09 May 2016

Bottle Cover Crafts

The items that we use everyday like food and beauty products come in bottles. Once empty and before sending these off to recycling, let's use them for some crafting!   

Today, we're using these bottle covers. Just detach them from their bottles and clean them well.

We'll need some paint in different colors.

Pour the paint onto paper plates and assign a bottle cover for each color.

We'll use the bottle cover like a craft stamp. Simply dip it in the paint and stamp it on a sheet of paper (I'm using white tissue).

I like that this cover's spout provides an easy grip.

I made as many circles to cover the paper.

Now for the next color.

And add another color. Once happy with the pattern, let the paint dry for a few hours.

Here's how I turned a sheet of tissue from blah to TADA!

There are many ways to use your handprinted paper. I like to use it for wrapping gifts. 

I repurposed a bottle cover and I made some plain tissue a lot prettier. That's hitting two birds with one stone. TADA!

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