29 October 2014

A Mini Michael Jackson

Last week at work, we threw a baby shower for one of our friends. As a gift, each member of the team was tasked to decorate a plain onesie. A basket-full of onesies makes for a unique and useful present for a mom-to-be, don't you think? And you could see the personality of each designer on the onesie that he/she made.

I made a Michael Jackson onesie. What does that say about my personality?

via Posh 24
I pulled elements from his famous military jacket to make this:

All made with buttons, fabric paint and ribbon.

via The New York Times
Then I wanted to add some accessories like his black shoes and white socks.

I made it by painting a pair of white baby socks with fabric paint. 

via Michael Jackson Style
And then there's the fedora. I wanted to make one just like this but sadly, I have no crochet confidence.

Luckily, I found one here, with interchangeable rim bands.

via The New York Times
Of course, there is the iconic glove, all blinged up. I thought the baby deserved these, too.

But in mitten version (I wanted to use white mittens but I had a hard time finding a pair)!

Instead of sequins, which isn't baby-friendly, I used silver fabric paint.

Silver dots on one side of each mitten stand in for Michael Jackson's trademark sparkles.

Here are the accessories. 

And here is the full look. TADA!

I know it borders on costume but it's still wearable (just remove the sash). Also, the hat can be worn with different outfits. It was a super fun project -- I can't wait to make another kind for the next baby shower.

Enjoy the rest of the week and Happy Halloween in advance!

28 October 2014

White Socks, Black Shoes

Hi there! Yesterday, I showed you how I made this Michael Jackson-inspired onesie

I made it as a baby shower present for a friend. But since it's Halloween on Friday and if you need a last minute costume for your baby, this might just work! 

via The New York Times
I wanted to add a few accessories to the outfit such as the white socks and black shoes that Michael Jackson is known for. This article explains the look: "There were the show-biz tricks, the soft-soled black loafers and shortened trousers and the white socks used to direct the eye to a dancer’s footwork — a move Mr. Jackson picked up from Fred Astaire."

And so I bought a pair of baby socks.

I wanted to paint on the shoes onto the socks, similar to these baby girl's Mary Jane socks. I then made a pattern out of cardboard.

Following the pattern, I covered the upper section of the socks with painter's tape.

The goal is to make the shoes look like loafers. 

I put some cardboard inside each sock to prevent the paint from bleeding into the other side. Then I began to cover the exposed sides with black fabric paint with a foam brush.

I did about three coats on each side and I let it dry overnight.

After peeling off the painter's tape, I now have mini Michael Jackson footwear. TADA!

Please stop by tomorrow for another accessory and to see the whole look.

27 October 2014

The King of Pop

Happy new week everyone! Just last Thursday, we threw a baby shower for a friend at work. She's expecting a baby boy in mid-November. As a gift, each member of the team had to decorate a plain onesie -- something that the baby could use and still had a personal stamp. Collectively, we would have 12 decorated onesies for her.

It was a little daunting at first, but everyone agreed that they had fun making their little outfits.

Here's how I turned a plain onesie from blah to TADA!

First, I decided on a concept. A repeating pattern like stars? Iron-on letters that spell "Adorable"? Some cute embroidery? Then I decided to tread on fantasy territory.

Why not make a Michael Jackson onesie?! Above are my sketches. I wanted the final look to be iconic Michael Jackson. You know, like his military jacket or the one he wore in his Thriller video. Or maybe his song titles that can cheekily refer to the baby like "Rock with You", "Dangerous", "Bad", "P.Y.T (Pretty Young Thing)" or "Smooth Criminal". Or maybe his title as the "King of Pop".

But if one decides to make a Michael Jackson outfit, one rightfully has to go all out.

via Posh 24
Here is the photo that inspired it all. 

I sewed on gold buttons at the shoulders. Then I used a glitter gold fabric paint with a puffy finish for detail on the sleeves.

I used the same gold paint to embellish the chest/tummy area (make sure to put cardboard inside the onesie to keep the paint from seeping through).

Then I let the paint dry overnight.

I found this gold ribbon that I would turn into a sash.

I used glitter blue fabric paint to add the ticking detail on the sash (I also let this dry overnight). I attached the sash with safety pins so mommy can easily remove it -- I know it's not safe for baby.

And here it is, my mini Michael Jackson onesie! TADA!

To complete the look, I made some accessories, too. Stop by tomorrow and Wednesday to see!

20 October 2014

The Rituals of Fall

Happy Monday! I hope you had a fun weekend. Here are some of the things making me happy these days:

 The vibrant colors of nature.

Pumpkins ready to be decorated.

A comforting cup of chai latte.

Freshly made apple cider doughnuts.

Anticipating the chilly weather with cozy scarves and sweaters.

Don't you just love this time of year?

13 October 2014

Outdoor Art

Happy Monday friends! Instead of crafting this week, I thought I'd share some photos of some really cool murals.

The first two are from the Highline in Manhattan:

The ones below are from Red Hook, Brooklyn:

I would like to save a day or two just to walk through the streets of New York in search of these vibrant street art. Maybe I'll even get to meet one of the artists! They definitely turn blank walls from blah to TADA!

I wish you all a good week ahead.

07 October 2014

Dainty Gift Tags

Yesterday, I played around with air dry clay and silicone molds. 

They're simple materials that allowed me to make these pretty little bows.

I glued them onto trimmed card stock to make mini note cards. I had a few more bows left over so here's what I did:

I took out my stack of  printed paper.

I'm head-over-heels in love with these prints, I get heart palpitations -- every.single. time.

I chose the triangle print. I turned the paper into circles using a craft punch and made a little hole at one end.

Then I attached the bows onto the card stock, strung on some yarn and TADA! -- I made a bunch of gift tags.

Here's a closer look.

I like to use them to dress up party favors...

...or gifts. TADA!

Enjoy the rest of your week!