30 November 2009

Christmas Ornaments

A happy Monday to all of you! I hope you had a fun & fabulous Thanksgiving. I sure did and was too exhausted to even post an entry last Friday. Sorry about that! I'll make up for it this week with some Christmas ideas -- specifically tree ornaments.

Do you remember the bag of scrap? You've seen how I turned the "scrap" into accessories like a necklace, cuff and a hair clip. But there was one particular item that I did not touch...

It's the loose crystals from an old chandelier (found on lower right of the photo).

By attaching it to a piece of wire, dressed up with beads and a ribbon, the blah is now a TADA! I think it adds an elegant touch to any Christmas tree.

Please drop by again tomorrow for another idea!

26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, it's Thanksgiving in the U.S. and it's a wonderful day to reflect and give thanks to every blessing & every challenge that arrived on our doorstep. Whether or not Thanksgiving is celebrated in your part of the world, I'd like to encourage you to say "thanks" more often.

One tradition I'm thankful for is the Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade in New York City.

There are bands and performers.

There are larger than life balloons!

There are characters from our youth (aren't they cute?).

And the show ends with the arrival of Santa & Mrs. Claus!

I'd like to wish you & yours a TADA! THANKSGIVING!
May there be abundance on your table and
joy in your heart -- always!

25 November 2009

Berry Simple Flower Arrangement

It's Thanksgiving tomorrow and many of us will be preparing a lovely meal and opening our homes to family & friends. I think it's always a nice gesture to have some flowers to dress up the dining table. Depending on where you are, flowers can be quite expensive. So I like to add a little bit of fruit to the mix.

Like these cranberries! Traditionally they are made into juice or dried cranberries for year-round consumption, but they are popular come Thanksgiving as a side to roast turkey. It's cooked down to make cranberry sauce. You can get cranberries at a good price at this time of year so I'll buy an extra bag...

...then put some in a jar or clear vase.

Then I'll add some flowers.
a bright & bold arrangement for a dining or coffee table.

You may also place some cranberries in a bottle (this used to hold maple syrup), add a single rose and put this arrangement in the guest room or bath. It will instantly make any room ready for a party!

Thanks for visiting me today!

24 November 2009

Table Topper

We're celebrating Thanksgiving in the US this Thursday! It's synonymous to a feast that includes roast turkey, delectable sides like green bean casserole, candied yams and mashed potatoes, and lots of pies. Apart from the food preparation, decorating the table is a Tada! that I look forward to. But I don't like spending a lot.

I look at what's in season -- these are abundant and you can get them for a very good price.

Just add flowers & candles and TADA!...
a centerpiece that's fresh and fantastic!

23 November 2009

A Thanksgiving Centerpiece

It's the last week of November and part of me let out a gasp, "Where did the year go? Didn't 2009 just start and now it's about to end!" But part of me is excited too because the last week of November also marks Thanksgiving in the U.S.! Thanksgiving is this Thursday! This week on my blog, I'll be sharing some ideas on how to decorate your Thanksgiving table. It need not be expensive or complicated.

All we need are a few blahs such as these.

And these.

And Tada!
An instant centerpiece made from supermarket finds!

20 November 2009

Thanksgiving Friday

If you've visited before, you know that I've saved the Fridays of November for "Thanksgiving Friday". And I'd like to begin by thanking Nicolette of Simply Colette for this lovely award that she passed on to me:

Isn't it cute? I love the journal with all the things a girly-girl loves!

Today, I am thankful for...


Floral patterns

Guardian angels

Books...lots & lots of books

Puppies (extra thanks for ones with bows in their hair!)

Sturdy umbrellas

Best friends

I hope you find time today to say "Thanks"!
Have a fabulous weekend!

19 November 2009

Cute Containers

Well hello there! Thank you for stopping by today. This week, I'm giving old jar lids a make-over.

With a little magic, this blah...

...becomes a TADA!

First, I made sure the lids were cleaned and dried thoroughly. Then I wrapped a ribbon around the rim (secured with hot glue) and personalized with a bow & button. I also lined the inside of the lid with scrapbook paper cut to size. Now, I've got myself a multipurpose caddy!

I use it as a container for beads whenever I'm making jewelry. It holds same color beads together and keeps them from rolling off my desk.

I can also use it to hold small office supplies like clips,
tacks & rubber bands.

Put a ring on it! Use it to corral jewelry and hair accessories, too.

See you again tomorrow!

18 November 2009

Lovely Luminaries

Layla over at Eco Experiment challenged me to transform these old jar lids from blah to Tada! Game on Layla! I've already created fridge magnets and a kiddie mobile.

Today, I'll be using two identical jar lids for our blah to Tada! project.

With a magic wand...or rather, a hammer & nail, I made four holes on each lid.

Then I inserted a chain to connect both lids. I used pieces of wire (connected to the end of each chain) knotted around a plastic bead at the bottom lid. This serves both as a stopper and decorative detail. Then I connected the four chains at the top and attached them to a hook made from more wire.

Add a votive candle and Tada!... a luminary that can be hung on a tree branch. Make several of these for a magical dinner outdoors. Candles can be replaced with small vases containing flowers, wheat stalks or ferns. This can work as bird feeder, too!

Have a bright, shiny day everyone!

17 November 2009

Merry Mobile

This week, we're helping out Layla find new uses for her old jar lids.

Thoroughly clean the jar lid and add four holes
using a nail & hammer.

Cover the lid with colorful paper (I used printed tissue)
using glue or Mod Podge.

Reinforce the holes through the paper with a needle and
insert a piece of ribbon in each hole.

Create happy little pillows using felt & fiberfill.

Attach these to the ribbons.

Tada! A magnificent mobile fit for a child's room.

I hope you can do something creative today!

16 November 2009

Blah to Tada! Challenge: Jar Lids

Happy Monday Everyone! I hope the weekend was kind to you. This week, we have another blah to Tada! challenge. I'm helping out the Lovely Layla who sent me this e-mail:

Can you tell me what to do with old metal lids from glass jars? I have tons of them! (Okay, a big box at least! Mum says they're unusable for jams or such, so...??)
They're partly covered with plastic (inside) so I hear they're not recyclable...? Help!

This week's blah -- old jar lids.

For today's project, I'm using these Bonne Maman lids.
They come in handy when you want to save these...

...doodles made by your kids.

Just trace around the paper (use the lid as a guide) and cut.

Slip the page of doodles inside the lid (secure with tape) and TADA! it's now a framed piece of art! By attaching a magnet at the back of the lid (use a glue gun), these jar lids-turned-frames can also be fridge magnets! Don't you love things that are double duty & earth-friendly?

Have a really nice day!

13 November 2009

Thanksgiving Friday

I think it's important to count life's daily blessings and here in the US, Thanksgiving is just days away. That's why for the entire month of November, Fridays on my blog will be "Thanksgiving Friday"!

I want to thank Anna Lindsey over at All Things Creative
for giving me this awesome award!

Thank you also to Lauren who featured me on her blog today.

Today, I am also thankful for...

The scent of freshly washed laundry

Buttery scones served with strawberry jam

Puddles after the rain

The first snow of winter


When the circus comes to town

Starry, starry nights

What are you thankful for?
Have a wonderful weekend!