20 August 2010

Books for Cooks

Hey, hey it's finally Friday!

This entire week was about my new camera and
the super fun scavenger hunt that I participated in.

I'm now left with a bag of Polaroid-like photos.
Hiding them in a box would be totally blah,
making me cook up some new uses for them.

Here's one of the photos I took.
It was Item #23 on our scavenger list: books or magazines
for sale on the street on a Northbound Avenue.

How specific was that?!!!

TADA! I turned it into a gift tag.
The image is perfect for this second hand cookbook that I found!

No gift wrap necessary -- just a bow & a photo.

Plus a sweet note written at the back.
The photo can eventually be the bookmark!

Have a delicious weekend ya' all!

19 August 2010

Can I Have Your Number?

This week, I'm showing off my new camera that
I got for free at a B&H summer event in New York City.

It was a scavenger hunt where we were given a list
of things to photograph around the city.

I had loads of fun & I'm left with loads of photos, too.

I'm figuring out ways to put them to good use.

TADA! I turned them into calling cards
to give to a new acquaintance.
{This number is for demonstration purposes only}

It's also a creative way to promote a business:
take a photo of a cake or a craft and
print information details on a sticker that
you can put in front or at the back.

More tomorrow!

18 August 2010

Happy Thoughts

I have this new camera that's almost like a Polaroid,
spitting out a photo {with the lovely white borders}
immediately after taking it.

I have 30 or so prints that I don't want
to just stash away. That would be blah!

So I'm finding some good use for them.

TADA! I turned this one into a teeny-tiny
birthday card to fit a teeny-tiny envelope.

There's some space on the border to write a witty one-liner
and I can enclose a sheet of stationery if I want to
write a longer message.

It will be fun to see my friends' reaction when they look at
this Polaroid photo...so old school but so much fun!

17 August 2010

Travel Journals

Yesterday, I told you about my new camera.

After a fun scavenger hunt, I'm left with these photos.
Instead of leaving them in a dark drawer,
let's make them useful!

Have I told you that I love to travel?
I keep these little notebooks for each destination I visit.

Before the trip, I write down places to check out like shops,
restaurants, markets, important phrases, basic etiquette,
cultural activities and unique experiences.

During the trip, it serves as a journal and a scrapbook
where I can stick business cards or found treasures
like a leaf, a ticket to a museum or a bus pass.
The prints taken from my new camera will now find
a place in the pages of my travel journals.

But for now, here's what I'm doing
with the prints that I already have:

I'll use them as labels for the face of each notebook.

It adds some visual interest...

And serves a functional purpose, too!

See you again tomorrow.

16 August 2010

My New Camera!

Can I tell you about a truly enjoyable
summer activity I did recently?

Well, it all began here:

B&H is a little piece of heaven for photo & video enthusiasts.
They have an event space where experts conduct free seminars.
Yes, FREE!

From choosing the best camera, to lighting & composition,
to marketing your work. During the summer, they have
photo safaris & scavenger hunts. They lend you a camera and
the group hits the streets of New York City in search of
items to photograph. Prizes await the best photos.

Here's the camera we got to try:

It works like a Polaroid camera (instant film).

We were also given a free cap & T-shirt!
{I love freebies...they're TADA!}

Cameras being handed out...

Plus boxes of film {we each had a total of 40 shots}.

After a short demo, we were given the list of 25 items
we had to find. We had 4 hours to complete the mission.

The output of the camera is this credit card-size photo:

Item #2 on the list: Tourist taking a photo
in Times Square

Item #14: Green park chairs sitting pretty

Item #22: A French Arch with a fountain in NYC

Item #16: An ice cream truck like Mr. Softee

Item #18: A man riding a horse, and getting nowhere

It took us from midtown to downtown on a sweltering day.
I was able to cross out the items in about 2 1/2 hours,
without taking a break -- I really wanted a prize!

But sadly, some folks who were faster and
highly skilled beat me to it {they gave
away B&H gift cards}.

We got to keep the camera though!
And that's a prize in itself.

I also have a stack of photos:

This week, I'll show you how I turn them from blah to TADA!

See you tomorrow, okay?

13 August 2010

Mini Blueberry Pie

Happy Friday!
Here's the final installment of my bottle cap
transformation. You got it -- blah to TADA!

Don't these bottle caps remind you of tiny pie plates?

With this in mind, I made this mini blueberry pie!
It's my attempt at making Whimsy Girl's wee pie.
Check out her tutorial...it's a lot of fun!

Add a magnet at the back & use it on the fridge
to hold recipes for fruit pies.

Or use it to decorate a wrapped gift for
your favorite pie-loving friends.

Have an awesome weekend ya' all!

12 August 2010

Arm Candy

How's it going everyone?
I hope your week has been great!

Today, I'm continuing my bottle cap transformation.

Why throw these away when you can
turn them from blah...

...to TADA!
The bottle caps are now bangles!

In fact, they're fabric scraps from an old project.

I strung the covered caps together with elastic string.
Festoon with a ribbon, a button or some beads.

Wear it alone.

Or wear both.

You can even layer it with your
other pieces of jewelry.

See how many people can tell that
your fashionable cuff is really made
out of bottle caps!

11 August 2010

Denim & Chains

This week, I'm turning these bottle caps:

From blah...

...to TADA!

covering bottle caps with scrap fabric.

Before inserting the bottle cap inside the fabric,
I sewed on silver beads (ex. butterfly & flowers)
to the fabric.

I also attached jump rings by sewing one end
to the top of the fabric & ending
the stitch with some knots.

I also added some silver pendants
for added interest & weight.

It adds some TADA! to a plain silver chain and
the needed TADA! to a simple outfit.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!