27 April 2015

Fun Fabric Decoupage

Hello sunshine! How are you my lovelies?

I've been very happy with the sunny weather the past few days. And I found a craft that matched the blossoming season.

I bought this at the craft store in the middle of winter (you're right, I was longing for warm weather).

It's a package filled with fabric die-cuts meant for fabric-to-fabric decoupage. I'm using the flowers to dress this up:

A blah-looking case for sunglasses.

Before beginning the craft, wash this with soap and water to remove fabric sizing. It's best to avoid using fabric softener or a dryer sheet so that the die-cuts will adhere well. You can use an iron to remove any wrinkles.

Once the surface was ready, I chose a few flowers and experimented on where to position them.

It's recommended to use a fabric-to-fabric decoupage glue but I didn't have that on hand. Instead, I used a permanent fabric glue.

Put a few drops of glue at the back of each die-cut. I used my fingers to spread the glue, but a paintbrush can be used, too.

Press the die-cut onto the chosen area and smooth out with your fingers. I added more glue on the top and edges of each die-cut for a firmer grip. I let this dry for at least an hour.

Then I did the same on the flip side using a different set of flowers.

I let this dry again, using a small bottle to prop up the fabric case. This allows both sides to dry without any side sticking on a surface.

And here is my sunglasses case all set for the spring and summer months. TADA!

And it's useful for eyeglasses, too.

Have a great week ahead!

20 April 2015

Spring is Here

The trees are blossoming and the daffodils are fully awake. Spring has finally arrived! And what a beautiful day it was on Saturday -- no jackets or umbrellas required; only sundresses and sandals, just the way I like it. 

I chanced upon this door with a most colorful wreath:

Can you tell what the flowers are made of? The clever homeowner turned a blah egg carton into a welcoming decoration with some paint and hot glue. TADA!

Wishing you a week full of brilliant ideas!

15 April 2015

Let The Fruits Do The Talking

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for visiting today.

This is my new purchase and current read. It's a new book by Joy Cho called "Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy". I love its premise because I think crafting brings happiness to the one who crafts and also to the recipient of the craft. 

Joy thoughtfully wrote this inscription on my copy. She said she remembered me from her past book signings like this one. Blush. She's so kind. I'm not surprised why she has such a loyal following.

Here's one craft that I immediately tried out:

Little messages on fruit! Remove those brand labels stuck on them at the supermarket and replace them with thoughtful notes. 

Joy has templates in the book but here's my blah to TADA! twist on the idea:

I use blank sticker labels, rubber stamps and an ink pad.

I stamp out my message. It's short but sweet. 

Then I attach them right on the fruit:

Just to say "Good Morning".

Or when you need to be a cheerleader.

Or to wish your loved one well.

A simple gesture that's good for the tummy and the soul!

You can do the same with paint and markers, too. TADA!

14 April 2015

Book Launch: Oh Joy! 60 Ways to Create and Give Joy

So yesterday, I mentioned that I attended a fun book launch. It had all these festive and fabulous elements, I have to share the details with you!

Joy Cho of the popular blog Oh Joy came out with a new book. She's a graphic artist, product designer for brands like Target and The Land of Nod, a certified foodie, a wife and mother to two adorable little girls.

She's an author of several inspiring books for the creative entrepreneur but this new book is all about crafts to make and give. It's right up my alley!

The party was at West Elm in New York City. The store, closed early for this private event, was decked out in style. Look at these shiny balloons!

There was a DJ.

A Champagne bar.

And frozen treats from Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream.

I chose a combination of salty caramel and chocolate ice cream. Then I topped it with Oreo-tasting "black gravel". 

This gorgeous floral backdrop and table covered in colorful contact paper were all based on ideas from the book.

And the highlight of the night was having Joy sign our books. 

She was kind enough to chat with everyone.

Yes, everyone who bought the book and stood in line!

It was one great party, indeed.

Tomorrow, I'll try out a project from the book. Stay tuned!

13 April 2015

Happy Spring!

Howdy folks! Can I share some photos of the gorgeous weekend?

Sunday: The sun finally came out and everyone was outdoors basking in the weather. Goodbye winter!

SaturdayOur family attended a baptism. I think springtime is the best season to welcome a baby girl to God's family because it's symbolic of new beginnings.  These are just some of the sweets at the dinner reception.

Friday: April is my birthday month and Anthropologie invited me (together with other gals also born in April) to a celebration! It included yummy treats and a birthday discount...TADA!

Thursday: I attended Oh Joy's book party. More about that and her book and all the crafts in it tomorrow. See you then!

06 April 2015

Art in Bloom

Happy Monday! April is here and its first few days have been rainy and gloomy. But as they say, "April showers bring May flowers". 

And after our unrelenting winter, I can't wait to see the first buds of spring! 

As a preview of the new season, let me take you on a little trip.

We're going to Macy's in New York City.

They just concluded their annual flower show with the theme "Art in Bloom".

Here are the store windows:

The main display was on the first floor.

It's like a botanical garden was transported inside the store.

There were flowers in every turn.

The bouquet of the day changed every two days. Different designers like Martha Stewart, Polux Fleuriste and Kenji Takenaka each made a display. This particular one, blending hard and soft, modern and classic, was made by Oliver Giugni

The show "Art in Bloom" was the marriage of fresh flowers and art history.  

This is a tribute to Picasso.

A nod to Contemporary art.

The scenery of the Impressionists.

The solid colors of Modern art. 

 The comic touch of Pop art.

The Surrealist's view of the world.

The Renaissance garden.

A replica of the statue of David in one of the entrances.

Colorful images were projected on the white statue.

This was a light and sound show. The globes changed color to the beat of the music.

I loved this pocket garden by the escalators. They should make it a permanent fixture. It's a soothing spot in busy midtown Manhattan.  

It's no surprise that the merchandise like perfume, bags, and...

...dresses have a floral and flirty spin on them.

I hope these photos have inspired you to make your own paintings, create a flower arrangement or plant a few flowering seeds. 

Enjoy the coming week!