30 April 2013

An Ode to Books

Hello everyone! Thanks for stopping by today. Can I tell you about a certain blah in my life? There are no more bookstores in my neighborhood.

First it was Borders -- I wouldn't let a week go by without a visit.

Then Barnes and Noble closed, too. 

It makes me sad. I know it's easier to buy books on-line these days {whether real books or electronic ones}, but nothing beats the feeling of stepping into a bookstore -- exploring the new releases or second hand versions, finding a corner, and perusing pages of potential buys.  I also love how a new book smells.

via Oh So Beautiful Paper/Kelly Cummings
This guy expressed it so well. Maybe he and I should hang out.

I sort of accepted the reality that bookstores are becoming a rare species...until I visited one that was out of the way. Then the feelings of longing came back. Why does this neighborhood get to keep their Barnes?! 

Geez. Thanks for listening to my rant. I know there are still many folks out there who are patrons of bookstores and real books. Maybe you'll enjoy these crafty finds:

via Etsy
A set of postcards

via Etsy
An cross-stitched bookmark

via Etsy
A print made from an old dictionary page

Even if bookstores are slowly disappearing, may we never lose the love for reading. That, I think, is TADA!

29 April 2013

A Breathtaking Library

Hello friends! I trust you had a TADA! weekend?

One of my all-time favorite Disney Princess movies is Beauty and the Beast. The music is memorable {ex. "Be our Guest" and "Beauty and the Beast"} and the animation impressive. There are many lessons like "looking beyond appearances". Also, Belle the heroine proved to be a strong and independent lady. 

Here is a scene I can't get out of my head:

To win her affection, the Beast takes Belle to this part of the castle. He asks her to close her eyes. He leads her into the dark room, then swiftly opens the heavy drapery.

"Open your eyes," the Beast says to Belle. And this is what she sees -- floor to ceiling shelves covered in books.

Belle is a voracious reader and a dreamer who loves getting lost in a good story. This was enough to take her breath away.

Look at her precious reaction! This was my reaction, too, when I saw this:

via Rocket News 24
It's the El Ateneo bookstore in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Gasp-worthy, right?

via Rocket News 24
You can easily tell it was an old theater. Racks of books and modern amenities were added. 

via Rocket News 24
The painted ceiling...

via Rocket News 24
...the stage, carvings and columns were well-preserved. 

via Rocket News 24
How's that for blah to TADA!? You can find more images here. I hope I'll be able to set foot on this bookstore someday. And you can guarantee, I'll have Belle's drop-jaw reaction, too. 

Have a happy Monday!

26 April 2013

Flowers on Gifts

I'm intoxicated with flowers! I guess you can tell with all my blog posts about these blooming beauties. I can't help it -- they are one of life's simplest pleasures.

So today, a blah to TADA! transformations with flowers.

I'm wrapping some presents using some bouquets. 

Okay, they're not real...just pictures. 

This one's from an envelope. 
Isn't it too pretty to throw out? 

I cut around it and glued it on a blah package,
then tied on a ribbon. TADA!

This other one's from a magazine subscription mailer. 

I trimmed the edges and infused some shine. 

I added glitter to the edges {held in place with all purpose glue}. Here's a tip when bringing on the sparkly: use a box to avoid the mess, plus you can return the left-over glitter to its container {can you say blah to TADA!}.

The graph paper and the printed ribbon would suffice, but hey, this bouquet adds so much more spice!

When wrapping gifts, it pays to sift through your junk mail, don't you think?

Wishing you a sunshine-y weekend!

25 April 2013

Floral Displays

On Monday, we took a trip to Macy's in New York City to see this year's flower show.

I hope you don't mind if we return because I have a few more photos to share. This time, we'll look at the arrangements inside the store. 

 A window showcasing a burst of Bromeliads.

Palettes and a peacock in another window.

This part of the store was a changing exhibit. Everyday for a week, a floral creation was on display, each one made by a different designer

Here's a more detailed look of the tropical masterpiece.

Isn't this garland TADA!?

I like how this arrangement transports you to India.

More flower garlands!

On to the shoe department:

A massive half boot made of blooms!

A closer look 

Can you decipher from this photo that the shoe is covered in succulents? I wonder how many hundreds there are.

I couldn't help taking a photo of these pink Casablanca lilies that are one of my favorite flowers.

I certainly hope that these arrangements elevated your day from blah to TADA!

24 April 2013

Project Runway's Flower Dresses

As I've mentioned before, Project Runway is one of my favorite shows. Now on it's 11th season, it still gets me excited. I make sure not to have plans on Thursday nights just to see the latest episode!

via Lifetime TV
One of the challenges that impressed me this season was the "hard and soft" challenge. Instead of the fabric store, the contestants went to a hardware store {ex. wire, rope, twine} and a flower shop {ex. flowers and leaves} to get materials for their garments. 

Here is what they showed on the runway: