18 January 2016

A Canister for Cupcake Liners

I love Pinterest! One of  the cutest ideas I've seen are these nifty ways to store cupcake liners:
cupcake liner storage | Torie Jayne:
via Pinterest

Cupcake liner/case/cup storage jar... functional & lovely to look at.:
via Pinterest

Super cute way to store cupcake liners!:
via Pinterest
They are genius as a storage solution, and equally inventive as a gift for a buddy who loves to bake.

 I happen to squirrel away cupcake papers like these.

I usually get them at the end of season sale when they are marked down to 50%-75% off the original price.

As my collection grows (and diminishes since I'll be using these for yummy baked treats), I will keep them safe in this glass jar:

I can't wait to fill it with plain ones and printed ones! I think it will be TADA!

Jars of different sizes can also be used to organize things around the house. Want a few ideas? Get them here.

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