29 April 2011

Today is THE Day!

When I was a little girl, I remember watching
the wedding of Lady Diana to Prince Charles.
Fast forward to 2011, I'm now watching
their son, Prince William, get married
to Catherine Middleton.

Sigh. I love weddings and I love fantasy
weddings even more.

I'll be flipping channels to see how
different shows cover this big event,
and I'll be doing so with some girl friends.
Each one of us, wearing handmade hats!

Hats made in blah to TADA! fashion of course.

I bought these millinery feathers some time ago.
Alone, they're a bit blah.

But put them together and add some sparkle.

Then sew on a clip or comb.

TADA! A sophisticated fascinator to help me pretend
I'm a guest at the Royal Wedding.

Here's to romance and to happily ever after.
Have a gorgeous weekend!

28 April 2011

Hats On!

A matrimonial union is happening tomorrow
and it will be the wedding of the year.

Prince William & Kate Middleton are getting married.
Such a beautiful couple, you just want to send
them off with good wishes & a lifetime of bliss.

The whole world will be watching on TV
including myself and some gal pals.
And we'll be dressed for the occasion,
with frilly dresses & hats on our heads.

Here's another hat I crafted:

blah: an old headband, a feather & some scrap tulle

Assemble with hot glue, needle & thread and...
TADA! A headpiece that's sure to turn heads!

27 April 2011

A Party Hat

This week, I'm busy making hats.

You see, I'm getting ready for the wedding of
Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

I'm not invited to the wedding, but I thought
a viewing party would be fun.
Complete with hats for everyone!

Here's what I'm using:

blah: a produce sack that once held lemons

Turn it into a bow, add a beaded brooch and
attach to a headband with a glue gun.

TADA! A fancy hat made from a produce sack!

26 April 2011


This week, I'm on Royal Wedding Watch.
I'm enamored by all of this because
it's the stuff of fairy tales -- how a
regular girl gets to marry a prince!

Notice the hair accessory that bride-to-be
Kate Middleton is wearing?
It's called a fascinator.

Today, I'll try my hand at making one.

blah: a purple produce sack & a millinery feather

blah: another produce sack

Fold and form the produce sacks into bows.
Secure the ends with wire or twisty ties.

Embellish with sequins & beads, and attach
the feather with hot glue.
Add a comb or clip for easy wearing.

TADA! A fabulous fascinator!

25 April 2011

The Royal Wedding

I hope you had a lovely Easter.
This week, I'm gearing up for another
special event -- the Royal Wedding of
Prince William and Kate Middleton!

It's happening this Friday {April 29} and it will be
hard to miss since most television stations will be
covering this once in a lifetime event.

I'll be inviting a few girlfriends to have
our very own "Wedding Viewing Party."

And for this, we'll be needing some
proper hats -- just like what the
British wear to many formal events.

I'm making these hats on a budget.

blah: produce sacks and an old t-shirt

Cut the old t-shirt into strips and turn
them into rosettes {No. 1}.

Form one of the produce bags into a ribbon {No. 2}
and turn the other one into a veil {No. 3} by
gathering one end with needle & thread.

Put them together & attach by sewing:

TADA!: a hat that's both silly and sweet!

Spruce it up with green leaves made of felt.
Add a comb or clip to secure it to your hair.

I'm reusing this vase {I made her a face!}
to model my creations.

More tomorrow!

22 April 2011

Sweet Ruffle

Thanks for checking out my Easter projects.
Today, I have a final one.

And I'm using these paper candy holders:

I admit, there were chocolates on these paper liners
and I finished them. Sorry, I didn't share.

But I'll share an idea on how to turn
them from blah to TADA!

Insert a lollipop, an Easter greeting and a
tiny glitter sticker and you've got yourself
a fabulous party favor!

Have a colorful weekend and a
Happy Easter everyone!

21 April 2011

Eggs-tra Cute

Happy Thursday!

Is this a familiar sight in your kitchen?

blah: empty egg shells and carton

Well then, turn them into TADA!

I made this bud vase centerpiece not too
long ago. Just add flowers!

Here's another idea -- dress the eggs {thoroughly cleaned}
with stickers!

Don't you love this little bunny and chick?

Lay them on the egg carton, sprinkle with
sweets and you've got a playful centerpiece.

20 April 2011

Easter Greetings

I really like Easter. While the celebration is not as
over the top as Thanksgiving or Christmas, I like
everything that it represents -- new beginnings,
salvation, mourning that has turned into joy,
hope, a fulfilled promise, resurrection.

It's another occasion to be thankful and
to pass on the blessings.

So today, let's create something to share.

blah: a paper bag.

Then add some glitter stickers to the mix.

TADA!: Easter greeting cards!

They are further embellished with glitter glue,
a lock of yarn and a heartfelt message.

Send these out and let other people feel
the invigorating message of Easter.

19 April 2011

Cheery Chick

We're gearing up for Easter with a bunch
of cute & cheerful blah to TADA! crafts.

Today, we're transforming this baby:

blah: a Styrofoam cup that once contained soup.

After cleaning it up really well...

TADA!: It's a candy bowl!

The stripes are made of felt. Add a plush toy {this little
chickee came from the dollar bin} and position it like
it's hugging the bowl. Attach everything with hot glue.

Note: You might have to weigh it down if the stuffed toy
is heavier than the cup {ex. put a small bowl or
condiment dish inside the Styrofoam cup, then
add the candy.}
Use it as a centerpiece on your coffee or dining table,
make it part of the dessert spread or raffle it off to a
lucky guest {place in a clear bag, top with a ribbon,
for easy handling}.

18 April 2011

Easter Projects

Hi and happy Monday!
This week, I have a collection of colorful projects
in preparation for Easter Sunday.

Of course, they're made from recycled goodies.

blah: a deli container saved from last night's
take-out dinner.

Clean it well & let it dry.

TADA!: An Easter basket filled with sweet treats!

The trim & handle are made of printed ribbon and
secured with hot glue. It's stuffed with shredded
pastel paper and topped with bunny chocolates.

Who can resist all this cuteness?

Have a fabulous week lovelies!

15 April 2011

Travel Time

Hooray it's Friday!
Like me, I'm pretty sure plastic containers
are still part of your everyday.

For example, your daily toiletries:

Once consumed, you are left with empty, blah containers. I like to save them, especially the little bottles. I clean them well, label neatly and fill them up with necessities:

TADA! Items that I need for a weekend getaway. No need to buy travel size versions at the store. Just refill when running low.

Great for carry-on luggage too because each bottle contains 3 oz. of liquid or less.

Have an awesome weekend!

14 April 2011

Bedside Essentials

It's all about plastic this week and how we can
turn them from blah to TADA!

This container once held sushi:

Without the sushi, it's so blah.

But clean it up and add some of your favorite things:

TADA! It's now a tray for your bedside essentials!

13 April 2011

Part of the Family

Plastic is still very much part of our daily life.
Because total elimination is not yet an option,
let's put plastic to good use.

blah: a plastic & Styrofoam take-away container

Let's use the black Styrofoam plate today.

TADA! It's frame to hold silhouettes for members of the family -- people or pets!

Learn how to make your own silhouettes here. Add a ribbon {attached with hot glue} for easy and decorative hanging.