14 March 2016

Easter Cupcakes

Easter is coming up on March 27. And I thought it proper to share a seasonally-appropriate craft, 'no? 

Let's turn these cupcakes from blah to TADA!

I'm using these candy eggs and vanilla frosting to decorate the cupcakes.

The vanilla frosting is tinted in a light shade of green using food color. I'm using decorating tip #233 to give a grass effect.

Once the grass has been piped, just top with the eggs.

I like the pastel speckles on the eggs!

Another version uses flowers made of royal icing.

A small yellow accent to herald spring.

These cupcakes are ready to party!


  1. Very cool (especially that "grass" tip)... as long as I don't think of the sugar content! But these are probably more for show than for eating. ;-) BTW, what do you do with these samples??

  2. Hi Rochelle! Thanks again for your regular visits and comments :) These cupcakes are for sharing...too much sugar for one person!


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