28 September 2012

Summer Skills

As a farewell to my favorite season, I made this week's photo album showcasing the things I did over the summer. I posted a few pictures on Instagram, too, in case you're interested. 

And because I associate summer with learning (or re-learning) something new, here are some creative endeavors in photos:

I took a watercolor class where, aside from
paint, we used materials like salt, bubble wrap,
and colored tissue paper to make art.

Taking that class sparked an interest in watercolor.
I got all nerdy and borrowed some books from
the library to learn new techniques.

I even bought a few things like a visual
journal (watercolor paper), a quality
paintbrush, and a color wheel.

I took my visual journal everywhere, including 
a trip to Brooklyn.

I gave myself the daunting task of painting
the Brooklyn Bridge and the skyline of
lower Manhattan. I started with a sketch.

Then I added color.

Some black ink for definition and TADA!,
my first cityscape. I know, I need more
practice, but I gotta start somewhere. 

I made this little work space that invites me to
practice with watercolors on a regular basis.

I even use watercolors for calligraphy.

I decorated these blah envelopes and
mailed them to friends living miles away.
Keeping in touch via snail mail is
always TADA!

I also offered some time at City Harvest
(we rescue food for New York's hungry),
where I've been volunteering for
several years now. Doing this always
leaves me with a TADA! feeling. 

I'm hoping that by reaching out to long lost
friends and doing some community service,
I would've spread some joy.

Thank you for indulging in my summer album. 
I wish you all a beautiful weekend!

27 September 2012

The Great Outdoors

Summer is hands down my favorite season. The weather is warm, the days are long, and I feel I accomplish a lot during these months. This week, I'm sharing photos from my summer, a way of crossing off the list I made on Pinterest.

Today, it's all about outdoor entertainment.

Movies in the park are always fun.
This is at the Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Bring your own blanket, drinks and munchies.
And add a bunch of buddies to the mix.

Just like a movie theater, there's popcorn!

An outdoor concert at the Olde Lafayette Village.

A solo concert at Central Park (the line is
for tickets at Shakespeare in the Park).

Jazz Evenings at Bryant Park

A Latin band performing at the mall
(they were awesome!)
I watched a Broadway play, too.
War Horse not only had a touching
story, the puppetry and set design
were TADA!

Did you tune into the Summer Olympics?
I sure did!

London did a spectacular job.

I loved the symbolism of these copper petals.
Each country was assigned one and these were
lit all together for the duration of the Games.
I think each country got to take them home
once the flames were extinguished.

These activities indeed turn an ordinary summer day from blah to TADA!

26 September 2012

Hunting for Treasures

Shopping at flea markets/thrift stores was on my agenda over the summer, as I've listed on my "Splendid Summer" board on Pinterest. Today, can I show you where I went and what I found?

"Tea for one" teapot stacked on a cup and saucer
scored at the Housing Works Thrift Shop.

What I love about it is the "Alice in Wonderland"
design - the tea party of all tea parties! It looked
unused and was still in its original box...
and I paid just $5.00 for it!

Stumbled upon The Hyde Park Antiques Center
in Upstate New York. Don't be fooled by its
quaint facade -- it's huge once you enter.

Inside you'll find concessionaires selling
furniture and home accessories,
arranged in pretty vignettes.

Boudoir-like spaces carrying
simple, frothy and sparkly dresses... 

...and accessories to match.

Hardbound books and old magazines
that take you to lands far, far away.

There's a clock room that was both
fascinating (makes you wonder how old
these were) and terrifying
(the chorus of 

tick-tocks reminded me of looming deadlines).

Pretty tableware...loved the dishes on the upper left.

There was a well-curated booth called Telesca
selling vintage country finds like these
bingo cards.

My husband took home a pair of cuff links...

...while I added another teacup to my collection.
What sealed the deal? My birth month was
printed on it! The sweet pea flowers are also
associated with this month.

In Lafayette, New Jersey, there's what's called
Old Lafayette Village, offering outlet shopping,

food and specialty shops, summer festivals
and farmer's markets.

There are a handful of antique shops as well.

Just right for the little "old lady" in me.

Treasures worth the time and inspection.

Souvenirs from a simpler time.

I was drawn to the old toys and
floral China (of course).

As you can see, one person's trash is another person's treasure. Isn't that blah to TADA? I hope you enjoyed our trips today!

25 September 2012

Blooming Summer

I hope your Tuesday is off to a good start. This week, I'm sharing my "Summer Album". It's based on a board I created on Pinterest called "Splendid Summer"

Here are a few photos featuring spectacular blooms, scents and song:

The great outdoors were abundant
with flowers...I just had to bring
the outdoors in. 

Yellow one week...

Green the next...

And pink for another...flowers are
such a simple way to turn
blah to TADA!

Grew some succulents.

Cared of a low-maintenance
mini garden.

Took a whiff of lavender at
the farmer's market (I hope
to make it a field next time).

Tried some new scents for the home.
I couldn't resist these hand soaps in
bottles designed by
Orla Kiely for Target.

I also got myself this candle
with the scent of caramel popcorn.

I wish I could say I owned this player, but
I listened to a few too many standards
on my iPod.
See you back tomorrow!