28 February 2011

Paper Towel Rolls

Happy Monday Lovelies!

As much as I try to make small steps for Mama Earth,
I have to admit that I continue to use paper towels.
These are still necessary supplies for me.

But to ease the guilt, I've been recycling the empty rolls.

In my previous posts, I've made them into party favors.

And napkin rings.

And even a jewelry organizer.

This week, I've got a few more ideas to turn
these from blah to...

Turn it into a ribbon organizer!

If you have loose ribbons or ones saved
from gifts, simply gather them together and
let them hang out on an empty paper towel roll
until you're ready to use them.

Secure one end of the ribbon to the roll. Wind the
ribbon around the roll & tape the other end of the
ribbon to keep it from unraveling.
Also, creases on the ribbon will be avoided.

Store these "ribbon rolls" in a box or drawer.
Organization in an instant!

See you tomorrow.

25 February 2011

Fun Favor Bags

Whether it's the holidays or the rest of the year,
you'll encounter these tissue sheets
when you shop or receive a present:

I like these ones that are in a natural brown.
They remind me of paper bags.

So I made paper bags out of them!

Then decorated each one with ink & a rubber stamp.

It's a cool container for party favors or
baked goodies like these cookies!

Have a sweet weekend everyone!

24 February 2011

D-I-Y Decorations

I'm glad you're back for more blah-to-TADA! ideas.

Blah: tissue paper left over from a gift.

Cut it into a strip & make an accordion fold.

Staple one end & open it like a fan.

Make both ends meet and glue together.
TADA! You have yourself a little paper medallion!

Make a few more...

Connect them together
{I used clear tape & ribbon at the ends}.
Add an appropriate message using paper circles & a pen.

TADA! Party time!

23 February 2011

Mood Lights

I know you're all familiar with decorative tissue paper.
It's not just for wrapping gifts. I'm finding many
uses for it on my blog this week.

Particularly this one, recycled from the holidays.

I cut it to size and wrapped it around a glass vase.

These vases have made an appearance on our
dining table many times, as centerpieces to
display either flowers, leaves or candles.

Wrapping them with tissue -- it's like
getting them a new outfit!
TADA! A whole new look!

Add a votive candle and let them glow!
{Make sure the paper doesn't extend beyond
the vase -- it's highly flammable!}

22 February 2011

In Living Color

This week, I'm turning these decorative
tissue paper sheets from blah to TADA!

These were used to wrap or line presents
given to us during the holidays.

Let's throw in this plastic bag, too.

Pick your favorite colors from the stack.
Run them through a shredder or make
strips using a pair of scissors.

Mix the strips to evenly distribute the colors,
then put them inside the plastic bag.
Spread them out evenly & flatten the package.

Fold & seal the edge with clear tape.

TADA! It's a pretty placemat!

Great for everyday snacking or make more for a party.
Wipe it with a damp cloth to clean and it
will be good for several uses.

21 February 2011

Remnants from the Holidays: Colorful Tissue

And I thought the holidays were over.

I have this pile of colorful tissue left
from the gifts we received at Christmas.
And you know me, throwing them away
is an unlikely option.

Look, I have these, too.
Crumpled, clear plastic bags.

Inspired by this project on Hello Sandwich,
here's what I did.

I turned the tissue into confetti.

Then transferred them into the
plastic bag.

I inserted a gift {wrapped in more tissue}
inside the "confetti bag" and tied the
mid-section with some ribbon.

TADA! Instant, festive gift wrap!
I like how the confetti moves around as
the gift is carried & can only imagine
the riotous confetti shower when the
recipient unwraps the gift!

18 February 2011

Color Coordinated

Happy Friday Everyone!

I guess it's pretty obvious that I have huge journal collection, each one brimming with thoughts and ideas. The other common thread is that most of these journals, I purchased at a clearance price-tag, received as a present or had gotten for free. So you can imagine what a circus it looks like inside a drawer or on a bookshelf:

Visually unappealing. So blah!

I hate to say it, but I'm already judging the
books by their cover.

Here's a simple solution:

Wrap them in some fancy paper.
{Can't go wrong with some glittery snake skin for
my gratitude journals; I'll use another
design for the rest.}

A streamlined and more unified look.

Have a spectacular weekend!

17 February 2011

Think Positive

On my blog this week, it's all about pretty journals & how to
use them. Whether you fill it with recipes, notes or ideas,
these journals will hold all things important to you.

Here's another journal that I use everyday.
It's my gratitude journal.

I have one for every new year.

I fill it with positive quotes...

Life's little lessons...

God's promises & my daily prayers...

And most importantly, the blessings I
receive every day.

I believe that living a life of gratitude is TADA!

At the end of the year, I look through the journal and realize the many good things I've received. When I'm having a bad day or when I'm experiencing some self-doubt, all I need is to flip through these journals and instantly, the blah turns into TADA!

Have a nice day!

16 February 2011

A Book of Inspiration

Hello and thanks for coming over today!

I've told you before that I adore magazines and have accumulated stacks of them. But there comes a time when one has to let go. It's not the easiest thing to do that's why I find new uses for them, from gift tags, embellishments and useful containers.

Sometimes, I simply tear an inspiring page or cut a beautiful image from a magazine.

And look, I've whittled my magazine stack
down to another stack, albeit a smaller one.
Still a blah.

Good thing I have a few blank
journals like this one to the rescue.

I attach the magazine cut-outs
to the journal pages with glue.

This is my Fashionista Journal.

I'm such a plain dresser, I seriously need to add some TADA! to my daily wardrobe. Photos from fashion glossies & catalogs provide visual cues on how to style an outfit. At the back page, I make a list of things I need to add to my closet {ex. black boots, a cocktail dress, a formal watch}. On days when I feel I have nothing to wear, I look through this journal for some needed inspiration.

This is my Blogger's Journal.

It has articles about starting a blog, notes about maintaining a blog, as well as ideas for weekly themes & future entries. It contains crazy sketches and post-it notes with even more lists. Organized chaos is what it is!

This is my Inspiration Journal.

It contains a lot of odds & ends like flower arrangements, baby/bridal shower gift options, and a brainstorm for if I decide to start a business one day.

Some of the stuff I've placed in these journals have yet to see the light of day. But as the saying goes, "If you build it, they will come." These journals just happen to be the master plans.

I hope I helped you find uses for any empty journals or expired date books you may have lying around.

15 February 2011

Museum Madness

I think I've mentioned before that I fancy museums. It's one of the must-sees whenever I'm in a new city. Museums have colorful stories. Museums are full of inspiration!

It's standard for me to pick up a floor plan when I begin. This helps me strategize. Where should I go first? Are there special exhibitions? How can I avoid the crowds? Where's the gift shop? The floor plan has been proven useful in more ways than one:

This is what my museum map looks
like at the end of my visit.

I like to take notes, put a star on my
favorites & mark the ones I've seen.

This method helps me remember.
I know. It's messy. So blah.

And because the theme of my blog entries this
week is pretty journals & what to do with them,
I thought this blank notebook already had
its work cut out for it.

I just had to make it official.

I found these tags at the Martha Stewart
holiday craft fair last December.
It's made of sturdy kraft board &
has matching baker's twine!

I used it with rubber stamps to make a label.

Then I attached it to the notebook.

I'll take this notebook to my next
museum excursions.

I'm excited to fill it up with notes,
sketches and, who knows, the
autograph of a great artist!