27 July 2015

Here's to Adventure!

Hi everyone! This photo is a souvenir from my weekend. I'll tell you more about it and share more pictures later this week. Meanwhile, I wish you a week full of fun and adventure! 

"Be delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, 
one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic 
waiting somewhere behind the morning."
- Joseph Priestly 

20 July 2015

A Framed Memento

Happy Monday ya'all!

Here's a cute idea I got from an afternoon at Anthropologie:

It's a book lovingly put inside a frame! I would love to use this idea to frame a favorite childhood book or a significant tome given as a present (ex. my first Bible, a book about success I received on my graduation, or a book of love quotes given to me for my bridal shower). 

Like a shadow box, it's instant art for the room with lots of memories attached to it. TADA!

14 July 2015

Home for Tea

Hello! Thanks for stopping by today. As promised, I'm showing you what I bought at my shopping trip to Flying Tiger.

I got myself this cute little house. 

It's printed on both sides, it's made of fabric, and is padded with foam. What's it for?

It's a tea cosy. It helps keep a pot of tea warm longer.It's not popular in the US but I've seen a lot of this in London. I found the ones there a little too pricey. This one, I got for only $4.00. What a steal!

It serves a practical and whimsical purpose. TADA!

Enjoy the rest of the week!

13 July 2015

A Short Shopping Trip

How was your weekend my dears? I hope you all did something fun and relaxing.

I stumbled upon an adorable store in New York City's Flat Iron district.

It's called Flying Tiger. It finds its origins in Copenhagen. This is their first store in the US but they've got many branches all over the world.

They carry the cutest things at very affordable prices. I think of it like a curated dollar store. Here, take a look:

Who doesn't love a heart-shaped pail? And toilet paper with hearts on it!

It's easier to tidy up if you have a pretty broom and dustpan.

Greeting cards and gift wrap

Bicycle accessories like bells and seat covers!

Stationery, office supplies and coloring books for adults.

I wanted to take home all their kitchen items!

Storage containers that have a sense of humor.

I love this carrot sharpener!

Room decorations and closet organizers

The strawberry theme is just darling!
I went absolutely crazy in this store! Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought. See you then.

06 July 2015


I hope you had a delicious Fourth of July weekend!

Lately, I've been practicing my watercolor. My projects include a wedding present, tropical fruits like mangoes and dragon fruit, and just washes of cheery colors.

I came across some products with a watercolor theme: 


Aren't they pretty? I hope to extend my crafting to applications like these.

I wish you all a colorful week ahead!

04 July 2015

Red, White and Blue

It's the fourth of July today! What are your fun plans?

Wishing you a Happy Independence Day and a long summer filled with good weather and exciting adventures!