26 March 2018

Watercolor Easter Eggs

Easter Sunday is this Sunday! To get ready, here's an easy idea to turn plain eggs from blah to TADA! using watercolor paint:

It's a fun activity for any age. TADA!

Have a Happy Easter!

19 March 2018

Crafty Ideas from the book "Hello Tokyo"

I love books and I love craft books even more! Here is one that I found while browsing the shelves at my library:

It's called "Hello Tokyo" and is written by Ebony Bizys, the talented artist, designer, and photographer behind the blog Hello Sandwich. She's an Australian/Lithuanian who calls Tokyo home.

The book is packed to the brim with tidbits about Tokyo, insights on the Japanese way of life, and projects that are both thoughtful and kawaii (Japanese for "cute").

Inspired by the book, here are some crafts that I made:

pipe cleaners, hot glue gun, origami paper, handmade
A flowery gift bag. This bag and tag are made from origami and scrapbook paper held together by glue. The handles are made from bent pipe cleaners...TADA!

Handmade gift tags. I found the blank tags and stickers in my craft stash. 

By putting them together, I instantly have tags for all the birthday presents I'll be wrapping this year...TADA!

scrapbook paper, bakers twine
A handmade notebook. I'm going to use this as a journal/portable scrapbook. "Oui" is French for "yes" and I say "Oui" to more adventures!

Putting together a collection. I have a bunch of little collections, among them are these tea bag rests. I use them individually or when company comes over. What a neat idea to just group them together for a themed display...TADA!

ososuwake, hand lettering, brush lettering, Japanese words
Learning Japanese words. One of the words I learned in the book is "osusowake" (sharing) and Ebony defines it this way:
"It's a Japanese word that describes one of the most charming Japanese customs: the giving of something inexpensive, but important between friends. For example, when you buy a roll of stickers or box of candies and you find yourself with more than you need, you might share a small section of them with a friend. The history of the word osusowake is really lovely. It has its origins back when handmaking kimonos was very popular. The leftover fabric from making the kimono was shared with other friends. From what I can gather, suso is "hem" and wakare is "to share", so it's like the division and sharing or excess fabric. To me, this is so beautiful and poetic."
The book has definitely encouraged making, giving, and dreaming of a trip to Tokyo!

12 March 2018

The Birthday Plate

I hope you like birthdays. I like birthdays a lot and everything associated with it like greetings, gifts, and gratitude. 

Maybe you have some traditions to mark birthdays? A family I know will stay up until midnight so they are the first to greet the birthday celebrator with hugs and a cake. A friend I know will always celebrate with children at an orphanage to share her blessings. And still another friend I know always travels on her birthday, usually by herself so she can reflect on her past year and her plans for her new year.  

When I saw this plate at Anthropologie a few seasons back, I thought, "This is perfect for a birthday tradition." It can be the special plate of the family.

This plate takes the place of a regular dining plate during a family member's birthday, from breakfast, lunch, snacktime, and dinner. It will make him or her feel extra special. And, it will remind the whole family that it's someone's special day when they sit at the table. 

It's also the best way to serve the birthday cake. TADA!

What traditions do you like to do on your birthday?

05 March 2018

Silver Slivers

Jewelry-making is one of my favorite crafts. Just look at my bead collection:

Here are some of the earrings I made, all with a silver theme:

I know these will turn a simple outfit from blah to TADA!

Enjoy your week, everyone!