08 August 2016

A Snack Box for the Guest Room

If you have visiting guests, this craft is right up your alley. 

I'm turning this empty clementine crate from blah to TADA!

It's made of wood, it's quite sturdy, and it's the right size for storing snacks.

I painted the box with a foam brush using matte black paint. I made a total of 5 coats allowing drying time in between.

Once dry, I applied some hand-lettering with a small paint brush and ivory acrylic paint. 

The last step is to add some snacks like chips and chocolate, but have a variety including granola bars, crackers, and fruit. It would be a good idea to tailor-fit the selection depending on your guests. Do they have dietary restrictions? Are there kids?

This snack box says "Welcome to our home, please enjoy your stay". TADA!

If you're interested, you'll find another clever use for a clementine box here.

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  1. A terrific upcycling/recycling idea. Only problem I see is that I rarely want my guests to feel *that* welcome... LOL!


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