

Turn the fabric inside out and push the corners out with a pencil. Stuff this with fiberfill through the opening and close the hole with handstitching.

And here is our pretty pin cushion...TADA!

08 October 2018

Zip It Up

Whoever invented zip-top bags is a hero in my book! I use them for all around storage and they're handy for travel. 

I thought, maybe, there would be ways to prolong its one-time use. Here's an idea:

Cut off the zipper part of the bag. Clean it with soap and hot water, and let it dry completely. 

With this, we'll make a zip-top gift bag...TADA!

I used scrapbook paper but you can use gift wrap remnants or old magazine pages. 

Measure the paper to match the size of the zip top (adding a quarter to half an inch margin).

Fold the paper in half and make a crease. Add some glue to close the paper's edges and attach the paper to the zip top.

See, it looks like a bag now. Allow the glue dry for several minutes.

Then bring out the washi tape! And the stickers!

And the craft stamps, ink pads, and watercolor!

And fill it with cute stationery to give to your best buddy...TADA!

01 October 2018

Power Words

Whenever I visit a bookstore or a gift shop, I can't help but stop at the "Quotable" rack.

The positive words and good vibes serve as a much needed pep talk.

"Quotable" started as a collection of greeting cards and over the years, the line has expanded to include magnets, notebooks, and mugs.

Eleanor Roosevelt
They also have these cute square pouches.

They're functional and a powerful daily reminder.

With this as inspiration, I'm turning this plain pouch from blah to TADA!

I bought it ready made. The exterior is made of linen and the inside has a bright print. 

I made some lines as a guide.

Then I drew some freehand fonts.

I originally wanted to use ink (ex. fabric pens) but I was afraid of mistakes that I couldn't erase. Instead, I used embroidery.

My pouch says "What you make matters". It's a quote I got from the #100DayProject. It's an affirmation I return to whenever I'm experiencing self doubt.

blah to TADA
I made a little tassle with the leftover thread.

blah to TADA
Here is my hand-embroidered pouch...TADA!

How about you, what are your favorite quotes?