28 April 2014

Sweet Paul: Eat and Make

Happy Monday Lovelies!

If you're a crafter, you must have heard of Paul Lowe, also known as "Sweet Paul". Among his many talents, he owns an inspiring website and publishes his own magazine!

I've enjoyed his work ever since I stumbled upon his blog. The pictures he styles are a visual feast. His recipes and crafts are both easy and approachable.

So when the opportunity came to meet him, I didn't pass it up.

It all happened at the Hoboken branch of Anthropologie on a beautiful Spring evening.

I really like how this store has a regular schedule of meet-the-author events across all their branches.

You see, Sweet Paul just launched a book called Eat and Make. And as a treat, I got myself a copy. 

Sweet Paul adding an inscription to my book!

We got to chat a bit and underneath all those tattoos is a teddy bear, a sweet man indeed.

The "Eat" part of the event: cheese and charcuterie.

There was wine, too!

A table was also set-up in the store for a night of cocktails and crafting.

The "Make" part of the event: we made these paper flowers.

They are made of dyed {Rit Dye} coffee filters...

...and colored Q-tips, all attached together with floral wire.

These are just some of the flowers we made...TADA!

25 April 2014

Beads and Blooms

I'm playing around with dryer sheets.

I first use them in my laundry, then I recycle the sheets as fabric for crafting.

I found this pattern in Martha's book.

I traced the pattern onto the dryer sheet.

I placed a second dryer sheet underneath {for added weight and thickness}. Then I secured these on an embroidery hoop.

I'm using these seed beads to add color to the design.

Stitch the beads onto the dryer sheets with needle and thread. 

I used embroidery stitches for the leaves.

Trim off the excess dryer sheets around the hoop so that the hoop doubles as a frame.

Here's the beaded flower ready to be displayed or given away as a gift. TADA!

You can also use dryer sheets as party decorations, a hair accessory, an envelope or Halloween accents.

Have a wonderful weekend!

23 April 2014

Forever Daffodils

When I do my laundry, one of the products I use are dryer sheets.

Instead of tossing them after use, I like to collect them. They're quite useful come craft time.

Because spring has sprung, daffodils abound. And I like to preserve them in some way.

Draw or trace a daffodil on a dryer sheet.

Add a second sheet and put these on an embroidery hoop with the daffodil sketch on top.

Fill it in with embroidery stitches.

Isn't it pretty?

Cut away the tails of the dryer sheets for a neat edge.

And look, dryer sheets have transformed from blah to TADA!

If you can, stop by on Friday for another idea.

21 April 2014

Recycling Dryer Sheets

Happy Monday! I hope you had a nice Easter weekend.

This week on the blog, we'll turn dryer sheets from blah to TADA!

These sheets leave a mild fragrance and prevent static cling to my laundry. I know, I must find a more sustainable option. That's why I'm using the spent sheets for crafting. They're a good alternative to fabric.

Because they're sheer, it's easy to trace letters.

Spell out a favorite word.

Add another sheet underneath and mount these tightly on an embroidery hoop.

Now, time to embroider!

We'll use the embroidery hoop as a frame, too. Just trim off the excess dryer sheets.

And here we have handmade, heartfelt art. TADA!

See you back on Wednesday for another idea.

18 April 2014

Easter Treats

It's Easter on Sunday and I thought it would be fun to do some crafting for this special day.

Easter is a time of joy and what better way to celebrate than with candy! 

I'm turning these blah brown paper bags into TADA!

I cut the bags into smaller sheets and fashioned them into little paper bags, using all-purpose glue to seal the edges.

Then I painted on a pastel-colored bunny. I added a pompom for its cotton tail.

Paint the bunny in different shades and play around with the pompoms.

Here's another version: bags that are thinner and resemble bill envelopes.

Paint on Easter greetings and fill each one with treats.

A fun surprise for kids and adults, alike. TADA!

Here's to an eggs-cellent weekend!

15 April 2014

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

Hello and thanks for stopping by today!

Yesterday, I told you about the Garance Dore' and Anna Rifle Bond collaboration.

Garance made the chic illustrations and Rifle Paper Co. produced the line making for a sexy yet sentimental collection. 

Let me show you the things I took home from the event.

A tank top freebie!

Specially made tattoos by Tattly.

I purchased this Rifle Paper Co. print of one of my favorite cities.

 I had Anna sign it {she was so sweet!}.

Her signature in silver ink.

A beautiful print deserves a frame to match.

I got to meet Garance, too!

I picked out this greeting card of a mysterious lady in a cape.

A personal note from Garance {swoon!}.

And I framed it as well. TADA!