29 August 2016

Wooden Gift Tags

Hello and thank you for dropping by!

I found these wooden gift tags on clearance at a party store. I know they're a good foundation for some blah to TADA!

They come in different shapes and sizes.

I tinted each one with paint.

I used watercolor for a light wash and let the colors bleed into each other.

Aren't they pretty?

Once dry, I wrote some messages on the tags with a felt-tip pen.

And here they are, adding some personality to brown paper packages:

Have a colorful week everyone!

22 August 2016

Visual Inspiration

Hey, hey, nice to see you today!

Instead of crafting, let me share some beautiful images I stumbled upon:

via Aloke Design

via Aloke Design

via Aloke Design

via Aloke Design
I hope these illustrations inspire you -- to travel, to draw, to do something creative. Have a nice day!

15 August 2016

Good Friend, Good Gift

The girls I call my BFFs (Best Friend Forever) live many miles away from me. "Far" like you need to ride an airplane (sometimes even two or three more). There are days I wish I could hangout with them -- have a long lunch, get our nails done, go shopping. It's tough, but thank goodness for technology! It makes keeping in touch a breeze. 

On special occasions, I like to send my dearest friends some snail mail. Of course there's some blah to TADA! involved.

I instantly liked this empty box.
It has a window and a pull-out tray.

I erased the label printed on the window with some nail polish remover.

Do you know where this is going? My box is already looking like a picture frame.

I trimmed some watercolor paper so these could fit inside the box.

Then I added color to the paper, inspired by the sunset and waves on the beach.

I glued everything together inside the box.

A sketch of me and my bestie.

This is the "picture" that goes inside the "frame".

I wrapped a little present, something tiny yet thoughtful like a pair of earrings or a pendant.

Then I added this to the box (I used double-sided tape).

A frame celebrating friendship with a gift enclosed. TADA!

I'll just add a handwritten note and it's ready to mail!

08 August 2016

A Snack Box for the Guest Room

If you have visiting guests, this craft is right up your alley. 

I'm turning this empty clementine crate from blah to TADA!

It's made of wood, it's quite sturdy, and it's the right size for storing snacks.

I painted the box with a foam brush using matte black paint. I made a total of 5 coats allowing drying time in between.

Once dry, I applied some hand-lettering with a small paint brush and ivory acrylic paint. 

The last step is to add some snacks like chips and chocolate, but have a variety including granola bars, crackers, and fruit. It would be a good idea to tailor-fit the selection depending on your guests. Do they have dietary restrictions? Are there kids?

This snack box says "Welcome to our home, please enjoy your stay". TADA!

If you're interested, you'll find another clever use for a clementine box here.

01 August 2016


Hello August! Lately, I've been thinking about citrus fruits like lemons
and clementines. They're available all year round, provide benefits 
for the body, and are so cheerful to look at. 

Here's the Kendra Dandy-designed scarf I got for myself. I chose 
this pattern because it reminds me of sunshine -- like a weekend 
in Florida, a holiday in California, or a vacation in France. 

Lemons and oranges are always nice to have on hand. They're good for 
snacking, for adding to drinks, and to use for desserts that make you 
pucker up.

And here's a collage I created -- because yellow instantly turns a  day that's 
blah into TADA!