29 July 2011

Take This to the Fair

Hello and Happy Friday!
I've been making my own notebooks this week
using scrap paper and other blah things I
scoured at home.

Today, I'm turning this empty gift card holder
from blah to TADA!

Inside there are some pockets where the
gift card and a pull-out list of store branches
were snugly tucked in.

I covered it with left-over gift wrapper and glued on
random numbers cut out from a magazine.

Inside, I added ruled paper cut to size.

A wad of Post-its finds a place in
the inside front cover...just because
they are always handy.

I've given this notebook a mission.
It'll accompany me to different craft fairs:

I can make notes about the sellers, their
products and stuff that inspire me.

Then I can keep the business cards
I've collected in the slots at the back
or even store some of my own.

Have an exciting weekend!

28 July 2011

Something for Scribbles

Are there situations where you had to scrounge
around for something to write on?

The need to put a brilliant idea on paper or
list a phone number?

Today's blah to TADA! craft is for you.

Simply assemble all the scrap paper you have
{old reports, excess filler paper, etc.}.

Trim, punch some holes and bind together
with yarn or ribbon.

Create several stacks and make them available around
the house like the kitchen, home office & bedroom.

That way, you'll have it whenever you need it. TADA!

27 July 2011

Tissue Box Transformation

So nice to see you today!

I have seasonal allergies and tissues are
something I keep within close range.

Because it's a necessity, I tend to choose
those that come in pretty boxes.
That way, when the box is empty and blah...

...I can turn the box into a TADA!

I made a notebook by cutting
two sides of the box & sandwiching
pre-punched scrap paper in between them.
Binder rings hold everything together.

The botanical print works perfectly for this
eco-friendly project.

Keep this handy to entertain the kiddies
while waiting at restaurants.

Have a great day!

26 July 2011

Menu Makeover

Ever get these on your doorstep or mailbox?

These are delivery menus.
Sure they're handy but I get a new one
every time I order in -- there's a pile on my
kitchen table, someone can easily accuse me of either
hoarding or being the chief distributor of these menus.
What a blah.

Here's how I turn them into TADA!:

I make them into notebooks.
The menus serve as the cover & I put scrap
paper inside. These are then stapled together.

These are very useful for making lists.

Here's another version.

They are ready for scribbles or sketches.

Have an awesome day!

25 July 2011

Nice Notebooks

What a sizzling weekend!
I hope it wasn't scorching hot in your part of the world.

The theme this week on blah to TADA!
is scrap paper and do-it-yourself notebooks.
A paperless lifestyle is still elusive
so might as well recycle, right?

Over the years, I've amassed quite a number of Metrocards
from taking the New York City subway. In fact, I have a
habit of keeping subway tickets as a travel souvenir.

But what do you do when you have too many?

Turn them into mini notebooks!

I made holes on the Metrocard and some scrap paper
with a hole punch and I used a spiral wire saved
from an old notebook.

Small & handy to jot down everyday reminders
and TO DO lists.

22 July 2011

Power Words

One impeccable design idea I got from interior designer/
TV host Nate Berkus is to frame letters:

Ever wonder what to do with all of the notes that you
have hanging around your house from important
people in your life? "Frame them," says Nate.
"I have done it for years."

One-page notes are the easiest to frame.
Keep that in mind the next time you
write someone a letter or thank you!

I think this is a clever idea because words
can be very powerful & the hand-written ones
are hard to come by these days.

I made a mental inventory and here are
two letters I've received that I would love to frame:

In one of my previous corporate jobs,
my boss wrote me this note. It surely
lifted me up in ways you couldn't imagine.
I was overwhelmed with the volume of work,
I was adjusting to an unfamiliar process,
dealing with demanding clients and I was
just burnt out. This note, tacked right smack
in the middle of my cork board, was always
a reminder that things would get better
and that my work was appreciated.

This other one is a birthday card
from a longtime friend & business partner.

It's a pop-up card.
{He knows I adore pop-up cards}
He wrote me this message.
It reminds me how long we've been friends,
how he knows the little details of my life
and gives me a boost of confidence.
Isn't that what friends are for?

I hope you can find that perfect letter
worthy to be framed.

Have a delightful weekend!

21 July 2011

A New York State of Mind

Some years ago, I went to a different kind of exhibit
in a unique location.

The mobile museum was this spacecraft-like structure
in the middle of New York's Central Park.
Inside, installations, sculpture & interactive
experiences inspired by Chanel bags.
{The travelling exhibit was put together to celebrate
the 50th anniversary of Coco Chanel’s iconic

I couldn't take photos inside,
but each guest received this:

A magazine showcasing the process of
building this Zaha Hadid-designed art space.
And because this was being held in New York, the
pages were filled with gorgeous black & white
photos of the city:

South Street Seaport & the buildings
surrounding Wall Street

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Empire State Building

I was so smitten with this image, I put it in a frame.
And because I already had the frame,
I didn't spend a thing. TADA!

20 July 2011


This week, I'm rounding-up inspiration to
dress up blank walls in any living space.

Today, it's all about items with a practical
purpose but assigned with a more
noble calling, of becoming art.

A dear friend sent me this card from her trip
to South Korea. It's a fan and I think it's pretty.

I positioned it in a frame and TADA!,
it's artwork!

Here's another fan made of paper that I bought
in Chinatown. It was only $1.00.

I like how it folds compactly to the size of
a pen. I also like the art on it
inspired by nature.

It deserved to be framed too!

Can you tell, I'm a big fan of fans?

19 July 2011

Framed Greetings

Hello there!
Blank walls can be blah but there
are many easy and creative ways
to make them TADA!

I bought this greeting card from

I really like the message.
Don't we all hope and work hard
to have a happy home?

It's so special, it's worthy to be framed.

Some experts say art should have meaning to you.
I couldn't agree more!

18 July 2011

Affordable Art

Do you have empty walls in your home or apartment?
Let's face it, artwork can be expensive
and not a lot of us are ready to make
the investment.

This week, I have a some suggestions
on dressing up those blah walls.

This is a postcard I picked up at a department store's
carpet section. It advertises British fashion designer
Paul Smith's wall hanging called "Love Too".

If you're a fan of Sex and the City, you'll recognize
the actual wall hanging in Carrie Bradshaw's
renovated apartment {from the first movie}:

Here's another one called "Love" also
by the same designer.

Here's a coaster I found at the Renegade Craft Fair
from the Sesame Letterpress booth.

Here's how I turned them from blah to TADA!:

I trimmed the postcard to fit a frame.

Same for this one.

I removed the glass from this frame and glued
the coaster on scrapbook paper. There's
a 3-D effect going on.

Arrange the frames on one wall for a "love fest"
or display them in different parts of your home...
because it's always nice to spread the love.