30 April 2010

Did You Say Christmas?

I know, it's only April and I'm already thinking of Christmas.

It all started with a shopping trip at the Salvation Army.

I found this voluptuous Martha Stewart vase
for only $1.99! I filled it with flowers for
a dear friend.

Now, even if the flowers wilt away,
she can use the vase during
spring, summer, autumn and...

...even during winter!

She can fill it with Christmas balls
to liven up a mantle or credenza.

A candle in a festive color can also
nest here.

I'm hoping I've given you a neat idea for
a hostess gift or inspired you to use those
vases you have all year round.

Happy Weekend!

29 April 2010

When Autumn Comes

I'm taking these flowers to a dinner party.

The flowers are really the gift, I just included the vase to spare my host the trouble of doing an impromptu arrangement when she, obviously, is busy cooking & entertaining.

I found the vase at the Salvation Army thrift store. I thought it was really pretty, it has the "Martha Stewart" sticker at the bottom and it was so inexpensive!

But when all the flowers are gone, it doesn't mean you have to put it away or throw it away.

When Autumn comes, fill it with a handful of pine cones
or colorful leaves to bring the outdoors in!

It can also be a hang-out for pears
& apples as you wait for them to ripen.

So many ideas for a single vase!
More to come tomorrow.
Have a nice day!

28 April 2010

Summer Colors

The star of the show on my blog this week is this vase:

I got it for $1.99 at the Salvation Army Thrift Shop.

I bought a friend a bunch of white carnations and thought that putting them in this vase would be a thoughtful gesture. When the flowers are no longer looking perky, she can use the vase for other things.

In the summer, she can use it as a fruit bowl --
pile on the citrus while creating a colorful display.

Or she can add some river rocks & a floating candle!
Won't this be a nice centerpiece for dinner on the patio?

Please stop by tomorrow.
I've got a few more ideas to make this vase
even more TADA!

27 April 2010

A Floral Arrangement

So yesterday, I took you shopping at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. I needed a vase because I've been invited by a friend for dinner at her house. A home cooked meal is always TADA!, don't you think? As a grateful guest, I've decided to get my host some flowers:

White carnations are her absolute favorite!

Instead of presenting her with a bouquet, I thought I'd help her out by placing the flowers in a vase. That way, all she has to do is set the flowers down on the foyer or coffee table when I arrive. No need to scurry into the kitchen, look for a vase, cut the stems...that entire ceremony amidst preparing dinner, pouring wine, and entertaining guests.

Here's what I picked up at the thrift store. It's a Martha Stewart vase that I got for $1.99 plus tax. After a little cleaning & polishing, it has turned from blah to TADA!

And what a statement it makes when the flowers are added!

Whether or not I admit that the vase is a thrift store find, I think it's a thoughtful gesture. My friend can reuse it even when the carnations have wilted. For example:

In springtime, it can hold these blossoming branches.

More ideas tomorrow. See you then!

26 April 2010

Let's Go Shopping

Happy New Week Everyone.
This week we're going shopping!

Like many of you, I enjoy treasure hunting at
thrift stores & charity shops.

One of my favorite haunts is the Salvation Army,
particularly their New York City branch located on
536 West 46th St., between 10th & 11th Avenues.

Their thrift stores, located all over the world,
is but one of many fundraising arms
to help save lives.

There are many Salvation Army Thrift Store branches
around New York City, but I love this branch
because it's big, and that means,
there's a lot of stuff!

The second floor overflows with clothes, shoes & bags.
On the third floor, there are sporting gear...

... items for the house, records, books...
... and furniture -- great pieces for DIY projects!
They can also deliver your bulky purchases for a fee.

I always leave the shop with a little something --
a book, a cup & saucer, balls of yarn,
greeting cards. I know that even a 99 cent
sale can help in their programs.

On this shopping trip, I zeroed in on the glassware.
You see, I need a vase.

And I found one!
I examined it and hey, it's a Martha Stewart vase!
All it needed was some cleaning and at only $1.99,
I bought it immediately.

You'll have to stop by tomorrow
to find out what I did with it.
Take care!

23 April 2010

Hang Tight!

Happy Friday Lovelies!
This week was all about sprucing up these frames:

From blah, they can turn into...

TADA! -- A hanging vase made from an
old maple syrup bottle, twisty-ties,
magazine cut-outs, cardboard &
our versatile frame!

Here's a quick tutorial:

Step 1: Cut a piece of cardboard that will fit the frame.
Cover it up with scrap paper.

Step 2: Approximate where you want to
attach the bottle to the cardboard.
Poke some holes with a small screwdriver.
Insert the twisty-ties (or wire) around
the bottle & wind them tight.
Secure with packing tape.

Step 3: Attach the cardboard to
the frame, add some foliage
to your new vase and hang
this on a blank wall.

Have a fabulous weekend!

22 April 2010

I Heart Sunglasses

This week on blah to TADA!, I'm jazzing up an old frame.
Just a frame -- the painting never came with it
when I bought it.

Yes, it was a blah.

But look at it now -- it's a TADA!

Add a thick & sturdy piece of ribbon (I used twill tape) at
the back and secure with tacks.

Now, you can use it to keep your collection of
sunnies organized!

Hang the frame by your dresser & it will allow you
to choose the right pair of shades to match your outfit.
No more time-consuming digging inside the drawer.

By the way, HAPPY EARTH DAY!
I hope you can do something TADA! for Mother Earth today!

21 April 2010

Pinned-up Inspiration

Hi there! So glad you could stop by today.

Got any old frames lying unused around your house?
If you do, turn them from blah to...

...TADA! -- it's now an adorable memo board.

Simply tack on a piece of fabric at the
back of the frame.

Instead of thumbtacks, use these safety pins
to secure notes, lists & business cards
on the board.

Hang this in your office, craft room or kitchen.

And don't be surprised if it leaves you inspired!

20 April 2010

Earrings Organized

Hello there! Thanks so much for dropping by.
On my blog this week, I'll be showing you
different things you can do with
frames like these:

I got these at the yard sale. In case you find something
like this at a flea market or thrift store and the
price is right, please buy it!

Because from blah, we can turn it into...

TADA! -- a place to organize lovely earrings!

Attach a clean produce sack or chicken wire
at the back of the frame using tacks or
a staple gun.

Then add on the earrings!
You can hang necklaces & bracelets too,
using small hooks or re-shaped paper clips.

It will make picking accessories a breeze
since your choices are neatly laid out before you.

19 April 2010


Happy new week everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

I found these frames at a yard sale for less than a dollar each.
Sure they were blah and dusty, but with that price,
I had to snap them up!

With some cleaning and a coat of paint,
those old frames are now TADA!

Don't you think they brighten up
my balcony wall quite well?

16 April 2010

Never Lose A Page Again

What a week this has been!
Today, let me give you the last of my
RRR (ribbon remnants recycling) project.

Oh ribbon, why so blue?

If I glue you on securely to the spine of a book...

Tada! You're an instant bookmark!

Now, pages are easy to find & you'll never, ever fall off.

Have a glorious weekend everyone!

15 April 2010

I.D. your I.D.

There are some things that are difficult to throw away. One such thing -- ribbons. I always say, "I can use this someday." And this week on my blog, I've shown you how I used & re-used these ribbons.

Here's a ribbon I saved from a box of chocolates.

String some beads.
Tie some knots.

Add an I.D. hook.

Clip on your office I.D., building pass or
conference name tag.

Tada! A lanyard that's chic &
totally personal!