29 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

I figure you're busy putting the finishing
touches on your Halloween costume or decor and
buying your tricks & treats to give away.

Don't forget the candy bucket for the kids
the haul in the loot!

Today, let's revisit some of my blah-to-Tada!
crafts from last year:

A bucket made from an empty yogurt tub.

Here's another version made from a cleaned out

And this bag is made from an old tank top.
Blah to Tada!

Have a fantastic weekend and a
Happy Halloween everyone!

28 October 2010

Halloween Treats

This week, we're gearing up for Halloween and
re-visiting a few blahs for a new set of Tadas!

Remember what I made out of toilet paper rolls?
Let's make something timely for fright night.

Blah: empty toilet paper rolls

Tada!: Halloween treat containers!
The paper rolls are wrapped in black & white (or orange)
paper, tied at the top with thread & decorated with
a scary sticker. These are filled with treats:

Tiny pumpkin erasers

Small Dracula erasers


And lots of stickers!

I can't wait to hand these out on Halloween!

27 October 2010

Halloween Decor

Halloween is this weekend and while you may be
busy putting your or your kids' costumes together,
have you thought of decorations for
the trick or treaters who will be
stopping by your place?

Blah: fabric softener sheets that
came out of the dryer.
No use for them anymore.

Tada! Halloween buntings to hang on a doorway,
windowsill or ceiling.

Get the kids to help you by drawing Halloween
characters on the dryer sheet with
a permanent marker.

Happy crafting!

26 October 2010

Creative Cobwebs

Several weeks ago, I turned these fabric softener sheets from blah to TADA!
Well, I have another idea that's perfect for Halloween.

blah: used dryer sheets

Tada!: creepy cobwebs!

All you need to do is stretch the dryer sheet in different areas. Stretch them lightly or stretch them with force, let the ends fray...until they look like cobwebs.

Use them to decorate the front door, a window or a table.

If you don't have dark fabric, use a black garbage bag to line the table. Lay on your cobwebs and add your tricks and treats!

You can go here if you want to learn how to make the "boo" candy pail.

25 October 2010

Ideas for Halloween

Hello! Halloween is just around the corner
and this week, I have some ideas to
get you into the Halloween spirit!

Remember this garden light that
I made from a milk carton?
I'm making something similar today.

Blah: an empty {cleaned-out} milk container.

Tada! A spooky light you can use inside
or outside the house!

These battery-operated tea lights are a safe
alternative to real candles {they flicker too!}.
You can find them at the candle section of
the department store.

They set the mood and are safe for everyone.

Hope to see you tomorrow!

22 October 2010

Stylishly Stretchy

Thanks so much for checking out my recycling projects!
This week, I featured blahs from a bag of scrap
that I found at a New York City flea market:

After sorting through the "scraps", I've
made a number of accessories that
can jazz up the plainest outfits.

Today, I'm finding some practical use for
these scalloped metal adornments.

Tada! I made a belt!

It's made of black elastic & a metal closure
that I bought at a sewing store.
The gold "buttons" were attached
with hot glue.

It reminds me of art deco design that
can still be modern to this day.

Have a fun weekend!

21 October 2010

Silver Darlings

As they say, "One man's trash is another man's treasure."

That saying best encapsulates these bags of scrap
that I found at a flea market.

Unwanted odds & ends, wanted by me.

Here are some of the "scraps" I found inside: metal
hardware for clip-on earrings & silver-colored beads.
How lucky am I that I found a pair!

From blah, they are now Tada!
I made them into a cool set of earrings!

The silver-colored beads made a few friends with beads that I
already own. I attached these to a piece of felt and
the felt was attached to the hardware with hot glue.

Aren't they pretty?

20 October 2010

For Thy Waist or Neck

I love treasure hunting at flea markets!
During one of my trips, I found this bag of scrap
and this week, I've been transforming the "scrap"
from blah to Tada!

Blah: These metallic embellishments with a gold &
copper finish.

Tada! A statement belt!

It also doubles as a fashionable necklace!
A two-in-one accessory perfect for travel.

19 October 2010

Simply CHARMing

Happy Tuesday!
All this week on my blog, I'm turning odd items
from a bag of scrap from blah to Tada!

Today's pick: gold charms & a faux diamond bracelet.
Individually, they're quite blah.

But if you put them together, they're Tada!

I really like the weathered look &
how each charm tells a story.

Have a charming day!

18 October 2010

The Bag of Scrap [Part Deux]

It's a fresh week and I've got new ideas
to turn blah stuff into Tada! objects.

Last year, I made this, this and this
all from a bag of scrap.

I got the bag of scrap from this
New York City flea market.

I had to go back to pick-up a few more!

I choose these three bags.

Then sorted & grouped the contents using
an empty egg carton.

Today's blah: a gold buckle with floral details.

Here's what the back looks like.

Tada! A nautical-inspired belt!
The stripped gross-grain ribbon, left over from
this project, keeps the overall look casual.

I hand-stitched the ribbon to the buckle and added
a jewelry clasp to keep the buckle in place.

Tada! I think this will look good with

Have a good day everyone!

15 October 2010

Inspiration is Key

Here's a final fortune cookie "fortune" idea:

Blah -- a collection of "fortunes" that could be gathering dust.

Tada! Turn it into a key chain!

It's mounted on a small piece of wood
decorated with gift wrapper scraps.
Everything is sealed off with Mod Podge.
I made a small hole with a nail & hammer,
then inserted a small jump ring that attaches
to the bigger ring that holds the keys.

It's a gentle reminder of
which fortunes really matter.

Have a sweet weekend!