17 September 2018

Summer by the Water

I hope you all had a beautiful summer. Before we transition into a new season, I'd like to share a few photos of my trips to the water.

A tranquil bay in Long Island...

There's a seasonal shack selling seafood sandwiches.

Summer is never complete without chowder, lobster rolls and clam strips!

Another trip with some friends at a cabin by the lake:

It was calm and peaceful, a total change from our daily life.

The evenings were breezy and beautiful.

We followed everything stated on this lake house sign!

Even if I was on vacation, I couldn't help but craft. Here are the inspirations and my creations:

A garden filled with late summer Black-eyed Susans.

I picked a few and pressed them in between some heavy books. I like how the petals tuned into a deep yellow. I might add these to a shadow box or turn it into a pendant

These were really good bottles of wine that we enjoyed over meals that we cooked. I took a picture for future reference. 

I even saved a label to include in my travel journal...TADA!

My journal page made with sketches, stamps, and ephemera.

Here's another trip, this time by the beach:

I brought my watercolor pad and paints so I could practice. Painting water and waves is something I still have to work on.

I wish I had this view everyday. Being by the beach is always relaxing and rejuvenating.

A little souvenir from a day at the beach...TADA!

10 September 2018

Little Women

Hello everyone!

One of the books I read over the summer was "Little Women". I know it's a classic but I never read it growing up. It's a story of the March sisters -- Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy -- who bloom from girls to women, find their place in the world, experience love and loss, and learn life lessons like friendship, appreciation, compassion, sacrifice, and hard work.  

via PBS
PBS recently came out with a three part television adaptation. I loved everything about it including the casting, costumes, and set design. I don't have any sisters and I wished I could've been the fifth sister just to experience what it's like to have one.

Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett, Frances Dee, and Jean Parker in Little Women (1933)
via Imdb.com
I also got to watch the 1933 black and white movie on TCM. I'd like to see every film version created, including the new one coming out at the end of the month that's set in the present time. Truly a mark of a timeless story!

Here are a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

I was also inspired to make some art: 

Did you read "Little Women"? What was your favorite part?

03 September 2018

Pile on the Flowers

I believe in second chances! I believe that ugly ducklings have the potential to be swans! That's why I like to give bags and pouches a make-over:

Here I am again, turning an empty pouch from blah to TADA! 

This was a freebie from my husband's travels. All the contents like personal care products, socks, and a sleep mask have been used. And still, this pouch...it deserves a transformation.

I had these decoupage flowers left-over from this project.

I used them to embellish the top of the pouch (attached with a very light layer of fabric glue underneath).

Doesn't it look festive, already?

And the zipper pull. We musn't forget that!

A pretty tassel, perhaps?

The pink one is perfect!

The pouch is the ideal size for urban sketching supplies.

Another day, another pouch...TADA! Thank you for reading!

27 August 2018

Turning a Basket into a Bag

Hi guys, thanks for stopping by!

Today, I will turn this basket from blah to TADA! and my inspiration is Jane Birkin.

via Getty Images
Jane Birkin is a British actress, singer, model, and her name is also associated with bags. The iconic and coveted Hermes Birkin bag is named after her. Prior to the success of the Birkin bag, she toted around a lidded basket. In the 1970's, she carried this non-traditonal bag everywhere, with any outfit, not just to the beach or market where you'd expect it to be used. She was often photographed with it making it her trademark accessory with the nickname "Jane Birkin basket".

The Jane Birkin basket had a resurgence this year. Many versions have come out in the shops like this one by designer Clare Vivier and there are more affordable ones on Etsy, too.

And because I have this basket, I'd like to play on the trend. I got it from a little shop in the Philippines. I meant to use it as a care package container and fill it with small presents. But maybe its calling is to be a fashion piece?

I found this sash in my closet...

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes
And twisted it on like they do the Twilly scarf on bag handles

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes
I finished with a tight knot.

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes
I think it makes my basket look more modern...TADA!

Here's another version:

I'm using an airy scarf this time (also found in my closet).

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes
I lined the basket with the scarf, put my stuff inside it, and tied the ends.

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes
This style is less exposed and keeps my stuff secure.

repurposing baskets, other uses for scarves and sashes 
I hope this has inspired you to reuse any baskets or scarves that you own, either for fashion or gift wrapping purposes. TADA!

20 August 2018

A Bundle of Fun

Hey guys! Today's craft is inspired by these little bundles:

They're filled with all sorts of fragrant and luxurious bath products. Perfect for gifts because they're already wrapped!

TADA! Here is my version. 

I used the Japanese art of furoshiki using a bandana. A vintage handkerchief is another option, too.

When it's unwrapped, here's what you'll see inside.

I followed a Japanese theme. There's a face mask, a very useful book that I want to pass along, green tea, some panda-shaped biscuits and a chocolate bar. TADA!

I hope my friend who receives this will agree that it is a bundle of fun!