31 March 2010

An Easter Basket

It's Easter Sunday on April 4 and I thought,

"Why not turn this blah box into a
Easter project?"

And so I removed the top flaps, covered the box
with pink tissue...

...and embellished it with yellow flowers
made from produce sacks.

I filled it with chocolates and it's just waiting to be
given away on Easter Sunday!

30 March 2010

Pretty Container

Using this box from the Target-Liberty of London line as inspiration:
I'm giving this box a make-over:

I call it blah to...

TADA! -- neatly cover up the box with fabric
in an uber-chic print.

Then use it to stylishly hold your
gizmos & gadgets!

29 March 2010

All Boxed Up

Hello Everyone! Thanks for coming over today. This week, it's all about turning boxes from blah to TADA!

If you buy in bulk, you'll be familiar with blah boxes
like this one.

Wrap it in your favorite gift wrap and
-- a storage box that's

functional & decorative.

You'll find this in my office. I'll let junk mail hang out here for awhile before I turn them into TADAs! or feed them to the shredder...got to keep our identity safe.

Have a lovely day & see you again tomorrow!

26 March 2010

Pins & Needles

Happy Friday lovelies!

This entire week, we turned this shirt
from blah to TADA!

Here's another transformation
the fabric remnants:

It's now a needle notebook!

Sew the fabric & some felt together.
Use this notebook to safely store pins & needles.

And because the was still fabric left...

I made headbands!

You'll find the tutorial here.

Have a fun-filled weekend!

25 March 2010

A Bib for Baby

Why throw away an old shirt when you can
transform it from blah...

...to TADA!

A young child will always need a new bib,
and this one's handmade by mom!

Decorate with a ribbon & iron-on transfer.

Bon appetit!

24 March 2010

Judge A Book By its Cover

There are some items of clothing that are hard to part with.
Take for instance this blue & white striped
oozing with cuteness:

Since I can no longer wear it,
turn it from blah to...

TADA! I used it to cover a plain notebook.
It's now a jazzed-up journal filled
with juicy ideas!

23 March 2010

Bags of Jewels

I've worn this shirt so many times over the years. I've stopped because it has shrunk. I'm going to blame the dryer for this, because I will never admit that I gained weight :-)

I can't toss it away; so I'll turn it from blah to...

Tada! It's now a tiny pouch.

A pouch to store jewelry.

It's perfect for traveling!

22 March 2010

Hot Stuff

Hi there Everyone!

Our blah to TADA! make-over candidate this week
is this blue & white shirt.

I cut up part of the sleeve and...

TADA! -- it's still a sleeve but this one's for a to-go cup. It will keep your fingers safe from the hot coffee that seems to be seeping through the paper.

I made it using several layers: cloth at the bottom, foam in the middle and the blue & white stripe fabric on top. The more layers, the more protected your fingers will be! I stitched the layers together and the edges can be linked with elastic tape, Velcro tape or a button.

Keep it in your bag to be used over & over again
for your daily coffee rituals.

19 March 2010

Take Me Away

We've reached the end of the week and I've got
more ideas to turn scrap paper into bookmarks.

Blah: reminders of a trip taken long ago.

TADA!: make your old ticket more useful!

TADA!: a souvenir napkin to mark a page.

TADA!: a museum badge to remind you
where you left off.

TADA!: an old boarding pass to tell you
you are in the story.

TADA!: let your books take a whiff of
your favorite bakery.

{This bookmark was created by trimming the paper
and inserting it into a plastic ID sleeve}

Books can take you to new places.
Travel bookmarks can bring you back
to places you've been to.

Have a great weekend!

18 March 2010

Lucky Labels

Do you get these labels/tags when you buy yourself
a new pair of jeans, shirt or bag?

Keep them useful and turn them from
blah to TADA!

Jazz them up with punched out paper
abstract embroidery

You've got yourself a set of bookmarks!

17 March 2010

Mail Make-Over

Digital books are the rage these days. I think they're a genius idea but I still prefer leafing through paper and sniffing a brand new book. It's a simple joy of mine. I'm proud to say I take care of my books. No dog ears -- just bookmarks. And all this week, I'm making them myself!

I'm using these catalogs I got in the mail.

TADA! I get to save these inviting images by turning
the pages into bookmarks.

I think this mailer has a fabulous print.

Just cut a section and TADA! -- instant bookmark!

I love the floral prints on this perfume insert (the ones
you get in a magazine; just open & sample a perfume).

Fold it up, cut the unnecessary ends and TADA!,
another one to add to your collection.

Aren't you drawn to the modern
of this catalog cover?

I was and by now, you know what it did to it!

16 March 2010

D-I-Y Bookmarks

This week on my blog, I'm turning excess paper
from blah to TADA!

I'm using this bag again today.

Yesterday, I cut out the spoon graphic and
turned it into a bookmark.

Today, I'm using the back side (blank) of the bag, together with
these subscription inserts tumbling out from magazines.

I folded the subscription cards & wrapped the brown paper
around it.
Then I added a sticker, punched a hole and
finished it off with some yarn.

TADA! I've got some blank bookmarks.

Use these for a kiddie party activity.
With some pens & stickers,
it serves as a
canvas for creative little hands and it
doubles as a party favor, too.