13 July 2015

A Short Shopping Trip

How was your weekend my dears? I hope you all did something fun and relaxing.

I stumbled upon an adorable store in New York City's Flat Iron district.

It's called Flying Tiger. It finds its origins in Copenhagen. This is their first store in the US but they've got many branches all over the world.

They carry the cutest things at very affordable prices. I think of it like a curated dollar store. Here, take a look:

Who doesn't love a heart-shaped pail? And toilet paper with hearts on it!

It's easier to tidy up if you have a pretty broom and dustpan.

Greeting cards and gift wrap

Bicycle accessories like bells and seat covers!

Stationery, office supplies and coloring books for adults.

I wanted to take home all their kitchen items!

Storage containers that have a sense of humor.

I love this carrot sharpener!

Room decorations and closet organizers

The strawberry theme is just darling!
I went absolutely crazy in this store! Tomorrow, I'll show you what I bought. See you then.

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