02 July 2009

Present Perfect

I hope you'll agree with me that handkerchiefs are lovely vintage treasures. You may have some hiding in your closet and there are many waiting to be purchased at flea markets and thrift stores. In the past two weeks, I've shown you how you can play around with these hankies and today I've got another idea for you.

We'll use these to package a few presents!

Put your gift in the center of the hankie.

Wrap the gift by neatly folding the edges and making a tight knot.
No need for scissors, tape or ribbon!

Embellish as you please!
Here, I added a rose-print button.

Or put on some bling like this brooch that compliments
the color of the handkerchief.

Complete the present with a gift enclosure and
some cheerful wishes.
Now you've got a pretty present inside & out!

Plus gift wrap that can be used all over again.


  1. aww this is sweet! and it looks awesome... have a lovely weekend claire!!

  2. You know what, I wear these as headbands. They *just* fit around my head. Now I have another reason to seek these out on my thrifting travels. A great idea!

  3. Thanks Nuit and Carlene =) Have a great weekend...I hope some thrifting is involved =)

  4. brilliant, i also love to wrap gifts with fabric, but i'm going to start to add clips too!

  5. Hello Anna Lindsey! Accessorizing a gift is always fun =) Happy wrapping!

  6. Ooh, really lovely indeed!! :)

    What precious gifts! :)


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