25 May 2015

Pouches, Part Two

Hello guys! I hope you had a fabulous weekend. Today, I have a few more crafty pouch ideas to share.

This is a pouch I bought already made. I turned it from blah to TADA! by adding my own felt apple. I use it to store my face painting supplies that I use for children's birthday parties. It contains face paint, brushes, sponges, stencils and a small mirror.

Here is a recent purchase from my favorite craft store. I like the message on it and love how big and roomy it is. I've been using it to carry around bulky craft materials like yarn for crochet or knitting.

Now this one...

This one is an airline amenity kit which was filled with travel essentials like socks, ear plugs, an eye mask, and hygiene products. It's plain and made of water-repellent fabric. 

Time for some blah to TADA!

I'm using a sponge brush, acrylic paint in different colors, and some sticky stencils.

Let's line our work space with sheets of scrap paper. Then stuff the pouch with paper or recycled packing material. Close the zipper.

Apply the stencils on the pouch in a random manner. I'm using letters on one side.

And on the other side, numbers.

Using the foam brush, add the paint in a pouncing manner. Allow to dry in between coats. I recommend to use at least 5 coats of paint.  

Once dry, gingerly peel off each stencil. And this is what it looks like -- TADA!

I admit, it's a little flawed because the paint seeped through some of the stencils leaving a little shadow. I don't know how to clean it up so I'll leave it be. 

This is a cute little pouch to use for kid's toys and activities. It's small enough to fit mommy's bag. Whip it out on the airplane or at a restaurant to keep restless children entertained. TADA!

19 May 2015

Pouches, personalized

Many blog posts ago, I decorated a linen pouch with iron-on patches. I thought I would make more to give away as presents.

Here are the plain pouches. The colors are cute but they're a little too blah.

I'm using these monograms to dress up the pouches.

First, I marked the center of the pouch with a ruler. That's where I'm positioning the patch.

I removed the backing from the patch and centered it onto the pouch.

I ironed up and under for a secure hold.

This one is for my goddaughter who just turned 12. She can fill it with her pens and pencils for school.

And this one is for a dear friend who lives far away. She can use it for her make-up.

A project that's simple, useful and personal. TADA!

18 May 2015

Pouches Galore

Happy Monday! One of my favorite ways to organize my things is to use pouches. I'm always on the lookout for cute ones in different sizes. If the price is right, I buy. But here are some that I'd like to DIY:

Pretty Pouches

Using a plain canvas pouch, I can add inked block prints to make No.1.
Or I can use stencils to spell out a statement or favorite quote just like No.2
With photo fabric paper, I can add an inspiring photo on a pouch, similar to No. 3. And possibly transform some vintage fabric into something useful like No. 4.
Tomorrow, I have a tutorial for an easy to make pouch, so please stop by. 
See you then!

Banana Republic zipper bag

Madewell blue purse

Bags case

11 May 2015

Terrain at Styers

Today, let me take you on a little field trip!

Just this past month, I excitedly set foot in Terrain, located in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania. Now I've written about Terrain before, in it's Westport, Connecticut location. I just adore this pocket of paradise.

Allow the photos to do the talking:

It's a very welcoming space that encourages everyone to wander and take their time.

Lots of garden supplies for the novice and the expert.

Flowering and fruit-bearing plants ready for purchase. 

A tiny studio for the gardener.

Floral arrangements and terrarium goodness:

 Lots of home accents and gift ideas:

There are classes every month for relaxation and recreation.

There's a cafe' and a restaurant in the premises, too.

They can also accommodate private events like weddings. I can only imagine how dreamy this setting would be.

I hope you enjoyed our trip!

10 May 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Sunday! To all the loving, courageous, and patient women who have the name "Mom", I want to wish each of you: 

Happy Mother's Day! 

Please know how much we appreciate you in our lives. 

And for you crafters who are interested in how I made this "mom" paper cut, this is what I did: 

I cut a piece of construction paper in the shape of a heart. Then, with a pencil, I drew a simple design of hearts and the word "Mom".

I made the cut outs with a sharp pair of scissors. A craft knife will also do.

Isn't it cool how a sheet of paper can turn from blah to TADA!?

04 May 2015

Something for Mom

It's Mother's Day on May 10th! What are you doing to surprise your mom? My mom and mother-in-law live far away but that's no excuse not to get them anything. Like a little kid, I'm made them cards for their special day.

I turned these blank cards from blah to TADA!

Here are a few items from my magical craft stash that helped me out. 

This pretty scrapbook paper is the star. I cut them out and attached them to the cards with adhesive foam dots for added dimension.

Craft stamps that spell out "Happy Mother's Day", glitter glue, and sticky gems finish the look.

Here's what it looks like from the side.

This other version uses watercolor.

I sent these cards a few weeks in advance via air mail. I hope they bring joy to my mom and mom-in-law.

Happy crafting to all of you and Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!