30 September 2011

Books as Art

Happy Friday my dear friends!

This week, I featured crafts from this
book, by this author who also has
an inspiring blog.

Jason Thompson, the author, has this to say
{and it's one of my favorite lines}
about old & forgotten books:

Is there a purpose for some of these
unwanted books? Answering this question
leads us to artists, designers, and artisans
who appreciate books in a uniquely different
way. Although the fundamental parts of a
book might consist of pages and covers,
the artist's eye sees something more: raw
materials to create unique objects far
removed from the book form. To these
artists, books are resources to rearrange,
recycle, and re-imagine into
functional and decorative objects.

Apart from crafty ideas, the book also
highlights work by different artists.

If you think old books are blah,
take a look at these pieces and
I guarantee, you'll say "TADA!"

Aren't these mind-blowing?
Oh the possibility of books!

Here's to a great weekend!

29 September 2011

A Pyramid for Presents

I've been rifling through the pages of James
and I've been busy trying out the crafts.
I like them -- they're blah to TADA!
in nature.

Aged, neglected books are taken apart and are
made into something more useful & beautiful.

Like the author, I felt like a villain
destroying a book. He says, "It felt wrong
to cannibalize the essence of a book for its
elemental parts. But after playing with
unwanted and forgotten books, this feeling
eventually passed. There are a lot of books
out there -- don't be afraid to exorcise their
bookish essence for other creative ends."

These words somehow made me feel better.
So I'll proceed by making some cute
gift packaging.

We'll need pages from a blah book.

We'll also need some cardboard {this was an empty
pasta box}. Make a square base {this is 2" x 2"}
and 4 triangles that will be used as the sides.
The size of the triangle's base must match
the square base {should also be 2"}.
Keep this principle in mind if you're
making a bigger or smaller pyramid.

Assemble the box by sticking the sides
to the base with tape.

Wrap the cardboard using your book pages.
{You can wrap them in sections, as long
as the seams are inside the box.}

Punch holes about 1/2" from the tips
of the triangles and lace some cute
ribbon through them to hold the
box together.

Then tuck in a specially-chosen gift inside.

28 September 2011

Handmade Envelopes

Hi there! If you're a new visitor to my blog, I'd
like to say welcome. And if you're a regular
reader, I want to say thank you. Your
presence & comments encourages
me to blog regularly & think up of
more blah to TADA! ideas.

This week, I'm destroying an old book.
I know, it's cruel. I don't really do it on
a normal basis. I take good care of
my books, I promise.

But if you have unwanted books, you
can give them to a friend, donate them
to charity or use them for crafting.

Which is what this book encourages.
Its pages contain easy crafts &
many inspiring artists' work like
paper sculptures & installation.

One simple & practical project
are envelopes made of
book pages:

You'll need pages torn from a book,
a small envelope to be used as a
template, a pencil, scissors & glue.

Trace the shape of the envelope on the book page &
cut it out. Glue the two edges to form an envelope.

Embellish with magazine cut-outs or stickers.

Add a section in which to write the
recipient's name {and address}.
I used pink & white stripe tissue
left over from this TADA!

Use it for small notes or packaging for gift cards.

They're handmade and handy!

27 September 2011

Paper Ornaments

This week, I'm shining the spotlight on this book:

It's filled with many ideas to turn lonely books
from blah to TADA!

Start with a book that you're willing to tear up.

Make paper circles with a circle puncher.
You'll need 20 pieces.

Using a piece of cardboard, make a triangle template.
Put the triangle in the middle of the paper circle and
fold the three edges around it.

Do this for all 20 circles.

Make two domes {for the top & bottom of the ball},
by gluing the edges of 5 circles together.

Make a strip by gluing 10 circles together,
alternate the orientation of each triangle
as you go along {use the triangle
images as a guide}.

Here's what it will look like.

Make sure you have 2 domes & 1 strip.

Attach the two ends of the strip with glue, like so:

Then attach the top dome & bottom dome.
Leave to dry for a few minutes.

TADA! A 3-D paper ornament.

Add some string and glitter, and you've got
ornaments for the holidays!

26 September 2011

Playing with Books

Happy new week everybody!
Today, I'd like to share with you a
lovely book that I discovered.

who learned the art of bookbinding by accident.
He did not only fall in love with the process,
he fell in love with the person who taught him!
They are now married and own Rag & Bone
Bindery in Rhode Island.

In this book, instead of teaching us how to
make a book, he provides ideas on how
upcycle, deconstruct and re-imagine
books that we no longer want.

I've seen this flower on different blogs & I've always
wanted to make one. Well, this book provides the

I found a blah book from a library sale.
It was a good thing it was old and
my small donation made me less
guilty to tear it up & use it to craft.

Go ahead and use a book you no longer
read or need.

Ready to make a Kusudama flower?

You'll need 5 book pages.

Cut each page into 6" x 6" squares.

Fold 1: Fold the square into a triangle.

Fold 2: Fold the two creased corners down to
create a smaller square.

Fold 3: Fold the two triangular flaps in half.

Fold 4: Open the flaps up, then re-fold them flat,
so that the inner crease you made in Fold 3 falls
to the outside.

Fold 5: Fold the tips upwards.

Fold 6: Fold the triangular flaps in half inward.

Fold 7: Make the ends meet & secure with glue.
Use a binder clip to hold the ends together
as the glue dries.

Repeat with the remaining 4 paper squares.

Once you have the 5 petals, glue the ends
together. Again, use a binder clip to hold
them in place while the glue dries.


According to the book, Japanese Kusudama were
used like incense or potpurri to dispel evil spirits
or disease. These days, they are used as gifts or

Attach a nice note and leave it on your partner or
roommate's bedside table. Or leave one on
a coworker's desk for her birthday.

I think that's thoughtful and TADA!