26 June 2017

Oh Beautiful Bookmark

Happy Monday guys!

Today, I'm on a mission to rescue this:

It's a label that came with my husband's new pair of jeans. It's made from thick and sturdy cardboard. Time to turn it from blah to TADA!

I thought it was a good excuse to use my newly acquired Washi tape. I love this because it has a darling print and the texture is like fabric!

Just a few strips at the front...

...that runs all the way to the back.

Don't forget to add some embroidery thread!

Now I've got a pretty bookmark for all my summer reads. TADA!

19 June 2017

Jewelry Packaging Ideas

Very nice to see you today! If you tuned in last week, I made an assortment of earrings from my collection of beads:

 Today, I'll show you an idea on how to package them.

First off, we need cardstock. This a printed kind but nothing too loud or busy that can take the attention away from the earrings. I'm also using a circle craft punch and a hole punch. 

Punch some circles on the cardstock. If you don't have a craft punch, you can make circles by tracing around a can and cutting it with a pair of scissors. Or you can opt for other shapes like a square if that's an easier option. 

With the hole punch, make two pairs of holes on the cardstock circle.

This is where you'll attach the earrings.

Do this for all the earrings you have. If you'll be selling these, you can put your shop information on top or at the back of the cardstock circle. Maybe you have a stamp or a sticker label that will make labelling easier. 

As a little extra, I made this envelope using rubber stamps and an ink pad.

Put in the earrings and they are ready for your customers. TADA!

12 June 2017

Handmade Earrings

So I was looking for my pliers and found them in my jewelry making supplies box. Then I realized how much of a mess it was.

I organized it right away and seeing all the beads gave me the urge to make some earrings.

With pliers and wire hoops, I quickly turned blah into TADA!

It was very therapeutic and I have new pairs to share. TADA!

05 June 2017

The Country Living Fair

It's almost summer and to kick off my favorite time of the year, a roadtrip was on the agenda over the weekend.

The destination: Rhinebeck, New York for The Country Living Fair

Country Living is a magazine and every year, they put together a craft fair in different parts of the U.S. like New York, Ohio, Georgia, and Tennessee. I had always wanted to go and this year, I finally did.

It was the perfect sunny day with a slight nippy breeze.

There was lively music.

There were food trucks and food booths hawking everything from American, Mexican, Italian, and Polish treats.

There were "Meet and Greet" events, too.  Here are The Beekman Boys, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge doing a cooking demonstration.

There were also speakers on DIY projects, as well as "Make and Take" Workshops.

Here are photos of some of my favorite vendors: 

I love that handmade is alive and well! Next time, I'll show you some of the things I took home from the fair. 

Have a beautiful week!