05 August 2014

Pleasant Valley Lavender

I think lavender is one of the best scents in the world! Its joyful fragrance, vibrant color, and relaxing benefits have a special place in my heart. 

I have this crazy fantasy of running through a field of lavender. But because Provence isn't just around the corner, I found a place closer to where I live.

A tree lined road leads to Pleasant Valley Lavender

It's a lavender farm in New Jersey where the kind owner and her daughter gave us a tour of the property.

I was weak at the knees when I saw the lavender blooms!

Here they are up close.

Part of the fun was getting to pick, snip, and create my own bundle.

The field is just steps away from the family's home.  

A homey touch for all visiting guests: lavender lemonade. Refreshing and relaxing.

And slices of lavender pound cake!

Lavender-themed gifts for sale.

I especially liked the soap, room sprays, and pendants (buds pressed between glass).

Here is the bunch that I collected. 

A lovely arrangement that I wish I could have all year round.

I just had to make this watercolor, another souvenir from my first trip to a lavender field. TADA!

Tomorrow, another craft inspired by this trip.

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