19 January 2015

Colorful Hearts

I'm that type of girl who loves to receive birthday cards and I do love to send them out, too. While it's easy to run to the card section of the department store, I take that extra step of making the birthday cards myself.

Today, I'm turning this blank card from blah to TADA!

I'm using this heart-shaped cookie cutter to trace a pattern.

I'll play around with my favorite watercolor palette.

First, with my paintbrush, I apply a wash of water on the paper. Immediately, I add some color. I like how the pigment gradually spreads and how it bleeds into the color beside it.

This has some magical tie-dye effect.

Here are the designs I came up with. I positioned the heart differently on each card and used colors that each recipient would favor.  

And then, another layer with rubber stamps is in order.

I'll personalize it some more based on the friend who will receive it. 

Maybe this has inspired you to make your own greeting cards -- your own version of blah to TADA!

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