28 June 2013

La Sardinia

I hope you enjoyed our quirky theme for the week -- sardines! Before I say goodbye for the weekend, let me share this sardine-inspired camera:

La Sardinia is a 35mm film camera that can make wide angle shots and multiple exposures.

via lomography.com
It's shaped like a sardine can and smartly dressed in these attention-grabbing outfits:

via lomography.com

via lomography.com

via lomography.com

via lomography.com

Here, you'll find a tutorial on how to use it, plus a gallery of sample photos right here. Have a superb weekend my dears!

27 June 2013

Candy in a Can

I've got an idea that's fun, thoughtful and promotes recycling.

Our blah -- an empty and clean sardine can. 

Make a lid for the can using paper and paint. 

With scissors, shape the lid to fit the top of the can.
Add a ribbon loop that mimics a tab to open the lid. 

Tuck in a small bag of candy inside the can. 

I chose the gummy candy, Swedish Fish. I know these guys will be right at home in a sardine can! Another option is "Crackers in a Can" using Goldfish crackers.

Cover the surprise with the handmade lid. 
Glue in place. 

Now we've got a cute gift or party favor.

26 June 2013

Sardine Can Stories

Nathalie Alony is a sculptor who turned sardine cans from blah to TADA! She birthed these stories that take place inside sardine cans. It's like watching a tiny television or viewing your neighbors from their apartment window. They draw you in and the little details are captivating.

While some themes are quite racy, here are a few capturing everyday life:

via messynessychic

via messynessychic

via messynessychic
Curious about the other scenes? You may view them here.

25 June 2013

A Non-Traditional Cake Pan

In our household, we try to eat sardines as often as we can, usually on pasta with lots of garlic! They're very tasty and are packed with health benefits.

This made me think of sardine cans.
What can we do to turn them from blah to TADA!

After a thorough washing and drying, here's one idea:

Turn them into cake pans! 
Make sure to generously grease each one.

 Pour in the cake batter.

Bake according to recipe instructions {you may have to follow the temperature and timing for making cupcakes instead of a regular cake} and allow to cool before removing the cakes from the cans.

Then frost the cake with your favorite icing. 

Decorate with some flowers. 

And add a candle.

The cans produce unique shaped personal-sized cakes.

24 June 2013

Something Fishy

Howdy everyone! So nice to see you on my blog today. Summer is upon us and that means potlucks and picnics. One of the go-to dishes I take to a potluck is a spinach dip paired with crackers, veggies and chips. While it's always a runaway hit, experimenting with something new keeps away the blah.

One day, I was watching Laura Calder on The Cooking Channel.  She came up with this easy appetizer using sardines.  

She suggests we get the best sardines we can find {there are shops in France that specialize in just sardines!} -- from our gourmet grocer, perhaps?

Put the sardines on a platter {take away the lids}. Add a generous dish of butter, slices of lemon and rounds of freshly toasted baguette. 

Here's how you assemble it: butter a piece of bread, top with sardines, and finish with a squeeze of lemon. Oh la la!

It's an appetizer that's hearty, healthy and TADA!

21 June 2013

The New York Botanical Garden

The weekend is here and in these parts, it's officially summer! Woohoo! That means more time outdoors. Today, let's visit The New York Botanical Garden.

I hope these pictures turned your day from blah to TADA! Have a great weekend folks! 

20 June 2013

Botanical Prints

If you've been following my blog, you know that a typical day for me will include some crafting. The process calms me when things are getting too hectic, yet energizes me at the same time because it's a fulfilling task.

Here's a simple craft using everyday blah materials: blank sticker labels, a stamp pad and rubber stamps.

I got these botanical print stamps at the clearance bin {TADA!}. The backs are sticky and are to be attached to this clear block. 

Apply a generous amount of ink. 

 Position on the sticker label, press down firmly.

Play around with the location of the design. 

TADA! Labels with character to dress up any package.

19 June 2013

The Vegetable Garden

One of the reasons I love Anthropologie is their spectacular window displays. They're well thought of, beautifully produced and promote re-purposing...blah to TADA! for sure.

Below are photos of their Earth Day windows in Rockefeller Center, the theme being "fresh produce".

Check out this behind the scenes video to see the display team in action, and if you'd like to make your own root veggies, find the DIY instructions here.