11 January 2010

Branded Bags

Hello and Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. It's been pretty cold where I live so I tried to stay under the covers and enjoyed some hot tea & warm soup. But today I'm up and about, ready for a fun week of crafting! With my title "Branded Bags", the names Louis Vuitton and Chanel may have crossed your mind. Sorry folks, I'm talking about these kinds of brands:

The bags splashed with company logos that you get as a freebie on airlines or conferences. As you can see, I have quite a collection! We'll turn these blahs into Tadas! this week.

This is a pouch from an American Airlines flight. I like that it's bright red and the logo is pretty discreet.

I simply covered the old logo with a patch (I chose a nautical theme).

Tada! Nobody would suspect that I got this bag for free!

I can use it for kids' art materials. Or to store phone chargers & adapters when I travel.

Have an awesome week ahead!


  1. Very clever. Going in the vault. Happy Monday indeed!

  2. Awesome idea!! I have eleventy trillion of those little freebie bags from things and I never know what to do with them. Good call!

  3. Thanks Kara! Can't wait to see your brand new "branded" bags!

  4. i am in love with your blah to tada! it is pure genius! thanks for all the great tips!

  5. Thank you so much Virginia for visiting me! Stop by again soon :)


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