15 August 2016

Good Friend, Good Gift

The girls I call my BFFs (Best Friend Forever) live many miles away from me. "Far" like you need to ride an airplane (sometimes even two or three more). There are days I wish I could hangout with them -- have a long lunch, get our nails done, go shopping. It's tough, but thank goodness for technology! It makes keeping in touch a breeze. 

On special occasions, I like to send my dearest friends some snail mail. Of course there's some blah to TADA! involved.

I instantly liked this empty box.
It has a window and a pull-out tray.

I erased the label printed on the window with some nail polish remover.

Do you know where this is going? My box is already looking like a picture frame.

I trimmed some watercolor paper so these could fit inside the box.

Then I added color to the paper, inspired by the sunset and waves on the beach.

I glued everything together inside the box.

A sketch of me and my bestie.

This is the "picture" that goes inside the "frame".

I wrapped a little present, something tiny yet thoughtful like a pair of earrings or a pendant.

Then I added this to the box (I used double-sided tape).

A frame celebrating friendship with a gift enclosed. TADA!

I'll just add a handwritten note and it's ready to mail!

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