31 August 2015

Birthday Breakfast

I don't know about you, but a lot of my friends are celebrating their birthdays. I always try to do something special like sending them some snail mail if they're far away or giving them a little present when they're close by.

Here's one blah to TADA! idea I'd like to share:

It's breakfast in a bag. Of course, this can be done with any other meal like lunch or coffee break. The card in front is a watercolor I made inspired by chamomile flowers.

Inside: a muffin, fruit and some tea. TADA! 

May you all have a productive week!

24 August 2015

One Page at a Time

Happy Monday lovelies! How has your summer reading been like? I'm sad to say I'm doing so poorly. I've always read a lot during the summer but this particular year has been quite busy so I haven't been reading as much as I want to.

But I still like to browse bookstores and check out a new title that I can add to my reading list. I found this one rather cute, I just had to share:

It's called One Page at a Time which and is a creative journal that you'd open daily to let you unplug from all the gadgets that occupy our lives.

I found the first page funny. But I secretly have the answers to all these questions already. 

I found this page rather striking. I can think of five persons right now. How about you? 

"Do not let this person go. Tell them what they mean to you". Let's do that, okay?

Have a good week everyone!

17 August 2015

A Family of Frames

Hi guys! How have you been?

Today, I'm sharing a photo inspiration for a future craft I'd like to do. Here it is:

Displaying photo.JPG
It's a gallery frame made from small picture frames!

I would love to make this. Right now. But I don't have enough picture frames yet. But this is how I would do it:
  • Gather a collection of small picture frames. These might be frames you no longer use or finds from the thrift shop or yard sale.
  • Sand and paint each one in complimentary colors (ex. shabby chic, coastal, pastels). You may use sandpaper on the surface for an imperfect, weathered look.
  • Glue the frames on top of each other, being careful to keep the back slot of each frame free so you can add the pictures inside the frame. If the frames are not too heavy, hot glue would be a good adhesive.
  • Attach hanging hooks on the back.
  • Add pictures, colorful paper or vintage fabric in each frame.
  • Hang this up in your bedroom, office or craft room.

That's crafty recycling if I should say so myself. TADA!

Have a beautiful week!

10 August 2015

A Pop-up Card

I hope you had a lovely weekend guys.

This week, another craft born out of a hot air balloon festival I went to.

I'm using this cool paper.  

It makes a 3-D honeycomb pattern.

I cut out a balloon shape on one corner.

Then I apply some glue on both ends and attach it in the inner spine of a blank enclosure card.

When you open the card, the design pops-up like this...TADA!

I  drew the basket of the hot air balloon and an auspicious wish of wonderful travels.

Have an awesome week!

04 August 2015

Stamp and Fly

You'll never know where you'll find inspiration. Don't you agree?

An afternoon watching hot air balloons got me excited to craft.

Just a simple paper project using a rubber stamp, an ink pad, and blank gift enclosure cards.

This was a recent purchase. I adore its old-fashioned look. Sometimes I wish that instead of cars, we'd have hot air balloons to get us around. 

I inked the stamp.

And centered the image on the card stock.

TADA! A little card that I can use for gifts and to wish friends an adventure-filled birthday.

03 August 2015

Crafts inspired by Hot Air Balloons

Happy Monday! Do you like hot air balloons? I recently went to the Festival of Ballooning and one of the highlights were the crafts for sale.

These are made of festive fabric.

Shiny, delicate ornaments.

Magnets made from different materials. I'm drawn to the colorful ones made of clay.

Accessories with the hot air balloon theme. See the hair barrette in the middle? I think it's easy to replicate using thin grosgrain ribbon and hot glue.

These ones are made of glass. I would put them by a window to let the light shine through.

I had to get one of these iron-on appliques!

This was the design I picked.

Remember this project pouch? It's a blah linen pouch that I turned into TADA! by adding different patches that I got from my travels. 

This is the back side, still with blank spaces for more patches.

This spot is just right for my new acquisition. I attached it using a hot iron.

And here is my project pouch, updated. TADA!

02 August 2015

A Hot Air Balloon Festival

Hi there! I promised you this post late last week but things have been a little hectic. My apologies!

Anyway, here are some photos from the Festival of Ballooning, an annual summer event held in Readington, New Jersey. 

Inside the Solberg Airport grounds, lots of craft stalls, food booths, free samples, and entertainment for the young and old.

It was the perfect day to be out. Crowds brought chairs, blankets and umbrellas, and just had a picnic.

A little before 7 pm, the balloons were ready to be inflated.

The first balloon to fly! The song "Up, up and Away" played on the speakers. It got everyone so excited.

More balloons followed.

It was my first time to see hot air balloons up close.

This guy was my favorite.

 Up he goes.

No one should ever tell a seahorse that he can't fly.

Spread some happiness.

Even Darth Vader and Yoda were there in balloon form

I loved the drama of the balloons once day turned into evening. I can't wait to go again next year and maybe even ride one!