14 September 2015

Painting on Denim

I hope you all had a marvelous weekend. Today, I have a little painting in store for you.

I've had these panels for a while now. They are tiny squares (four inches by four inches), and instead of the common canvas material, they're made of denim. I'm pretty sure you can do a little blah to TADA! by using an old pair of jeans and mount this on wood or cardboard.

I tried out a few oil-based pens to draw on the panel but the color blended into the denim. I wanted something that would stand out. 

So I tried acrylic paint, applied with a foam brush.

I chose a palette of pastels in abstract shapes.

 And here it is, my humble artwork. TADA!

It matches this sunshiny mood board. An ode to a season that's about to end.

Happy Monday everyone!

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