31 August 2011

A Cover-Up

I'm on a short break all this week
but I've promised to give you a peek
at what I pack in my beach bag.

It's all about prints when summer comes around.
My sure pick would be florals, on my bag and on
my beach cover-up, a.k.a sarong or pareo.

This design reminds me so much of Indian block prints and
the blue & white combination is perfect for the season.

I can use it after a swim, line a lounge chair with it or
turn it into a shawl when the night gets too windy.
Hey, it can even pass for a dress, skirt or bandana!
Just check out the options here.

30 August 2011

A Summer Page Turner

I'm taking a little vacation this week but I
left you with a little show & tell that I call,
"What's Inside my beach bag?"

One of the things I take with me wherever
I go is a really entertaining book like
this newly released one from a
first time author:

Now, I'm not one to judge a book by it's cover
but don't you think this one is so TADA!?
Weathered, romantic, nostalgic.

Before Ever After is about love -- what we do
to avoid it and the great lengths we go to keep it.
The book gracefully weaves in romance, history,
mystery, fantasy, something culinary & adventure.

It'll take you all around Europe -- London, Paris,
Versailles,Vienna, Venice, Rome, Switzerland,
Slovenia and across the globe to the Philippines!

And if that's not enough to draw you in,
check-out this teaser.

By the way, when you start reading it, take
note of all the quirky chicken & egg facts. :-)

Care to share your favorite summer reads?

29 August 2011

I'm Off to the Beach

Happy Monday my Dears!
I hope none of you were greatly affected
by Hurricane Irene.

I'm taking a little blogging break this week.
I feel the need to dip my toes in the water.

So I'm off to the beach!

But don't worry, you'll get to read something
everyday this week. I'll be sharing what I
packed in my beach bag.

Here's an inexpensive bag I got a few years ago.
The print makes me smile.
All. The. Time.

Here are some of the things I've stuffed it with.
But you'll have to tune in tomorrow for
the details.

Have a fun day!

26 August 2011

A Green Magazine

Howdy Friends!
Today, I'm completing the round-up of
my favorite online magazines.

This one gets an extra "TADA!",
an extra star, an extra popcorn or
whatever extra ____ you use on
your rating system, because of its
focus on the environment.

It's created quarterly in Canada by Celine & Jonathan
Mackay and their hardworking team of writers,
stylists and photographers.

The pages give you tons of ideas on how to live
a green lifestyle. From home design...

to dining and gardening...

and even choosing the right products to shop for.

They encourage anything handmade and are
very supportive of budding entrepreneurs.

They're also celebrating their first birthday!
Cheer them on at their website or
on their blog.

Have a nice, nice weekend everyone!

25 August 2011

Aussie Style

It's difficult for me to imagine a world without
magazines. News stands in bus stations and
airports without magazines. Waiting rooms at
the dentist or doctor's office without magazines.
I can't bear the thought! So blah!

I guess one day we'll all be totting around some
kind of tablet PC like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy,
the same way we carry mobile phones everywhere.

Good thing there are now many
on-line magazines! TADA!

Today, it's off to Australia to see
some of the magazines they have.

Adore is Australia's first online home &
lifestyle magazine. It's first issue launched
in October/November 2010 and has been
wow-ing its readers with gorgeous homes
and beautifully designed products from
all over the world.

Paper Runway is a bit different from
the magazines I've shared this week
because instead of fashion, food &
decor, it's all about paper! And if
you love paper and the many ways
to create with it, it's worth checking

Happy Reading!

24 August 2011

Rue Magazine

Hi ya' all! There's no crafting this week.
Instead, I'm sharing a few on-line blogs
that you might like.

Today, it's all about Rue:

It's debut issue was September/October 2010.
It's the brainchild of two talented ladies, Crystal Gentilello
and Anne Sage, who are also bloggers.

If you browse through it, you will find:

Stylish interiors that you'll want to copy

Entertaining ideas to add a special touch to any party

Fabulous finds for the fashionista & decorista

What I like most about Rue are "Blogger Side
by Side" (revealing a more personal side
of popular bloggers), "Gallery Wall"
(giving readers options on how to dress up blank
walls without spending too much),
the studio tours and house tours, as well
as behind the scenes videos & play lists.

Curious already?
Check it out here.


23 August 2011

Matchbook Magazine

Yesterday, I paid tribute to some lovely magazines
that have stopped publication. A big blah for fans like me.
The TADA! is that a bunch of free on-line magazines
are grabbing my attention and I just can't get enough.

Today's pick:

Matchbook Magazine was launched just this January 2011
by once students in Switzerland & now bestie travel buds

It's "A field guide to the charmed life," inspiring women
around the world to design a life they adore.

To date, they already have 7 issues.
Passionate, creative and influential members
of the design world grace the covers.

Of course you'll find fashion & style inside
its pages.

As well as decorating and art.

There's travel & culture too.

What I like best is that there's a lot of references
to history but the way it's presented isn't boring
at all. Just check out the "Datebook", "Icon",
"Ten Things You Didn't Know About..." and
"Encyclopedia" sections.

Another thing I like is the strong focus on bloggers
(who are not necessarily professional writers)
as contributors to the magazine.

If you go to the Matchbook site, be ready to
get lost in it's pages, learn something new
and find some inspiration!

22 August 2011

My Favorite Magazines

Let me begin the week by telling you about my all
time favorite magazines. They were all so TADA!
but they've since shut down the doors of their
offices. I miss receiving them in my mail
box and flipping through their glossy,
mesmerizing pages. Such a blah.

Maybe they were your favorites too?

Domino was a hip, approachable decorating &
shopping magazine. I liked that the homes
featured in its pages were lived-in, filled with
pieces collected over time & brimming
with character.
They closed in 2009.

Gourmet was a trusted expert in food trends &
entertaining. I miss Editor-in-Chief Ruth Reichl
who's such a colorful personality.
The magazine ended its run in 2009.

ReadyMade was the little magazine that could.
It promoted the Do-It-Yourself movement
whether building a table or building a business
and the pride that comes with making things
with your hands.
June/July 2011 was their last issue.

She is a British Magazine with a long history
(it's been around since 1955), it's lively pages filled
with food, fashion, entertaining and decorating.
Whenever I bought it in London, it came with
freebies like a bag, cosmetic bag or paperback!
Yet again, another closing.
The last issue comes out this August.

News like this breaks my heart.
I know how much work editors &
contributors put into a magazine.
I hope that the talents that have
lost their jobs will or have moved on
to greater things.

As for us readers, I'm happy to note that
the number of on-line magazines are now
growing. All this week, I'll introduce
a new one to you (if you haven't made
their acquaintance yet).

Let's begin with Sweet Paul:

Born in the Spring of 2010 to Paul Lowe,
a food & prop stylist, crafter & blogger.

I love this magazine because of its cheerful
simplicity with a touch of whimsy.

It showcases easy recipes, simple crafts,
and wish-list worthy products for ladies,
moms, kids and even pets.

My favorite sections include "Keep
Your Eye On" (up & coming creatives),
"Crafty Friday" and pages of recipes, each
with a memorable story attached to it.

Sweet Paul is also into crafty recycling!
You'll see it here, here & here.

Check it out...I think you'll like it. :-)

19 August 2011

Floating Lights

Hey, hey, we made it to Friday!
Did you like my summer lights ideas this week?

Here's one more:

Number 1 blah: empty glass jars

Number 2 blah: produce sacks

Number 3 blah: battery operated votives
{I must admit, they're really a TADA!}

Number 1 + Number 2 + Number 3 = TADA!
A few homemade lanterns! Wanna see?

Hang them on something sturdy like tree branches.

They look like glowing fish caught in a net.

They even resemble fireflies!

Have a radiant weekend my dears!

18 August 2011

CANdle Light

On this lovely Thursday, I want to extend the life of these
aluminum cans:

They're quite blah, don't you think?

But if you take a hammer & a nail to make
a few holes all around the can...

And add in a votive candle; light it up...

TADA! Instant luminaries!

Just imagine how a bunch of these can
make your garden glow!

Have a nice day!