29 February 2016

Pretty Pins

Happy Monday! I hope you had a delightful weekend.

Can I share a few finds with you?

These are some pins that I purchased last year. I got them at the Columbus Circle Christmas Market in New York City. The lady who owned the booth sold all sorts of vintage jewelry. I chose the quarter-sized pin because it had my initial. It felt like it belonged to me when I picked it up.  

The longer pin, on the other hand, reminded me of something my mom and my aunts owned. Just a little bit of nostalgia.

Who wears pins these days? Well, here's how I would incorporate them in my wardrobe:

I would use it to secure a spring scarf around my neck. This works like a piece of jewelry, instead of wearing a pendant.

The long pin is always handy expecially for wrap blouses or dresses that don't seem to come with a button in the decolletage area. It's a cute accent piece, too.

Now, don't you agree that pins turn blah to TADA!?

22 February 2016

Pass the Sugar and Creamer, Please

Over the holidays, I was entertaining and when time came for coffee and dessert, I realized I didn't have the accoutrements for coffee. A gracious host would always have these handy for guests to flavor their after dinner beverages with, right?

Well, here's what I came up with on the fly:

I'm a big fan of white serveware. They're classic and can easily be mixed and matched. The sugar pot (originally a honey jar), the mini milk jug, and the rectangular dish were all bought separately but together, look like they were a set.  

I filled each one respectively: sugar, milk, and sweetener. And I put these on a dish that worked as a tray.  

How's that for blah to TADA!?

I'm also in the process of spring cleaning. And look at some of the things I found:

This cow is a creamer. You might think it's cute. Or kitschy. I bought it as a souvenir in the city of Delft in the Netherlands. They're known for their blue and white pottery that depict Dutch life.

It's filled with milk through the opening on top. Once ready to serve, the milk is poured into the cup through its mouth. Milk straight from the cow! 

This is a cup that I bought at a flea market. It was only a dollar. I was really attracted to the painting style. It was made in Portugal.

Together (now with milk and turbinado sugar), they match. TADA!

And this ceramic fish that I found at the sale bin at Anthropologie, works as a container for sugar packets.

I can't wait to use these for my next dinner party.

Have a good week, lovelies!

15 February 2016

Flea Market Flip

Hello there! How was your weekend? It was extremely cold where I live so it was but natural to stay indoors and watch some TV. And TV watching turned out to be a marathon of sorts with Flea Market Flip on the playlist. 

Have you seen Flea Market Flip? It's a contest between two pairs who are each given a budget (ex. $500) to spend at a flea market. Each pair purchases three items and "flips" them based on given criteria (ex. inspired by nature, fabric project, vintage modern). They, with the help of a carpenter, have about a day to complete all three projects. Then, they go back to another flea market, this time to sell what they have made. The pair that makes a larger profit wins a cash prize.     

Now that's the kind of game I would join! It involves flea markets and transforming blah to TADA!

Here are some of my favorites:

A chair transformation using paint and upholstery

Mason jar kit turned light fixture

Old luggage that doubles as a side table & storage

A galvanized container turned into a coffee table

A printer's tray turned jewelry keeper

Old lockers updated as a storage bench

A fresh take on an old storage piece

Really, the results are quite inspiring, I can't wait to do a little "flipping" myself!

08 February 2016

For Valentine's Day

I thought it would be fun to write a little post for Valentine's.  Here is around-up of heart-shaped kitchen items that I wouldn't mind owning:


Aren't they adorable? Have a Happy Valentine's Day, however you're celebrating!

01 February 2016

Wall Art Inspiration

When I'm out and about, I always find an idea that I'd like to re-create. But when time doesn't permit it or materials aren't handy, I like to file them away until I'm ready to craft.

Here are some of those ideas:

via West Elm 
This wall fixture is made of paper circles. Won't be cool to make something similar using empty paper towel rolls cut to size?

via West Elm 
Here's another one that reminds me of lace. They're papercuts! I would like to try them on a smaller scale, using a smaller frame.

via West Elm 
These flowers are made of very thin pieces of wood. I envision using any kind of paper like scrapbook paper in a thematic palette (ex. blues, yellows, pinks) or pages from an old book.

I hope these have left you wanting to create your own wall art for your space. Have a great week ahead!