28 November 2021

Advent Calendar Round-up

Anticipation...that's the word that best describes Christmas to a child. 

When I was little, I loved looking at the presents under the tree. I would even search for the ones with my name on them, making a mental note on how many gifts I was going to open come Christmas. All the waiting was excruciating! 

That's why Advent Calendars were created: to count down the days in Advent/December that lead up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  

Below are some of the cutest ones I've seen:

These are hung on a wall and a surprise is tucked inside each of the pockets. A surprise is unwrapped daily, making the wait to Christmas more bearable.

This one takes a different form. It's a runner for the dining table:

The "gift" is moved from one day to the next to help the family keep count.

While you can put stocking stuffers or little gifts in the pockets, why not use an Advent Calendar to teach kids that Christmas is not just about presents? Use it to encourage sharing (ex. donations to "Toys for Tots"). Or to start unique traditions (ex. learn a Christmas carol, read a book or watch a movie with a Christmas theme, bake cookies, write and mail a card). That way, values and learning are involved, and family memories are created year after year.

Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar (Countdown to Christmas), Vermont Christmas Company

This Advent Calendar tells the story of Jesus. Initially, the characters are in the pockets and are then added to the the Nativity scene using Velco-backing. I love this idea because Christmas isn't Christmas without Christ!

Sure enough, Advent Calendars turn the "blah" of waiting into "TADA!"

Does your home have an Advent Calendar? What do you put inside the pockets?

21 November 2021

Thankful Thoughts

Hello everyone!

Thanksgiving is this week and I thought we should do a simple craft project. 

I saved this jar because it's rare to see one in a pretty amber shade.

After thoroughly cleaning and drying it, I painted on the word "Thankful" using acrylic paint.

I can use it to decorate my table by filling it with dried stems, fresh flowers, or strips of paper listing all the things I am thankful for...TADA!

I'm personally thankful to all of you for your regular visits to my blog! Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

14 November 2021

Salt Dough Pendants

Hey guys!

Last year, I made these little pendants out of salt dough:

I added one-word greetings using alphabet stamps and an ink pad.

They found their purpose as embellishments for gifts...TADA!

I made a few more pendants. But instead of using tinted salt dough, I painted them with several coats of acrylic paint.  

The stark black reminds me of a chalkboard, a blank slate, ready to be written on.

Here's how I turned them from blah...

...to TADA!

They are now keychains that I can give as tokens for the coming holidays.

I wrote the names with acrylic paint and a fine brush and let it dry for several minutes. 

I added jump rings to each pendant and attached the findings with the help of some pliers:

I am proud of my handmade and personalized presents, ready to be given away...TADA!

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07 November 2021

Earrings Crafted from Paper Bag Handles

Crafty recycling is what I love to do on this blog. We can find materials everywhere and instead of chucking them in the bin, why not find a creative way to use them?

Let's take for example these paper bag handles made from cord:

I removed them from the bag and just by cutting, sewing, and dressing them up, they have new life as earrings:

Experiment with thread, findings, beads and baubles to create different looks as I've detailed in a previous post. What was "blah" is now "TADA!"

I rescued this white cord and here is how I transformed it...

I already had all the materials in my sewing and jewelry-making kit...TADA!

I hope this inspires you to make jewelry out of the most random objects. 

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31 October 2021

Treasures from the Trash: A Side Table

Thanks for stopping by today!

I don't know if it happens to you, too, but I stumble upon free furniture all the time -- on the sidewalk, in the compactor room of our apartment building, and sometimes even on Facebook.

Here is my most recent find:

It's a cute side table.

I didn't take it home with me because there's really no room for it. But if I did, I would cover the glass in painter's tape and paint the legs in a matte gold. I would let the paint dry, take off the tape, and it would look something like this:

1stdibs Side Table - 1970S Brass Square Top French Mid-Century Modern Glass
via first dibs

St. Germain Side Table - Tables | Serena and Lily
via Serena and Lily

2-Tier Square Bamboo Side Table with Glass Tops – Gold Leaf
via Scenario Home

Just a coat of paint will instantly turn this little table from blah to TADA!

It can be a nice update for the bedroom:

via Pinterest
Scandinavian Glam Bedroom / Minimalist Interior, Gold Side Table - RG Daily Blog
via RG Daily
14 Contemporary Bedroom Ideas That Will Induce Sweet Dreams | Hunker
via Hunker

Just enough space to hold essentials like a lamp, books, a glass of water, and some decorative treasures.

It'll also be useful in the living room...

This timeless blue and white porcelain lamp is a beautiful addition on your table or desk.The subtly intricate pattern pops, and the classic shape with luxe, modern hardware make this a versatile piece fit for any space. | Caitlin Wilson
via Caitlin Wilson
Living Room Photo - A brown couch and a gold side table atop a patterned rug
via Lonny
7 Coffee Table Alternatives for Small Living Rooms
via The Spruce
See how easy it is to change out throw pillows and create a new look when you have neutral furniture pieces. It is fun to rearrange side tables too. This fabulous stone top table from HomeGoods looks amazing as a side table or small coffee table! Being able to rearrange furniture keeps your home looking fresh and interesting. Sponsored by HomeGoods #smallLivingRoomFurniture
via 2 Ladies and a Chair
Working as a side or coffee table.

And it can be a welcome addition for the balcony or patio:

Une décoration à la fraîcheur méditerranéenne pour une maison près de la mer - PLANETE DECO a homes world
via Pinterest

 I would use the side table in place of the wicker stool to park magazines.

NgLp Designs shares Things We Love: easy going weekends lounging in the backyard patio | seating and pillows | white and tartan decor | home decor | outdoor lifestyle | things to do on the weekend | White | #whitedecor #outdoorliving #rattanfurniture
via Pinterest

In this set-up, the side table can hold candles and drinks. 

Aménagement déco terrasse, jardin, balcon - Terrace, garden, balcony decorating ideas // Hëllø Blogzine blog deco & lifestyle www.hello-hello.fr #jardin #terrasse #balcon
via Hello Blogzine

The side table can also find a home in this cozy outdoor hang-out.

I hope you liked these ideas! And if you come across some old furniture, instead of tossing them, find ways to turn them from blah to TADA!

24 October 2021

Halloween Stickers

Hey guys! 

In a previous post, I made my own stickers:

Adhesive paper, rubber stamps, and ink are all I needed to create them.

I had some adhesive paper left over and I thought seasonal stickers sounded like a good idea.

And because Halloween is just around the corner, I brought out the creepy rubber stamps. 

I took out the watercolors, too, because the adhesive paper was looking very blah.

I randomly painted the adhesive paper, let it dry for several minutes, and this is what it looks like now...TADA!

Apply some ink to the rubber stamp, find a spot on the paper, and stamp away! 

Hmmm...I don't have a lot of Halloween-themed rubber stamps. 

Just a few spiders:

And here is an autumn stamp:

It's a pumpkin but you can, with a marker, add triangle eyes and a jagged mouth to make a Jack O' Lantern. 

Now, it's time to cut the stickers.

Trim the edges for an even square.

I like the two-toned colors in the background.

Here are my handmade stickers ready to be given away...TADA!  This would be a fun activity for a play date, too.

That is how I turned some plain sticker paper from blah to TADA!

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