04 April 2016

Treats for Sharing

I love to bake! I'll bake something whenever I have the chance or if some bananas need rescuing.

I'm always up for trying a new banana bread recipe.

And the one I made is from this book. A healthier alternative is a good option, don't you think? 

The white sugar is reduced in favor of overly ripe bananas. They give a deep, caramel flavor. Each bite was moist and the walnuts added the right crunch.

What's the use of baking if it isn't shared?

With the help of some paper bags...

And some hand-stamped labels...

Slices of banana bread became ready for gifting.

Don't forget to write what's inside.

I bet these will turn my friends' day from blah to TADA!


  1. Great presentation... lucky friends! I love banana flavoured "anything" but have never been a fan of actually eating them raw. So how many bananas went into this loaf or is that giving away too much??

    1. Hi Rochelle! I like bananas, too! For this recipe, I used 4 bananas. :)


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