26 October 2015

A Gallery of Greeting Cards

Bookstores and greeting card stores. Two of my favorite places to visit, yet they are becoming a rarity. Sigh.

Imagine my surprise when I stepped into a Hallmark Store. They revved up their selection and I must say, they are spectacular!

Here, take a look:

So many cute cards to choose from!

Macarons? Oui! 

What is a party without a pinata? 

 Did anyone say doughnuts?

Who says sprinkles are only for cupcakes?

 Birthday card? Check!
Birthday candles? Check!

I like how the greeting card designer's bio is part of the display.

There's also an international line, featuring work by British artists.

Here's to snail mail! Here's to greeting cards! And here's to the artists who make them. I think it's TADA! 

Have a beautiful week, folks.

19 October 2015

Crafty in the Kitchen: Floral cupcakes

I hope you had a beautiful weekend guys! Let me share a little craftiness in the kitchen.

I turned these plain cupcakes from blah to...


I need more practice but it's so much fun to play around with frosting colors and piping tips.

May you all have a great week ahead!

12 October 2015

A Blooming Collaboration: Rifle Paper Company and Paperless Post

I'm a big fan of Anna Rifle Bond and her beautiful artwork.  I met her not so long ago and just last week, I got to meet her again.

It happened at the Bloom Room, a little pop-up shop in downtown Manhattan. 

It celebrates the collaboration between Rifle Paper Company and Paperless Post

A collection of fresh flowers outside the shop reminded me of the sidewalk flower sellers in Paris.

Inside, a backdrop of enormous paper flowers.

It makes for a pretty backdrop for photos.

Some of Anna's work for sale.

These prints are gorgeous!

And lining one wall, samples of the cards available on the website:

Anna was there for a meet-and-greet (I love her fashion choices, too!).

And she even signed this commemorative poster. TADA!

05 October 2015

The Coffee Art Project

Howdy everyone! Last week, I told you about The New York Coffee Festival. Of course, I checked out the coffee selections, the food, the talks. But, I could not ignore the art.

Here are a few photos of the works on display:

All inspired by coffee and some made with coffee! They're all part of The Coffee Art Project, a high profile international art competition with participating cities like New York, London, Milan, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Paris. 

Maybe you'd like to participate. Yes?

Artists of all skill levels can enter one piece of artwork that connects to COFFEE and/or a COFFEE SHOP EXPERIENCE. There is no restriction on media used. You may use scuplture, painting, installation, photography, and mixed media. These are all eligible, provided that they have a justifiable link to coffee. Checkout their website for more information.

I hope I'll see your work on display!